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Top Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash Review (2021)

Before I got to know about Paid Survey Sites any advert that said ‘earn money online’ or anything close to that sort of statement was welcomed with a hiss and an instant ‘Skip Ad’ or ‘X’ button.

It turns out not all of those schemes are scam and there are paid survey sites where you can earn money from the comfort of your home by doing things you usually do with your phones and friends, but this time you get paid for them.

Market survey companies and brands partner with these survey websites to get reviews for their products by giving offers like free trials, playing games online for free, answering survey questions, shopping online, etc.

You earn points for participating in these activities, then convert your points to money or gift cards. This provides a way of making extra cash for keeping body and soul together till the next payday.

A lot of these sites are fake but you ought not to worry about which is fake and which is legit because I have done the work of registering in many of these sites and ascertaining which of them are authentic and actually pay.

Below are the Top Paid Survey Sites:


This survey site is owned by 99 ventures which also have other sister sites to They don’t have many differences so instead of having accounts with only one of them I would recommend you create an account with three of them.

You get paid for sharing your opinions on paid surveys, watching videos, and taking part in free trial offers.

They claim your location does not matter but I find that it matters because the survey available to you is mostly dependent on your location among other things like age, gender, etc.

Companies that don’t have a presence in Nigeria, for instance, may not make their survey available to residents of Nigeria. In my experience with these three survey sites, more surveys are available to residents of the US, the UK, and Canada. claim to have paid over $2,000,000 since 2012 and over 1 million members and still counting. The registration process is quite easy and requires your name, username, password, zip code, address, phone number, and payment options. The payment options are either through PayPal, Payza, Skrill, or bitcoin.

You get a welcome bonus of $0.20 which can only be withdrawn when it reaches $1. You can also get gift cards with which you can shop in retail shops like Amazon, Macy’s, Nike, etc. 

They ask pre-qualifier questions until they find a survey that matches your profile. There is no maximum amount of surveys taken daily but the available survey may get exhausted, although new surveys are added every few hours.

The minimum age for registration on these sites is 18 years; 13 with parental consent. They claim to have protocols in place to protect personal information added to the sites.

You are mandated to answer questions honestly because that is the point of the surveys. Qualification for surveys is dependent on demographic information such as age, gender, geographic location, interests, etc.

You may be disqualified if you answer too quickly which suggests you are not reading well or if your answers don’t match your profile. They pay in no more than 24 hours after completion of task although on average, not more than 8 hours.

They have a chat box section by the side where you can ask questions but usually, the content is records of people that cash out.


  1. They are partnered with advertisers and survey companies that work with market research companies, so when you take part in surveys provided by these survey companies, you get paid.
  2. You earn 25% of your referral’s life earnings in,, or  
  3. You earn by answering questions given by companies like AdGate, Revenue Universe, Peanut LAB, etc. through offer walls.
  4. Watching videos and giving reviews about the watched videos
  5. The top 20 earners in a stipulated period of time win a $1000 cash contest


  • Limited offers to residents based outside the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • To reduce the number of declined offers you encounter, you are required to accept all cookies, JavaScript, pop-ups, and third-party images which can constitute a nuisance.
  • To increase survey offers you are required to lower your security settings.,
  • The three sites are not mobile user friendly


  • They are pretty popular so a lot of survey companies use their services which translates to more survey for users
  • They offer a higher amount of referral bonus than other sites


PrizeRebel was created in 2007 and has gifted millions of dollars in gift cards and cash to their 10 million and counting users. This paid survey site is fun to use. After registration, I received a welcome message from the community manager explaining how to navigate my way through the site and some surveys I could complete which is a great customer care service. You earn points just by going through the provided tour after registration.

This includes filling out your profile on the site. The surveys are provided by market research companies and you can start by clicking on any one. They will require you to fill in personal information to enable them to link you to a suitable survey that matches your personality.

 On completion of registration, you will be on a bronze level. It takes 1000 points to get to a silver level. 4500 points to get to gold level, 10000 points for platinum level, and 16000 points for diamond level. You attain these levels by earning points from activities on the site. Reward points take 24 hours to process and 10 minutes for people on gold level or higher.

Rewards in form of game codes or Amazon gift code are delivered to your rewards history page on your account if the reward is in form of e-gift cards it is delivered to your mail within 24 to 48 hours. If items requiring shipping, including electronic gift cards, the brand merchant sends it to your shipping address.


  1. You can earn through offer walls by playing games offered by partnering companies, answering quizzes, and completing surveys.
  2. Shopping through the site can earn you points. For instance, for each $50 you spend on ChicMe, you get 208 points.
  3. You can use points to gain gift cards to use on Amazon, eBay, etc. or claim cash through PayPal.
  4. You reward points can also be game codes for games, XBOX and PlayStation network.
  5. You earn 15% of your referral earnings for life on PrizeRebel
  6. You can play raffles with your points, play jackpots, or participate in contests which may be in form of playing games to win gift cards from partner retailers.
  7. You can earn by completing surveys provided by market research companies.


  • It takes 24 hours to process your PayPal reward claim
  • Available majorly to users in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia


  • They offer direct bank deposit.
  • Their website is mobile user friendly.
  • You could get up to 30% of your referral earnings depending on your level.


Offernation is one of the best paid survey sites owned by the popular and reputable company, 99 ventures. The company has two other reward sites you can also join but you will need a separate account to work with each of them. You will be paid to take online surveys, give your opinions on products and services.

Here you will need to be from countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia to be able to take a lot of surveys and you must be 18 years and above to be able to join this survey website.

Offernation has paid over $948,483.93 to 118,137 members since the site was established. Joining this reward site is free of charge and also very easy. All you need is a free email address, laptop, smart phone or desktop computer with internet connection.

You will be able to withdraw your money through Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin or convert them to point and redeem them for gift cards like Amazon.

Upon registration on Offernation, you will be given a bonus of $0.2 and the nice thing about this reward site is that you will be able to cashout when you reached just $1.

Make sure to fill in accurate information and answer all questions honestly to be able to get credited and also receive more surveys daily.


  • You earn points by taking paid surveys.
  • Earn money watcing video.
  • Earn money by referring users to the site.
  • Earn money playing games.
  • Earn money signing up for products and services.


  • All member have equal opportunities to make money.
  • All the payment are made instantly without delay
  • Variety of payment methods to choose from
  • More other earning ways apart from paid surveys
  • High percentage of referral earnings


  • Only residents of the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have the high paid surveys available.
  • Quick to label your account as cheater at any slightest mistake of changing your IP address.
  • Charges payment procession fee.


RewardingWays is one of the top paid survey sites that was established in the year 2007 by 99 Venture which is one of the most reputable online survey reward companies online. This company has two other paid survey sites which have good reputation among survey earners. RewardingWays has paid out over $1,708,006.56 both in cash and gift cards to up to 365,000 members.

As of writing this post, RewardingWays has different ways you can make money online such as completing paid surveys, testing products and services, referring people and services.

The minimum cashout requirment on Rewardingways is very low, just $1. Not only that, you will even be given a sign up bonus of $0.20 and once you reached the cashout requirement, you can request and get your payment instantly without delay.

The payment methods are Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer and also through gift cards such as Amazon, Macy’s, Nike etc.

And to join Rewardingways, you must be 18 years and above.


  • Take market research surveys
  • Refer members to the site
  • Do small tasks
  • Earn money testing products and services


  • Instant payment. You will receive your money as soon as you request it
  • The minimum withdrawal requirement is one of the lowest in the survey industry, just $1.
  • Members receive a signup bonus of $.20
  • Different ways to make money
  • Different payment methods


  • Countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Australia have more surveys than others
  • You will be label a cheater if your login with a different IP address


Swagbucks has the tagline ‘put cash back in your pocket’ because it is what it literally does. Oh well, at least spare cash. It claims to have paid over $458,478,856 and giving out over 7000 free gift cards daily. These gift cards can be used on online shops such as Amazon.

As soon as you enter the website, you will be required to sign up before you start earning. Signing up is pretty easy because very minimal information is needed. You need only to fill out your email address and password, then click the sign-up button.

There is also sign up through Facebook but I chose the first option and got an instant mail to verify my account. On clicking on the verification, you will be asked to answer a couple of survey questions which may include your gender, age, date of birth, relationship status, employment status, the industry of employment, purchasing decision-maker in your household, language of communication, number of occupants of your household, description of your household, age and gender of your children, your online shopping frequency, the highest level of education attained and your annual income.

After answering these questions which they refer to as a gold survey, you will be credited with 5SB in your Swagbucks account. You will be implored to answer all the questions honestly as there are no right or wrong answers. There is an option of a daily poll where you answer a question and get a 1SB


  1. You earn SB when you shop online through Different shops have different shopping policies with the use of SB. For instance, on you earn 4SB for every $1 spent shopping while in Sam’s Club you earn 10SB for every $1 spent which is equivalent to 10% cashback. Some of the shops partnering with them include Macy’s, Gap, Clinique, Walmart, Dress Barn, Hint, Overstock, Vista Print, Petco, etc. There are over 1500 retailers you could shop from through Swagbucks.
  2. You can change your SB points into dollars with PayPal. For instance, they have offers like $10 for 1000SB. It is paid into your verified PayPal account which should have the same email address as your Swagbucks account.
  3. For every 10 questions, you earn 2SB. In succeeding questions, however, I started getting questions in languages I couldn’t recognize. I wondered if I mistakingly clicked some other languages together with the English language as my language of communication but that is highly unlikely. 
  4. You get rewarded for discovering offers like shopping offers, free trials, and charity donations on Swagbucks. Most times, these free trials require the purchase of a subscription, 32 days for the SB to credit during which you must remain subscribed.
  5. You can use coupon codes when you lodge at specific hotels through to earn Swagbucks.
  6. You earn 25SB per coupon redeemed and 1SB per each coupon you print although it takes up to 12 weeks after redemption for SB to show in your account.
  7. You earn a 10% referral bonus from your referral’s life earnings from Swagbucks.


  • The countries with shops partnering with SwagBucks are limited to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and France.
  • You earn a 10% referral bonus from your referral’s life earnings from SwagBucks but that’s lower than what other sites like offer


  • Mobile user-friendly site
  • Surveys get exhausted but there are other ways to earn on the website


With InstaGC you earn points for participation and redeem them for gift cards that are digitally delivered. They have 1,320 400 and counting gift cards redeemed. At signing up, you get free 10 points. They demand you have a verified PayPal account before registration. Giving them access to your verified PayPal account means they will gain access to your personal information.

You earn a 5% bonus for activities like answering survey questions, playing games, watching videos, referring friends, etc. 100 points are equal to a 1% bonus and you earn a maximum of 100 bonus points daily. The maximum amount of bonus you can earn in a week is 500 bonus points which allow for flexibility throughout the week. Half of your previous week’s earning is rolled over to the next week.

Your pay is calculated by multiplying your percentage bonus with your earnings from completing tasks and referrals. Depending on which website you want to promote InstaGC on, they have special promotion designs alongside the URL to make it easier for you to attract more traffic to your advert.

Your reward can be redeemed by cryptocurrencies, direct deposit, e-Check, gift cards, PayPal, and prepaid cards. The e-Check is sent through mail on an average of 3 days. Direct bank deposits take an average of 1-4 days to be sent to your bank. Gift cards are instantly received. PayPal is processed instantly and cryptocurrencies can include Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereum. You receive 10% of your referral’s life earnings on instaGC


  1. Completing tasks on offer walls which is updated almost hourly by partner companies. These offers go from watching videos and playing games to listening to music
  2. You earn points by referring friends to join the community
  3. You earn by making internet researches through the instaGC search engine and visiting websites of advertisers on instaGC
  4. Promo codes are released by the system or admin on their social media pages with which if you input fast enough, you can earn points. There are promo codes that are also user-generated for earning points.
  5. Downloading programs and software also earn you additional points.


  • It requires you to disable your browser toolbars and extensions as they may interfere with your account being credited or being fully optimized
  • The amount you receive from your referral earnings is only 10%
  • It is recommended you create a new email address to help with crediting which can be stressful


  • The site is mobile user optimized.
  • Even if you get disqualified after completing a survey, you will still be awarded 1 point which can accrue over time.
  • There is an option of a direct bank deposit.


You get started on Points2shop by registering. As soon as you register you will be sent an activation code via mail to activate your account. You will be required to answer a couple of question which gives the website an idea of your personality and the kind of surveys that will suit you. Once you start completing tasks you will start accruing points that you can convert to cash or gift cards.

Points2shop has the unique feature of team competitions where teammates contribute merits in an attempt to beat the other team and win cash prizes. It is either you search for incomplete teams to join or create your team. You can earn merits by completing certain achievements which include reaching 5 referrals, reaching 5 forum posts, completing 5 offers, winning 5 paid games, completing 5 daily surveys, reaching bronze, silver, gold, platinum, elite, diamond, legend levels, etc. These achievements have star icons that show the number of merits that can be won from them. Other ways to win merits are by participating in Spin2win games and daily activities.

You get 10 merits daily for being active on the site and 50 merits each for completing SOOP and visiting the coupons page. On special days, double merits are activated and you get to double your merits for that day. Points are redeemed by shopping on Amazon which offers free delivery of ordered items or by cash paid into your PayPal account.


  1. Playing games with other players online gives you points
  2. Referring friends gives you a 15% bonus off their life earnings in Point2shop
  3. When you claim offers, Spin2win games pop up which you play to win tickets to the weekly lottery played on Wednesdays for points
  4. You also earn by participating in contests which are always fun
  5. Completing surveys, offers and watching videos gives you points


  • Residents of the UK, the US, and Canada find most use of this website although it is open for worldwide use.


  • It is mobile user friendly


This is a paid survey site that pays users that give their opinions on products and services rendered by partner brands. I couldn’t register from Nigeria because the part of the registration process involves filling in your location. The only available locations are the US, the UK, and Canada.

If you live in any of these 3 countries, then this site could be good for you. On further research, I discovered it has a seamless method of always sending you surveys that suit your information instead of having to go through numerous surveys to find which you qualify for.

Each survey shows how long it takes to complete and how much points you get by completing it. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions.

Provided you don’t speed through the questions you will receive your points at the end of the task. You cash out through PayPal, Branded Pay for US residents only, or gift card rewards. You could also donate your earnings to charity if you like.


  1. You earn in Branded Surveys majorly by answering survey questions.
  2. By referring friends to registers you also earn points, although it is only when they reach a silver badge in branded elite level


  • You have to get up to 1000 points to be able to cash out
  • You do not earn instantly by referral until your referral reaches a certain level


  • Matching surveys get mailed to you

To sum it all up, having multiple streams of income is the best way to survive in the world today. Get the extra cash you need for going on that monthly dinner date you find it difficult to afford or for paying your monthly TV subscription.

Add paid surveys to your streams of income without making any effort that requires going out or having any specific skill. You just have to play around and get paid for playing around.

How cool is that? You could register with all of them or with just one. It is dependent on how much time you have on your hands.

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I have done the work of giving you all the information you need to make the best choice so that you don’t get overwhelmed searching for the top paid survey sites appropriate for you.