Swagbucks Review 2017: Is Legit or Scam? & Payment Proofs

Swagbucks referred to as SBis an online reward portal.A website owned by Prodege where you earn digital points by doing your normal daily activities such as ,shopping, watching videos, and playing video game, taking surveys e.t.c These digital points are called SB’s which can be used to redeem cash through paypal or gift cards to your favourite retail shops like Amazon.

How Swagbucks works

Before signing up for swagbucks, Age and Location is considered:
Age:-you must be up to 13years and above,
Location:- It is available only in few countries which are Canada, UK, US, Australia, France, India, Germany and Ireland.

To sign up for swagbucks, Go to swagbucks.com, click Join today and fill in the details. Then you can choose to go to how it works link and follow it up. Another alternative measure is to join through facebook and confirm your email.

Way to earn from Swagbucks

After signing up, start registering for all the features you see. You’ll be directed to fill out profile surveys which they normally use to direct more surveys if you fill out profile surveys for each survey.
The easiest way to earn from swagbucks is to make it your default search engine. This search engine is powered by yahoo, so the results will be the same with yahoo search. With this, you can make some searches with their engine and earn about 6-50SB.You can also get swagbucks from buying online i.ecashback (shopping online and getting rewards back). Swagbucks splits the commission they get from stores for advertising with you.

Install swagbutton into your browser which will make you earn 50SB. It saves time and provides more opportunities to make SB’s. There are some daily swagbucks activities which can help you earn more SB’s. They include:-

Swagcode :- Once you have a swagbutton installed, it will also alert you once any new swagcode goes live. You just get the code and type it on swagbucks.com. This is also one of the easiest ways to earn a couple of SB’s in a day.
Daily Polls:- It only takes few seconds to vote and earn 1SB a day. Just visiting an article in daily crave earns you 2SB and making through every offer in daily offers earns you another 2SB.

Swagbucks watch:- This is called watch which is a youtube like section in swagbucks website. You can open swagbucks watch on a separate tab, mute it and continue your other business. You get up to 500SB for just watching the videos.
swagbucks shopping:- This is pretty straight forward. Since you’ll get your money back through swagbucks, just try checking their store and buy from them anytime u want to shop online.

Swagbucks Mobile:- This has all the features a website has. So you can easily log on and complete your daily polls at your leisure time.

Swagbucks Coupons:- The most efficient way to use this is to pull out your grocery list before going to the grocery store and check if there’s any coupons for the items you want to buy.

Swagbucks Discover:- Always be calculative before you rake any offer. Example, if each swagbucks is $0.1 , then take offers that’ll give you more money than you spent.

Swagbucks Daily Goals and Winning Streaks:- When you first sign up for Swagbucks, make sure to turn on daily goals in the left sidebar. This will just give you a goal to reach, when you do so, you will be awarded a 10% bonus of your Daily Goal. When you hit multiple goals in a row, you get even more Swagbucks. The best way to get more bonus is to use it everyday. You’ll get bonus Swagbucks for hitting your daily goal, get bigger bonuses for winning streaks and you will be well on your way to $25 with just a few minutes per day of effort.

Swagbucks Task:- You’ll get the swagbucks task under the answer tab at the top.Go in there, click on a task and then follow the directions. You don’t have to go through and do all of them, but there are a few that have good return for the time spent. These ones typically are worth 1-3 Swagbucks. You don’t have to waste your time doing any worth less than 1 Swagbuck, because then you are literally making less than $.01 for a task. That’s not a good way to be spending your time.

Swagbucks Paid Surveys:- Like most of the other sites,swagbucks does offer paid surveys. While the offers are a much better return for your time, there are some good paid surveys to take.

There are other swagbucks activities that you that have to waste time on, these activities include:-
Swagbucks Play :- You may looseswagbucks in swagbucks play because you don’t know who you’re playing against, and it takes much of your time.

Swagbucks Encrave:- Swagbucks Encrave gives you Swagbucks for reading articles and watching videos. But this articles don’t pay much compared to the time it takes to go through them.

Swagbucks Sweepstakes:-
Swagbucks offer sweepstakes that cost Swagbucks to participate in. Don’t give away swagbucks for things that are unsure. Swagbucks is a large website with so many users. While it is completely possible for you to win big, it is statistically unlikely.

You will also earn by referral program where you earn up to 10% of their life earnings.
There are so many things to choose from in the swagbucks reward store : things like Food and beverage, Gas cards, House and Home equipments, Health and beauty, sports and outdoors, Department stores, electronics etc.

The Good
– Swagbucks has a well designed simple interface with simplified tasks and surveys.
– It is a legit paying company.
– It has variety of payouts which includes paypal and Amazon.

The Bad
– Due to variety of options , you can end up wasting time in activities that pay less
– The swagbucks search engine is not that fast when compared to google
– Swagbucks account stockpiles slowly

Swagbucks is fun to use. And to earn bigger, you have to be relaxed about it and allow your SB’s to pile up, that way you can use them to get tangible things.

How To Make Money With Swagbucks In detailsed:

1. Install the Swagbucks Toolbar

You can conduct internet searches directly on the Swagbucks homepage. Or, you can make it much easier on yourself and just install the Swagbucks toolbar. Then, when you want to search for something, you can just go to the Swagbucks toolbar and search without having to open up the Swagbucks homepage.

In addition, you’ll sometimes receive notifications of free Swagbucks codes in the toolbar which you can enter on the homepage of your Swagbucks account in order to add free bonus points to your account.

Download the toolbar and win more bucks!!!!

If you don’t have the toolbar downloaded you might want to do this.

Log into the Swagbucks.com > toolbar, you’ll be eligible to earn Swag Bucks once per day. Look for a congratulations screen near the top of your browser featuring The Swag Guy to know when your Swag Bucks have been awarded.

The Swagbucks.com toolbar is compatible with the following Internet browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems
Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, including beta versions, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems
Safari all versions except 4.0.3
We will support and introduce additional browsers in the future.

How do I install the Swagbucks.com toolbar?

Internet Explorer users
Click the Download Toolbar button.
In the File Download window, you are given the option to Run or Save. We recommend that you click Run to automatically download and install. (If you want to choose where the installation files will be placed, however, choose Save and then manually activate the installation afterwards.)
Clicking Run begins the installation process, which takes a few minutes, depending on your Internet speed. In the Toolbar Installation window, configure the additional settings and click Agree (to the License Agreement). The toolbar will then appear on your browser.
Firefox users

Click the Download Toolbar button.
Is the Software Installation window visible?
If yes: Click the Install Now button and then click Restart Firefox. Continue to step 9 below.
If no: Continue to step 4.
Locate the yellow bar at the top of the page and click the Edit Options… button.
Click the Allow button, and then click Close.
Click the Download Toolbar button again.
In the Software Installation window, click the Install Now button.
When the download is complete, click Restart Firefox.
In the Toolbar Setup window, make your selections and then click Finish.
Safari users

Click the Download Toolbar button.
After a few moments you should see the Install Swagbucks.com Toolbar window.
Click continue.
Accept the software license agreement.
Select a location on your computer’s hard disk where you’d like to save the toolbar file and click continue.
Click install to complete the installation.
Customize your toolbar – Want to know the weather or listen to the radio?
Some of the Radio Player’s stations or podcasts don’t work.
Does the Swagbucks.com toolbar conflict with my browser’s other add-ons?
The toolbar should not affect the performance of any other browser add-ons. If you encounter a problem concerning this issue, please contact our support team at support@swagbucks.com.
Also, sometimes there will be a code in the toolbar for some bucks.

2. Follow the Swagbucks Blog

If you’re not following the Swagbucks blog, you’re missing out on many opportunities to snag free Swagbucks codes. They have been releasing at least one free code almost every day. Plus, you’ll be in the know about giveaways they are running and everything that’s new at Swagbucks.

3. Bookmark Pages You Visit Everyday

If you have sites that you visit every day (such as MoneySavingMom.com, Facebook, etc.), search for those on Swagbucks and then bookmark the results page. Go to the bookmarked results page every day instead of going directly to the site and it will instantly re-search for the page and you’ll likely rack up quite a few randomly-awarded Swagbucks each week by doing this.

Update: One commentor said that she got a warning that her account was going to be disabled since she searched the same thing every day. So if you are searching for the same terms each day, make sure that you change things up and don’t just always search for the same three things every single day. Otherwise, your account could possibly be disabled.

Here’s what their policy says, “Use of any robotic, automatic, programmed or similar entry method or searches that are not deemed by the Sponsor to represent legitimate use of the Search Services will void all entries and result in disqualification. Such non-legitimate uses include, but are not limited to: searches for letters of the alphabet, random numbers, or other irrelevant search queries; searches for the same word or phrase; any other searches which do not appear to represent a legitimate use of the Search Services.”

So, they don’t specifically address or forbid the bookmarking of pages you visit and search for, but it’s possible they could interpret it as being non-legitimate, especially if that’s all you ever search for.

4. Print Coupons

Did you know that you can now earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon you print and use from Swagbucks? Just click on the “Earn” tab at the top of the Swagbucks homepage and then click on “Coupons”. You’ll earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon you print and redeem at your local store.

Please note that you’ll only receive Swagbucks for coupons you actually use. Just printing them won’t earn you anything, so make sure to only print those you know you’ll use.

In addition, it takes up to 12 weeks for the points to post to your account. However, I’ve received reports from many different people that this has worked without a hitch. You just have to have a bit of patience!

First, we have Swagbucks Coupons! You can find coupons under the “Earn” button on your menu bar and in the Quick Links sidebar.
It’s simple to use:

You can search for coupons in your area or view by category. Click on the “Clip” button to add the coupon to your cart – you can add as many as you want at no cost (of course). When you’re done, click the red “Print Coupons” button.
You’ll be asked to install a coupon printing application – it’s simple, requires no information from you, and installs very quickly. Once you have it installed, you will be taken to a page where you are presented with a special offer – you DO NOT have to complete this offer to get your coupons – feel free to either partake or decline in the offer – getting past the offer will get your coupons to automatically print. NOTE: The coupon printing application does NOT currently work with Chrome.

Go ahead and print as many coupons as you like – it’s never a bad idea to have an arsenal of savings ready to go, and here’s the best part – every time you redeem a coupon you’ll get 10 Swag Bucks!
Also, we have the brand new Daily Deals section, which is like the love child of Groupon, LivingSocial and Tippr – local shopping deals that save you money and can earn you Swag Bucks instantly – check it out:

You can what’s new, what’s in your area, and what’s most popular. If you have any issues with an offer on this page, please use the “Contact Support” link at top right.
Well, what are you waiting for? Start clippin’ and savin’!

5. Watch Swagbucks TV

Click on the “Swagbucks TV” on the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab to pull up the Swagbucks TV page. You have to watch 10 different videos (they range in length from one minute to five minutes) and then you’ll earn three Swagbucks.

I usually turn these on while I’m working on the computer and it’s a simple way to slowly rack up some points. You can earn up to 25 three-point rewards in a 24-hour period (a total of 75 points), so it’s definitely a great way to multi-task while on the computer. I also sometimes just leave the videos running while I’m working on a task nearby (laundry, cleaning, etc.).

Swagbucks TV offers one of the best return for the time invested among ad watching reward apps . It beats even my favorite, Perk TV. But don’t get ahead of yourself too quick, there is a caveat – a daily point max out.

But let’s get what we can, right folks? This post is dedicated to maxing out your Swagbucks TV earning potential so that you are not leaving any money on the table.

Let’s start from the ground up.

What’s Swagbucks TV?

If you’re not already part of Swagbucks, Join here. Or, check out my review here to see why you should join.

Briefly, Swagbucks is one of the leading online reward sites and one of their programs, Swagbucks TV (SBTV), rewards you points for watching videos that can be later be redeemed for gift cards and cash.


The neat thing about SBTV is that the videos run practically automatically when on a mobile device such as your cell phone or tablet. And that’s what we are going to take advantage of. Automatic means easier and faster money!

Swagbucks has created a few different apps with different names that target different ad categories. Each of these apps has their own daily Swagbucks point limit. To maximize our earning potential we will install them all. Let’s go over them.

Note that what we’re looking for in all these apps is the shortest video we can watch on repeat so that we can amass points in a shorter amount of time.


swagbucks-tv-appThis is the fist standalone, SBTV app – the original. Install the app and login with your credentials. Navigate your way to the Home and Garden section and scroll until you find a video called “10 Second Tips”. Favorite this video by swiping left on its tile. You’ll see a red heart appear next to the video as a confirmation.

Now navigate to your favorites section, and click on the video to let it play. It’ll play the same video over repeatedly. Awesome! It’s a short video and does the job beautifully. After two hours of auto-playing you will reach your SBTV daily max of $0.50. If you’re consistent, this gives you an effective earning of about $15 monthly.


entertainow-appThe next Swagbucks app to install is called Entertainow. As before, login and sign in with your own credentials. This time, head over to the TV Spots section and favorite a video called “Men, Women & Children”. The video itself is about 48 seconds in length. It’s certainly not super short, but it’s the shortest one I could find currently. Keep your eyes peeled for shorter videos though, Anything under 30 seconds is ideal.

Entertainow is currently capped to a $1.20 daily per account, and limited to $2.50 daily per IP address. So if you have multiple accounts in your household, take note- your earnings will not exceed $2.50 per day.


sportly.tv-appThis Swagbucks app is as the name implies, more sports oriented. We’ll be again looking for the shortest video we can find. As it currently stands, Swagbucks is always changing around content – so there’s no easy recommendation I can give.

So look around, you should be able to find something that’s around 1 minute long in length. Which means, it’ll take you about 2-3 hours to max. I’ve also found that sometimes the app requires you to manually press the “next” button to proceed on to the next video. This puts a big dent into our automatic system, but it’s still not dreadful. Just needs to be run in an environment where you can keep an eye out on it.


moviecli.ps-appHere’s the latest addition to the Swagbucks app family. I recommend favoriting a video under the title of “The Other Woman” as it is currently available and runs for only 25 seconds. See the screenshot below.

Running “The Other Woman” on a loop will max the app earnings in about two hours. I’ve also seen that this app requires you manually press the “next” button to watch the next video, so keep your eyes out.

6. Take the Daily Poll

Every day, Swagbucks offers one simple poll. Just click on the “Poll” on the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab to pull up the page. Choose your answer and you’ll earn one Swagbuck. It’s simple and takes all of about 15 seconds to do.

7. Perform Tasks

Swagbucks has a list of different tasks you can complete online and earn anywhere from 16 to 40 Swagbucks. Just click on the “Tasks” on the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab to pull up the page.

Each tasks is different. They will tell you at the beginning how many minutes the task will typically take.

I will say, that I wouldn’t recommend this way of earning Swagbucks unless you have a lot of time on your hands and love doing online research. For the time involved in doing these tasks, you’re only earning the equivalent of pennies.

TSG is here with tips to help bring you the most rewarding Swagbucks experience possible. When’s the last time you visited Swagbucks Tasks?

For our more green Swaggernauts who may not be familiar with this rewarding opportunity, Swagbucks Tasks require you to research specific topics on the internet and answer questions, while earning Swag Bucks along the way.

Tasks are located within the Answer drop down menu at the top of the homepage

When you visit Swagbucks Tasks you’ll see the list of available tasks, each with a brief description, a corresponding Swag Buck payout PER PAGE completed, and how many of that specific task are still available to be completed.

There is a chance that by the time you click on a task, it has already reached it’s maximum number of completions. If this is the case, simply return to the Tasks page and select a different task.

Each Task has a different payout so you may need to complete multiple tasks to reach the point of payout.

This is a great way to earn some extra Swag Bucks – so enjoy!

8. Complete Special Offers

Right now, you can earn nine Swagbucks when you sign up to get Dilbert comics or the Free Sites email newsletter. You can earn 61 Swagbucks when you sign up for Mint.com and add one financial institution to your profile. You can get 21 Swagbucks when you sign up for the Sweet Daily Deals email newsletter.

There are many, many more such offers which require no credit card or payment to earn Swagbucks. Click on the “Special Offers” on the dropdown menu under the “Earn” tab to pull up the page which lists the various offers you can complete to earn Swagbucks. Unless you were already planning to sign up for one of the free trials which require a credit card, I would not suggest signing up for them as it’s possible you could forget to cancel and get billed.

9. Take Trusted Surveys

Swagbucks offers similar survey opportunities to paid survey opportunities, only you earn Swagbucks instead of cash.

There are mixed reviews on the survey opportunities, similar to what the paid survey opportunities usually are like. Some people do really well with them, some people spend a lot of time filling out pre-survey questionnaires only to find out they don’t qualify.

If you enjoy filling out surveys, I’d say it’s worth a shot to try doing some of the Trusted Surveys through Swagbucks. However, if you find you’re rarely qualifying for surveys, I’d skip the surveys and focus on some of the other more reliable earning opportunities.

10. Play Swagbucks Games

I tried my hand at the Swagbucks games and was less than enthused. However, I’m one of those people who basically finds computer games incredibly boring. If you’re unlike me and you enjoy computer games, this might be a great way to earn Swagbucks.

In order to earn SB for playing games, you must deposit money into your GSN account. You will get a certain amount of SB per Dollar, depending on the offer at the time you deposit your money. At this time, members cannot earn Points for playing games that do not require a money deposit.

11. Earn from cashback shopping

When doing your normal shopping online, you will just go to Swagbucks first. Then find the store where you are shopping. You will click through to that store from within the Swagbucks site, which then tracks your purchases and credits you for what you spent.

Unlike sites like Ebates that just use a straight cash back percentage, Swagbucks is a little different. It may even seem confusing at first, but once you’ve got it down, it’s no biggie!
The site issues “Swagbucks,” in which 1 Swagbuck (or SB) is equivalent to earning 1% cash back. At times you can earn up to 8 SB, or 8% cash back. Most sites offer the standard 1-3%. When you cash in your Swagbucks, they equal about $.01.

Cash back sites like these work because of something called affiliate marketing, in which the “affiliate” – in this case, Swagbucks – gets credit for sending people to a retailer’s website. Target or Amazon, for example, would pay Swagbucks a small portion of any purchase made when a shopper arrived at their site via Swagbucks.
In turn, Swagbucks passes along a cut to you.

At the time of this writing, hotels.com is offering 8 swagbucks for every dollar spent. So if you booked a room at $100/night, you’d get 800 swagbucks, or $8 back. Walmart is currently offering 7 SB per $1 spent, or 7% cash back.
The key is just using these cash back portals in combination with shopping at a site we’d probably already be spending money at! I never make a purchase just for swagbucks or other cash back. It’s just a bonus.

Ways To Maximize Your Cash Back Opportunities
One great way to ensure you’ll never miss out is to install the Swagbucks extension, or SwagButton. A little icon will sit on your browser bar and will notify you when to activate your SB cash back. This is a great reminder if you’ve headed directly to a website without going there through Swagbucks first. You can click the button and activate the cash back feature; just make sure you do so before checking out.

11. Go Through the No Obligation Special Offers

Every day, you can go to the No Obligation Special Offers section and skip through all the offers (sign up if something interests you, but skip those which don’t interest you). At the end, you just have to type in a simple phrase and you’ll earn two Swagbucks. From start to finish, this will take you no more than 20 seconds and you can do it every single day!

12. Purchase Groupons Through Swagbucks

If you’re going to purchase a Groupon deal, always head to the Daily Deals page on Swagbucks and click through there to purchase it. In many cases, you’ll earn 150 to 300 Swagbucks for your purchase — which can make the Groupon deal even sweeter!

13. Search and Earn
You can earn by just using their search engine instead of Bing, Google, or Yahoo.

getting paid to search swagbucks

Their search engine is actually powered by Yahoo, so you should be seeing the same results you would see if you used the Yahoo search bar. The earnings per search appear to be random, so you never know exactly how many you earn for each search, but either way the best way to utilize this is to:

Make it the default search engine in your browser
Install their browser extension
If you do this, then you won’t have to think about it at all and will be earning all day long as you search the internet.

You get Swagbucks (SB) randomly from searching. Not every search will earn you SB. When you get a search win, you’ll see how much you won and be asked to enter a Captcha code to prove you’re not a bot before it credits.

Try and leave 30 seconds between searches and group them together in a reasonable amount of time. Do these “grouped” searches throughout the day leaving 2-3 hours between search wins for best results. You can get 4 search wins/day.

The searches credit randomly. Also from my experience there is no limit to the SB you can earn from it, usually the searches credit you around 5 SB.

You can earn by just using their search engine instead of Bing, Google, or Yahoo.

Their search engine is actually powered by Yahoo, so you should be seeing the same results you would see if you used the Yahoo search bar. The earnings per search appear to be random, so you never know exactly how many you earn for each search, but either way the best way to utilize this is to:

-Make it the default search engine in your browser
-Install their browser extension

If you do this, then you won’t have to think about it at all and will be earning all day long as you search the internet.

13. Trade-In

If you have old cell phones, MP3 players, games, consoles or books you want to get rid of, check out how many Swagbucks you can earn by trading them in. After looking up your item, you can print out a pre-paid shipping label and receipt, stick it in the mail and you’ll be awarded your Swagbucks after your trade-in is processed.

14. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter

If you follow Swagbucks on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about Twitter-only codes available. Plus, multiple times per week, they randomly award Twitter followers with 100 free Swagbucks for tweeting using the hastag #Swagbucks.

15. Follow Swagbucks on Facebook

The Swagbucks Facebook Page is the place to find out about the latest Swagcodes and discuss all things related to Swagbucks. Since there are so many members and everyone is allowed to post on the wall, sometimes the discussions or comments get a little out of hand.

Also, I’ve found that the Swagbucks Facebook Page is a goldmine for finding the best phrases to search. I never seem to have great success when searching on my own, but when I search the phrases people suggest on there, I almost always win double digit Swagbucks. I have no idea what’s up with that, but you should try it, too!

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