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Swagbucks App: Codes, Facebook Page: How To Make Money

swagbucks App Codes Facebook Page

swagbucks App Codes Facebook Page

Looking for Swagbucks apps, Swagbucks Codes or Swagbucks facebook page to make money online? If yes, you have com to the right place. Here is a detailed step by step on how to make money online with Swagbucks.

This we have been using to make money every month. Swagbucks has different ways you can use to make money such as Swagbucks apps, Swagbucks codes, you can even make money buy liking and participate on swagbucks facebook page. Here we are going to show you exactly how.

Ways to Make Money with Swagbucks

Swagbucks homepages can be used sometimes to perform online searches. But to make it simpler, you can always install the Swagbucks toolbar so that performing more searches subsequently won’t be so difficult. That way, you can perform your online search with the Swagbucks toolbar with no need of going through the homepage.

There’s also a chance for you to enter the free Swagbucks codes which occasionally appears on your Swagbucks toolbar onto your Swagbucks homepage and you’ll be offered free points in your Swagbucks account.

Downloading the Swagbucks toolbar earns you more money. But you can use this alternative below to earn more if you don’t want the toolbar.

First of all, you have to Log into your account through Swagbucks.com, click on toolbar and you will get qualified to win Swagbucks on once each day. Search to know if you can see the congratulatory screen close to the topmost of your browser which features the Swag Guy. There, you’ll get notifications anytime you are being rewarded.

The following internet browsers can be used to download the Swagbucks toolbar;

-The Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 or more using Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 operating systems.

– Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, with beta versions inclusive, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems

– All versions of Safari apart from 4.0.3

Additional browsers can be added consecutively.

Swagbucks Toolbar

Swagbucks Toolbar

Ways to Install the Swagbucks.com Toolbar

  • For Users of Internet Explorer

-Go to the Download Toolbar button and click on it

-You can either click on the run button from the File Download window to download and install automatically or Click on the Save button to manually download and install to your preferred folder.

-Once you click on run, it starts installing automatically and may require some minutes all dependent on the speed of your server.  After configuring the additional settings and agreeing to their License Agreement, you will have the Swagbucks Toolbar appear on your browser.


  • For Firefox Users

-Tap on the Download Toolbar Button

-If the Software Installation window is visible, then click the Install Now button followed by the Restart Firefox. After that, click Finish when you are done with making your choice in the Toolbar Setup Window.

-But if the Software Installation Window is not visible, then try finding the yellow bar at the top of the page and click on the Edit Options button.

-Next is to click on the allow button followed by the close button. Then click on Restart Firefox when it finishes downloading.

  • Safari Users

-First of all, you will click on the Download Toolbar button

-The Install Swagbucks.com Toolbar Window pops up after some seconds, Just click on continue

– When the Software license Agreement comes up, accept it

– Choose your preferred location on your PC’s hard disk to save the toolbar file and select continue

– To make your installation complete, click on install

-You can decide to customize your toolbar like trying to know the weather or listening to the radio

-Most times, not all their Radio Player’s stations or podcast functions well.

If you think that the Swagbucks.com toolbar will cause problems with the performance of the other add-ons on your browser, now I can tell you to relax because it won’t. But should there be any problem on other add-ons performance, you can contact the Swagbucks.com support team using support@swagbucks.com. Don’t also forget to check for a code in the toolbar, because they occasionally add these codes to help you earn few bucks.

  • Follow the Swagbucks Blog

Following the Swagbucks Blogs will keep you updated towards the new free Swagbucks codes that is being published (Minimum of 1 code per day). Also, you will get to be updated on any new lottery/giveaways as well as any other new thing at Swagbucks.

  • Bookmark Pages that You Visit Everyday

When you perform searches on some particular sites like Facebook or MoneySavingMom.com almost all the time or on daily basis, you can just bookmark the result page. Then subsequently visit those sites from your Swagbucks bookmarked pages. Doing this (that is, searching from the already bookmarked page), will increase your chances of being selected for their weekly Swagbucks awards.

Be Spontaneous; always learn to search for varieties of things or terms every day. Performing the same search over and over again on daily basis will not profit you and may lead to getting your account disabled after a warning.

-A Look at Their Policy Says –  “Use of any robotic, automatic, programmed or similar entry method or searches that are not deemed by the Sponsor to represent legitimate use of the Search Services will void all entries and result in disqualification. Such non-legitimate uses include, but are not limited to: searches for letters of the alphabet, random numbers, or other irrelevant search queries; searches for the same word or phrase; any other searches which do not appear to represent a legitimate use of the Search Services.”

From this you can find out that it’s not a crime to actually bookmark most searched/visited pages. But can be misinterpreted as being non-legitimate if you keep searching for the same thing at all times.

  • Print Coupons

Printing and using Coupons from Swagbucks can let you earn up to 10 Swagbucks. To get this 10 Swagbucks, simply click on the “Earn” button which is located at the upper part off the Swagbucks homepage followed by the clicking the “Coupon” button. When you redeem the already printed Coupon at your local store, you stand to earn 10 Swagbucks.

Note that the 10 Swagbucks is awarded only for the Coupons you make use of. You cannot earn anything when you only print and don’t use them, so it is better you get to print only the Coupons you’ll use.


You should note that your points get posted to your account within 12 weeks. Reports so far have it that this has been functional and no problems have been experienced. You should probably try exercising little patience.

Remember that there are Swagbucks Coupons which are available under the “Earn” button located at the Menu Bar as well as in the Quick Links Sidebar.

It’s simple to use:

To get this Coupon won’t cost you a thing. Just Search for them as partakes to your area or you can view them by their categories. Then hit the “Click” button to enable you add these Coupons to your cart. Include a many Coupons as you want because it is free. Then, after you have added Coupons as you desire, hit the red button which is the “Print Coupons” button to print them.

Installing a coupon printing application will be on request next. Installing it is quite simple, no additional information is needed as the installation is fast. Upon the success of this installation, you’ll be automatically redirected to a page with special offer. But responding to those offer is by choice, you can either accept or decline the offer as it does not in any way affect your coupons. Your Coupons will automatically be printed when you reject the offer.

Note that Chrome does not currently support this Coupon Printing application.

You can feel free to print any number of Coupons as you desire. Having a large collection of it isn’t so bad but you’re also reminded that you earn your 10 Swagbucks only when you redeem any.

You can also check out the New Daily Deals section which provides the local shopping deals that enables you save money and receive instant Swagbucks. Examples are Groupon, LivingSocial and Tippr.

You can check out for most popular things, new things or available things in your area. You can always reach out the Swagbucks support team any time you encounter any difficulty or problem of any kind with their offers. So you are free to clip and save.

  • Watch Swagbucks TV

Another way to earn Swagbucks is by watching the videos on the Swagbucks TV page. You can find the Swagbucks TV on the dropdown menu which is located under the “Earn” button. Click on “Swagbucks TV” and watch nothing less than 10 videos. These video differ in their length (From 1 min to 5 minutes). You will then earn 3 Swagbucks for watching them.

Sometimes, I just play these videos and allow them to continue playing while I attend to my other duties nearby like washing the dishes or cleaning. Leaving this video running while performing other task either on your PC or elsewhere makes it easier to earn your point. You can end up receiving a 25 3-point reward within 24 hour which is a total of 75 points in general. So it is nice to multitask with your computer running.

The rewards received when watching Swagbucks TV is worth it and it seems to be the best in rewarding when compared to other ad watching reward apps example Perk TV. Although you can’t have it all because there’s a limit to the daily points offered in Swagbucks TV.

There’s no harm in grabbing as much as you can. This article is created to help you earn as much as you can with Swagbucks TV and not leave out anything.


Let’s take it from the scratch

What is Swagbucks TV?

Swagbucks itself is among the top online reward sites which offer Swagbucks TV as part of their packages. The Swagbucks TV allows you to earn points called Swagbucks when you watch videos and you can redeem these points for cash or gift cards.

-Swagbucks – Rewards

One of the major advantages of the Swagbucks TV is that you can get the videos to run automatically on compatible mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. This will help you earn money quicker and easily.

There are many varieties of app created by Swagbucks to target different ad categories. There are maximum points for each of these apps on daily basis. You can try installing all or as many as you can to increase the points you earn.

Different Apps in Swagbucks


Our main aim of listing these Swagbucks apps is to find those ones that have the ability of offering shorter videos which can be played on repeat and earn us more points in the shortest possible time.

  • Swagbucks TV app (SBTV App)

This is one of the most credible and original App from Swagbucks. There’s a video called the “10 Second Tips”; this video can be found after you must have installed, logged in, and scrolled to the Home and Garden section. Swipe left on its tile to make this video your favorite and it is confirmed by the red heart symbol that appears next to video.

Click on the video when you scroll to your favorite section and allow let it play. The video is very short and will play continually. Leave it on to auto-play for 2 hours and you’ll earn your maximum daily SBTV amount of $0.50. laying it on daily basis will let you earn $15 within a month.

  • Entertainow

Entertainow is another Swagbucks app you need to install. After the installation, you can log in by feeling your information and then you’re good to go. Scroll to the TV spots section and make “Men, Women & Children” video your favorite. Although the video is not so short, about 48 seconds, it is still one of the shortest video in this category. You can still search for shorter videos that will be less than 30 seconds. Each IP address gets to earn a maximum of $2.50 and a maximum of $1.20 for each account on daily basis. Therefore, using many accounts within the same household can only fetch you a max of $2.50 each day.

  • tv

Just as its name implies, this is another Swagbucks app that centers mostly on sports. For this category, there won’t be any specifically mentioned short video as it seems to vary from time to time. Just navigate through the app and I’m sure you can get a video that is within I minute range. Therefore, playing repeatedly to earn the max points will take you about 2 to 3 hours. Before you can play the next video, you will need to click the “next” button which means it needs to be operated manually. Although it might seem to be a disadvantage because it will require your attention from time to time, it is still manageable so far your environment is not that distracting.

  • ps

This is one of the most recent Swagbucks Apps. The video with the title “the Other Woman” lasts for 25 seconds which makes it suitable to be used as your preferred video.

It’ll take a maximum of about 2hours to get the maximum point rewarded for playing this video when the video is played repeatedly. It also requires your attention as it is manually operated (You need to click on the “next” button before the next video can be played.

  • Participate in Daily Poll

From the “Earn” tab on the dropdown menu, you can always see the latest daily poll offered by Swagbucks. Simply press the “Poll” to participate and this will take you only 15seconds of your time.

  • Perform Task

There are so many varieties oftask present in Swagbucks which when finished online can earn about16 to 40 points. Click on these task buttons, and participate in them. There’s a specific time frame allocated to each task and you’ll be told from the onset as all the tasks are not the same.

This is not a best way to earn with Swagbucks except performing online researches is among your hobby and you have plenty time for it. What you earn in doing these tasks is the same with the time you invest in it.

TSG is available to sensitize you on the best way to and most suitable way to earn using Swagbucks. When did you visit Swagbucks Tasks last?

The newbies might not be conversant with this rewarding opportunity in Swagbucks, you should know that in Swagbucks tasks, you are to carry out researches on particular topics online, respond to their questions and you will earn some Swag Bucks as you do these.

You can find these tasks from the Answer drop down menu located at the top of the homepage.


You can only see the available tasks when you check out these tasks, and each task comes with specifications on what to do, how much Swag Buck you get to earn in doing them, and number of the particular task available for completion.

Some of these tasks may no more be available when you check on them because the maximum number needed has been completed. Just search for new tasks from the task page if that happens.

You can end up finishing many tasks task so as to be able to achieve the payout threshold as each task may have a payout limit attached to them.

This can be one of the best ways for you to earn some Swag Buck.

  • Complete Special Offers

There are different varieties of special offers that are available in this casino and each has specific number of Swag Bucks attached to them. For example,Dilbert comics or the Free Sites email newsletter can give you 9 Swag Bucks when you register with them and Mint.com or any other financial institution added to your profile can earn you about 61 Swag Bucks. Also, registering for Sweet Daily Deals email newsletter earns you 21 Swag Bucks.

So many offers are available for free of charge which you can earn SBs (Swag Bucks) from. Navigate to dropdown menu beneath the “Earn” button and press the “Special Offer” button if you wish to win more Swag Bucks. You can decide however, to ignore this one and register for those that have free trials, but you’ll need to do the registration with your credit card. This is often not advisable because you will be charged when you forget to cancel your registration.

  • Take Trusted Surveys

Swagbucks survey privileges is quite similar to the paid survey privileges of other sites, but the difference here is that your reward will be in SwagBucks rather than cash.

Sometimes, some people may end up being disqualified after taking their time to answer pre-survey questions. But it seems like some people perform real good with this surveys although they may still be looking like the paid surveys.

It is advised that you try out some of the trusted surveys using SwagBucks if filling surveys is one of your hobby. But if it looks like the survey won’t favor you, it is better to move on to other things so as to maximize your time profit instead of wasting it.

  • Play Swagbucks Games

I once tried to play the SwagBuck game and it was simply below my expectation. Nevertheless, you should know that I’m always bored as far as video games are concerned.  So if any one of u likes video games, then they can easily find this app entertaining.

There’s a GSN account which enables them deposit money to play with, but each amount has some specific Swag Bucks per dollar attached to it. It all depends on the nature of the available offers. This offer cannot allow players play and earn points if there was no deposit.

  • Earn from cashback shopping

You can use the Swagbucks toolbar to research for the store you want to make online purchase from. Just search and click on the store from Swag Bucks and it will automatically take note of your purchases and rewards you for your purchases.

SwagBucks is a bit different from some sites like Ebates that gives you Cash Back straight away. Swagbucks replaces your rewards with Swag Bucks instead of cash. It might look a bit confusing but it’s actually no big deal, just needs you to understand. I Swag Buck (SB) offered to you is equal to 1% Cash back, sometimes, you can get up to 8 SB (8%). But Swagbucks reward is usually within the range of 1-3%. Turning it into cash can be equivalent of $.01.

There’s a reason why the cash back site are always up and doing. It is because of the term affiliate marketing. They credit their affiliates (Swagbucks as this is the case here) whenever they direct any retailer to them.  Affiliate marketing sites like Amazon or Target always gives out some percentage of the total purchase of the retailer to their affiliates (Swagbucks), whenever those retailers is redirected to their site through swagbucks.Swagbucks in return will offer you some portion of that percentage.

Hotel.com gives out 8 SBs for each $1 as of the time of writing this article. Therefore booking a $100/night room will award you $8 or 800 SBs and Walmart automatically gives you 7% cashback or 7 SB per dollar. Well, don’t try buying things just because you desire to earn SBs, rather, visualize the SB as a bonus for the purchases you really need. Just use the Cashback portals anytime you want to make purchases and get bonuses.

How to Benefit From Cash Back Opportunities

First of all, you are required to install the Swagbucks extension or SwagButton. You will always get notifications for your SB Cash Back activation through the small icon in your browser bar. It is profitable whenever they remind you if you forget and just browse straight from your browser. Always try to click the notification button and activate the Cash Back feature before you end your browsing.

  • Go Through the No Obligation Special Offers

Checking out the “No Obligation Special Offers section” helps you to see offers that might interest you, sign up when you see any, if not, just check it out and leave. When you are finally done, you can simply earn 2 SB by entering a simple phrase. You always do that on daily basis since it doesn’t require much of your time, just about 20 seconds.

  • Purchase Groupons through Swagbucks

Check out the Daily Deals page using Swagbucks, go through them and buy your Groupon deals from there. Doing this may attract about 150 – 300 Swagbucks to you and this will make you happy with Groupon deals.

  • Search and Earn

Rather than performing your online searches with other search engine like Yahoo, Bing or Google, you can simply use the Swagbucks search bar and earn while using it.

Yahoo is the brain behind the Swagbucks search engine so the search results you’d get from Yahoo is basically the same with what you’d get with Swagbucks. There’s no specified amount of what you will earn for each search as it seems to be random, still, it is better to search using swagbucks since you get to earn something.

Therefore, the ways you can benefit from Swagbucks are

-Using Swagbucks as your default search engine of your browser

– Installing Swagbucks browser extension

Doing these things aids you to earn on daily basis without even stressing yourself, so far you perform daily internet search.

You will be rewarded with Swagbucks as long as you perform online searches but you may not likely earn SwagBucks from every single search. You’ll always see a notification of your earning whenever you receive a search win and you will be required to put in the Captcha code before the credit elapses, this is just to confirm that you aren’t a robot.

For best results and to earn more, it is advisable that you perform these searches at intervals of at least 30 seconds and group the searches together to some meaningful amount of time. When they are grouped, you can leave about 2-3 hours intervals to achieve the best. You may end up receiving like 4 search wins each day.

You don’t have any specific limit to your SB earning using this method, but you may earn around 5 SB from it since what is credited for these searches isn’t fixed.

You are reminded that the best way to earn from these online searches is to make sure you make Swagbucks your default search engine.

  • Trade-In

You can always auction your old items such as MP3 players, books, games, wire consoles, mobile phones to them and see how many Swagbucks you get to earn from trading these items with them. Simply print out a prepaid Shipping label with its receipt and attach it to your mail. Then once your trade-in is successfully processed, you will then receive Swagbucks for it.

  • Follow Swagbucks on Twitter

You can follow Swagbucks on their social media platform which is Twitter so that easily be updated on their Twitter-only codes may come up at any time. Also, their twitter follows who make use of their hastag #Swagbucks are awarded with 100 free Swagbucks several times within a week.

  • Follow Swagbucks on Facebook

Just like their Twitter handle, you can also get their latest Swagcodes when you follow them on their Facebook page and participate in Swagbucks related conversations. This is one of their measures to control what is being posted on their page, because of the numerous followers they have who may end up posting irrelevant things on their pages.

The Facebook page also helps out positively in providing you with a best search phrases. You can get these phrases from people’s comments and suggestions and once you follow some of them, you might end up with double digit Swagbucks. I don’t really have much clue on that but it is worth you’re a try.

Hope this helps. We shall continue to update you with more on how to use Swagbucks apps, codes as well as Swagbucks facebook page to make money.

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