Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards

19 Online Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards ( Updated 2021)

Online surveys use an array of payment methods. While few pay direct cash into your account or use PayPal, others use Amazon gift cards among several other retail store gift cards. For this article, I will be addressing online surveys that pay through Amazon gift cards.

Before I get to that, why is Amazon preferred compared to other methods of payment? If the money is paid into your account you’ll most likely still use it to shop.

Amazon is the largest online retail shop in the world as far as I can tell. Your geographical location should be put into consideration of course when choosing an Amazon gift card as a payment option. If you live in America, the United Kingdom, and Canada, then this option is suitable because there are amazon stores in these localities.

If you reside in a location that does not have Amazon physically there are other things you can do with the gift cards. You can buy Kindle books, digital music, and Amazon videos. I don’t think it’s wise to buy physical goods that need shipping because you get to pay an extra fee for shipping your items.

When you earn gift cards from online survey sites, you can redeem it for the money to be credited to your Amazon account.

Some survey sites offer cashback on online retail shops and Amazon is usually the number one available retail shop. They give discounts on sales. Different shops give a particular amount of cash backs.

Now, let’s get into the details of which survey site offers Amazon gift cards.


1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of the best survey sites I have come across. It was created in 2007 and since then has given out millions of dollars in cash and gift cards to its subscribers. After registration, you will receive a message from the community manager telling you how to navigate the site. After the tour it will take you through, you’ll get some points. You will be required to fill in some personal information so that you will be matched to the survey you qualify for.

There are levels to attain in Swagbucks which is determined by your earning potential. After completion of your registration, you are on the bronze level. With 1000 points you get to the silver level. 4500 points take you to the gold level. The next is the platinum level which is reached with 10000 points and finally the diamond level which needs 16000 points.

Rewards take up to 24hours to process but it reduces as your level increases. At the gold level, it takes as little as 10 minutes. Rewards like game codes and Amazon gift card codes are delivered to your reward history page. Electronic gift cards are delivered to your mail between 24 to 48hours.

You get a 15% referral bonus for life of your referral’s earnings on PrizeRebel. Other ways to earn include shopping with partner retail shops on the survey site, playing games, reading emails, participating in contests and raffle draws.

2. claims to have paid 2 million dollars since it’s inception in 2012 to its subscribers. It is owned by 99ventures which owns two other survey sites. They pay through several options which include PayPal, pays, Skrill, and Bitcoin. Other methods of payment include gift cards with retailers like Macy’s, Nike, Amazon, etc.

To join, the first thing you have to do is register with the survey site. The registration process is quite easy. They ask for information such as your name, username, password, zip code, address, phone number, preferred payment method, and then finally ask you to agree to their terms and conditions. After registration, you get $0.20, credited to you as a welcome offer.

They are partnered with several advertising companies who want to get the opinions of people on new products, existing products, or services. It works by subscribers taking offers of surveys, games, reading emails, etc and giving feedbacks according to what is required of them.

These advertising companies pay the online survey site and the survey site pays respondents a portion of the money. Examples of advertisers on offer wall include AdGate, Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs, Acorn, OfferToro, Superpay, Wannads, HangmyAds, WallAds, etc.

The rules for participating in these tasks include giving genuine information, not speeding through the surveys, and avoiding sharing details of the survey with people.  There are a lot of ways to make money on Referring people gives you 25% of the person’s life earnings in


3. Offernation

Offernation has 118137 members and claims to have paid over $948,483.93 since its inception. Like it is owned by 99 ventures. Registration is easy and there are numerous ways to earn money on this site.

Choosing the top crediting surveys saves you energy and time. The challenge most times is finding a survey that you are qualified for. To reduce the rate at which you are declined for offers and increase your qualification for an offer you should accept cookies, JavaScript, pop-ups, and third party images permanently.

Your security setting should below. You should be honest in answering questions and avoid speeding through the questions.

There are also contests which could be a great way to boost your earning. There is usually a cash prize of $1000 and the top 20 earners for a specified period win the $1000 cash prize.

Their methods of payment include PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins, and Tipalti. They also pay through Amazon gift cards which may prove to be a better option since PayPal and Skrill charges a 2% fee, bitcoin 5% fee charge, and Tipalti $1. They also have minimum withdrawal limits. PayPal and Skrill have a $1.0 withdrawal limit while bitcoin has a $40 withdrawal limit.


4. RewardingWays

This online survey has 365,000 members and has paid over $1,708,006.56. Immediately after registration, you get a $0.25 bonus to set you up on the journey. To register, you have to be up to 18 years but with parental consent, you can be as low as 13 years. The most obvious way to earn is through surveys.

It is one of the places to take surveys for Amazon Gift Cards.

You are most likely to be asked pre-qualifier questions until the site finds surveys that match your profile. There is no maximum amount of surveys you can answer in a day although surveys can exhaust. This is no problem, however, because surveys are added every few hours. Respondents from all over the world are accepted.

The reasons why you may not have qualified for a survey may be linked to demographic information such as age, gender, geographical location, interests, etc.

You can be disqualified at the end of a survey because surveys are taken in real-time and if the number needed is maxed out before you are done, you will be disqualified. Another reason could be because you are answering too quickly or your answers don’t match your profile.

To qualify for more surveys answer more pre-qualifying questions because the details get enough details to screen out the right surveys for your profile. While some online survey sites send surveys you qualify for to your profile, RewardingWays does not.

The bright side is that your inbox won’t be filled with emails from survey sites. The downside is that you have to go to the site to find surveys yourself. The site is not mobile user friendly so it is better experienced by a laptop.

Its payment methods include PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. You can also redeem your points by opting for gift cards. Amazon gift card is one of the other gift cards and retail shops in partnership with RewardingWays. Another way to earn is by shopping in these retail shops through the online site to get discounts. You already shop online, so why not get some cashback while at it.


5. InstaGC

This survey site is operated by Day Online Solutions, LLC. You earn on InstaGC by completing surveys, Appen tasks, participating in offers, searching the web, partaking in trials, visiting websites, watching videos, entering promo codes, and referring friends. After signing up, you get 10 bonus points.

Watching videos is a passive way to earn money on InstaGC because you could just open the videos and let them play in the background. Surveys are also a great way to make money and you find surveys on the main page. When you reach 500 points, you’ll be able to take surveys with higher points.

Participating in activities offered by partners like Acron, OfferToro, Adwall, etc can earn you points. They offer free trials, apps to be downloaded and opened, searching the web, etc. Shopping on partner retail shops is another way to earn money by getting cash backs on items you buy.

Redemption methods of points include Amazon Gift cards, direct deposit, eCheck, PayPal, Sweepstake entries, and donations to charity.


6. YSense

This survey site is operated by Prodege, LLC. YSense was formerly ClixSense and unlike other survey sites that are available mostly in the UK, US and Canada, they are available anywhere in the world.

To start earning on ySense you have to register following the given instructions. After registration, you are required to update your profile so that they will be able to match you with suitable surveys.

The next thing on the list is to start completing surveys on your profile. You can earn from $0.2 to $4 from surveys. To access surveys it is either your check or profile for invites or clicking surveys to access Daily Survey Routers.

You can make money by completing Figure Eight tasks. The person with the most completed tasks in a week wins $100 which is an extra way to add more money to your rewards.

Other ways include watching videos, trying new products searching websites, and downloading apps. A referral is also a great way to make money on ySense. You invite friends by using your referral link.

Payment methods include Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards or by reward link.


7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks claim to have paid over $458,478,856 to its subscribers. It is seen as the website that offer online surveys for Amazon gift cards. It gives out 7000 gift cards every day, most of which is amazon. You can earn cashback and save money with coupon codes when you do you’re shopping on retail shops online through Swagbucks.

Registration is easy and very minimal information is needed. You just need to enter your name and email or sign up through Facebook. After signing up, a confirmation mail is sent to your email which you are required to open and click on a link to activate your account.

You are credited with 5SB for subscribing and as soon as you start participating in the daily polls you start earning 1SB every day. You are asked a couple of questions like what gender you are, whether you are expecting a child, how many children you have, the decision-maker in your family, the kind of phone you use, if you play video games, if you smoke, the kind of cigarette you smoke, if you drink, the kind of drink you take, if you drive, if the car is rented or bought, etc.

These questions help the system know you enough to direct suitable survey questions to you.

Aside from taking surveys, you earn on Swagbucks through referrals (10% of your referral’s life savings) and discovering offers like free trials. These offers may not pay immediately because the trial period would have to exhaust before payment is made.


8. GrabPoints

Grab Points is owned by The Marketing Group Inc. and is situated in Canada. Although they started operating in 2014, they have amassed over 4 million users and has given out up to $5 million worth of gift cards and cash. You can earn by participating in surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, referring friends, and completing offers.

The amount you can earn from surveys is not specific but you can expect anything from $0.50 upwards. Watching videos gives you $0.007 and the videos are in different niches so you can choose the ones that interest you. With a couple of videos, your points accrue into a reasonable amount. You can also sign up for free subscriptions and trial membership through GrabPoints.

Referring friends get you 25 to 250 points. The amount you earn is dependent on your geographical location. Countries like the USA, UK, and Canada will award 250 points per referral. Countries like Europe and, Asia Pacific give 100 points and other countries 25 points.

At sign-in, it’s best to input a promo code as it gives you some bonus points. GrabPoints gives promo codes through online communities that share these codes. All you need to do is run a Google search for GrabPoints promo codes.

With a minimum of $3, you can cash out using payment methods like PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other retail gift cards.



9. UpVoice

This survey site is owned by a Market Research Company called Brand Total. The first step to take would be to sign up. After signing up, it is important to install UpVoice chrome extension. You receive a bonus of 300 tokens when you sign up. What this chrome extension does is to capture your ads and the interaction you have with the ads.

They have participating sites which you just have to see through UpVoice. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Amazon. You already use these websites so you are only asked to use them through UpVoice.

Their aim is not to monitor your activities or personal interactions. They are only interested in ads that are displayed to you. This must be the easiest way to make money from survey sites because they don’t actively do anything. You only have to be sure you are logged into the extension.

The next way to earn from UpVoice is by taking occasional surveys that the site offers. At first, UpVoice offered only Amazon gift cards as the only means of payment but currently, they have prepaid Visa, Burger King, iTunes, Nike, etc.

10. Toluna

Toluna was launched in Paris in 2007 and has since grown into a spectacular survey site. Toluna is a unique survey site that has lots of interesting features such as battles and thumbit. With this feature, you can ask for other subscribers’ opinions about 2 or more products you are confused about.

It has a thumb that goes upward and one that goes downward. From subscribers’ responses, you can make a decision. You can list products you are confused about in a battle for others to help you choose.

There are sponsored polls from advertising companies you can earn points from but there is also one you can create yourself. All you need to do is create your poll with as much as 10 voting options from the create menu.

Toluna is different from other survey sites that usually require answers in multiple-choice formats. With Toluna you can start a conversation and the rest of the community would start commenting explicitly on the given topic.

Some games are as good as gambles you can play with already earned points. The essence of the game is to win gifts. The game is called giftie. It is either you redeem your rewards through PayPal or Amazon gift cards or you participate in the game with a chance of losing all your points. You can decide to give away your gift as a gift to someone else.

Free trials could be a legitimate way of earning but it’s also a gamble although here we don’t get to lose anything. When a company is offering a new product to be sampled, you could sign up and join the numerous other people that signed up. The lucky winners of the trial are picked at random and you could be lucky.

Unlike other websites that send surveys you qualify for to your mail, Toluna goes a step further to send it to your phone as SMS with the link for you to click and participate.

11. InboxDollars

InboxDollars was created in 2000 and has paid over $59million to its subscribers and is endorsed by a couple of reputable outlets like Forbes. On signing up, you get an instant bonus of $5 to get started. They don’t give points, however, they give cash via payment by PayPal, free cash, or Amazon gift card. You earn taking surveys, completing polls, and doing research activities. For responding to surveys you earn from $0.25 to $5.0.

Another fun way to make money from InboxDollars is through product testing and joining focus groups. When you sign up for product testing and you are picked, you will be given free products to use and asked to give reviews of the products. You may be required to make videos or switch on your webcam when you are using the products.

You can also recruit your neighbors to join in using and giving their opinions about the products. The market research company is interested in getting information like how easy the products are to use, the effect of the products, and the extent of preference compared to similar products.

Focus groups will require you to appear in person. Sometimes traveling is needed but they usually pay handsomely, give free lunch and free parking space.

This is done when they want to meet physically with the reviewers for first-hand information. Payment is made through PayPal, cash, or Amazon gift cards or gift cards from other retailers like Walmart. Payments are processed every Wednesday and you have the option of donating your earnings to charity.

12. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is owned by InboxDollars but just as the name implies it is operational within the United Kingdom. As soon as you sign up, you get an instant £1 to welcome you to the platform. InboxPounds came into operation in 2012 and has paid over £2 million to its subscribers.

To earn on this platform, you are required to take surveys, participate in contests and draws, read emails, and use the survey site as your search engine.

For searches, it is required that you go through InboxPounds. It works as well as your usual search engine. You are not to make unintelligent searches just to earn or use an automated search system to run searches as this is considered fraudulent.

If you subscribe to getting emails, they’ll pay you for reading emails although you are likely to answer a few questions regarding what you have read at the end of the email. They are in collaboration with brands like Netflix, Walmart, and Amazon. You get paid through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards.

13. Life Points

Life Points has over 5000000 members but is available in limited locations. I tried subscribing from Nigeria and was told it is not available in my location. It is run by a company called LightSpeed situated in the United States.

Their first survey was in 1946. In 2019, they merged their two flagship survey sites- MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket to LifePoints. They have over 1.5 million Facebook fans and give out sophisticated gifts such as smart TV, smartwatch, Apple phones, etc. to their fans.

After registration, you are required to fill in some information about yourself that will help the system pair you with compatible surveys. You get $10 for signing up. Surveys are sent to your email address which you the time and energy of searching for surveys you qualify for.

The length of time surveys take determine how much will be paid for it. Averagely, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete surveys but if it takes more time, the payment will be more. Another determinant is the urgency of the survey. Advertising companies that require urgent reviews pay more for them.

The great part of Life points is that if you start a survey and don’t finish it, you will still be given points for attempting to participate. The points may just be 1 or 2 but it accumulates over time and adds to your various earning options on the platform.

Payment methods include cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTune gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and retail e-vouchers. There is also the option of giving to charity.

14. Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie was created in 2005 and has over 3000000 users. After signing up, you get 25 points, for completing your profile you get 50 points, for confirming your email, another 25 points, after taking the required tour, you get 5points and finally 10 points for each profile survey you take.

To sign up on SurveyJunkie you just need to fill in information such as your name, address, and zip code, country of residence, gender, and date of birth.

As soon as you activate your account by confirming your email the next step on your list should be answering questions you will be given. The essence of these questions is to profile you and send matching to your email.

The survey site is available to only residents of the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Before you embark on a survey, the amount of time and point to be earned is clearly stated so that you’ll know if you have the time to complete it and if the points are worth the time.

One point is equal to 1 cent, so a survey that is worth 100 points is equal to $1. Averagely, surveys pay $1 to $3.

The minimum withdrawable amount is $5 and you can get paid through direct cash transfer, PayPal, or gift cards from shops like Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Groupon.

15. Opinion outpost

This survey site is over a decade old and owned by Dynata, a market research company. Like all other survey sites, you take surveys and get paid for them.

They offer sweepstakes eateries from time to time and even offer games at the end of surveys for extra points. Such a game is the Opinion Outpost Outdoor game. Averagely, surveys take 10 to 15 minutes and pay 50 points. 1 point is equal to 1 cent.

Their methods of payment include PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Retail gift cards, visa prepaid cards, and American Red Cross donations.

With 100 points which is equivalent to $10, you can request payment with PayPal or gift cards to Nike, Domino pizza, etc. With 50 points ($10) you can request for Amazon gift card code.

There are achievement tiers on the site which is dependent on your level of activity on the platform. The first is the bronze for new subscribers, then silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. The level you are on influences your earning potential.

They also have quarterly competitions where they offer $10,000 for winners that are residents of the United States and $5000 for residents of Canada.

16. Branded Survey

Branded Survey was originally Mint Vine when it was created in 2012 but released itself in 2017 to Branded Survey. Membership is limited to residents of the Uk, US, and Canada. It works by connecting you to brands that want your opinions on products and services. The type of surveys you qualify for is dependent on your profile.

Surveys that are about baby foods will probably be directed to mothers of newborns while surveys about the game would be directed to game-loving teenagers. Other ways are earning includes partaking in daily polls and referrals.

Payment methods include PayPal, Dwolla, prepaid-virtual credit cards, BrandedPay for US residents only, Amazon gift cards, and other retail gift cards. You can donate to charity if you please.

For joining you are credited with $1 and you get 100 points for completing your profile survey. You have to have a minimum of $10 for your first cash out.

Depending on the amount of time required for surveys, they pay as high as 300 points, and even if you are disqualified after answering a couple of the questions, you’ll still earn points from the attempt.

Branded elites operate in a 3 tier system- bronze, silver, and gold. These tiers determine the extent of your earning potential. Every month-end the most active members are awarded 10 points. If you complete up to 12 Surveys in 7 days, you earn 5% of your total points as a bronze member, 10% as a silver member, and 15% as a gold member.

20 Surveys in 7 days earn you 7% of your total approved points as a bronze member, 12% as a silver member, and 17% as a gold member. 30 surveys completed in 7 days give you 9% of your total approved points in your account, 14% as a silver member, and 19% as a gold member.

17. Online Survey Bureau

This online survey site is owned by a company named Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. They are situated in Delhi, India. Participating in online surveys make you eligible for the monthly Sweepstake Program that allows you to win up to $500. When you sign in, you earn $5 and after completing your profile survey, you earn another $1 bonus.

Payment methods include PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other retail gift cards.

18. YouGov

YouGov is a survey site in the United Kingdom with 6 million subscribers worldwide. To join YouGov you simply have to register by filling in the basic information required and confirming your email when sent a confirmation link.

After signing up, you get 100 points for taking the profile survey that may take approximately 3 minutes. The average amount of points awarded per survey is 300 to 500 points.

With the first survey, you earn 2000 points which set you on your way to higher earning. You need to have up to 35000 points which are equivalent to $15 before you can redeem your reward into gift cards or cash. This is only for USA residents. UK residents require a minimum of £50.

The surveys available to you depend on your geographical location but averagely you will get email notification of 5 to 7 Surveys that you qualify for weekly. Surveys take 5 to 15 minutes to answer and the higher the time needed, the higher the points. YouGov questions capitalize on political issues although it may vary. They publish the result of their polls on popular media outlets.

Ways to earn include participating in the lottery contest if it is available in your country, referring friends, and sharing your opinions on topics you find interesting. With YouGov mobile app and push notification, you get notified whenever the app introduces new surveys.

Payment options include cash out via PayPal and gift cards on retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. There is also the option of YouGov branded merchandise.

19. Feature Points

To be a subscriber you will need to download and install the Feature Points application to start earning money. The app can be downloaded on an android or IOS device. In registration, you will be asked to enter an invite code if you have. This gives you 50 points.

You can earn by downloading apps you find interesting on the list of apps on Feature Points and opening the apps for at least 2 minutes. You can keep downloading apps and opening them to earn points but ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi because it doesn’t make sense to spend your data on earning points.

You can delete apps you don’t fancy because your phone memory may get filled at some point.

Another route to earning is by referral. When you refer someone you get 15% of their life earnings on Feature Points. Sometimes they offer draws which can also earn you points although the chances are slim. Methods of payment include PayPal deposits, Amazon gift cards, iTune gift cards, and Bitcoins.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards For Surveys

Many online stores have gift cards available for sale. Nevertheless, a lot of gift cards have expiry dates as well as inactivity charges which are concealed in their conditions and terms.

So it is advisable to pick up all the unused gift cards you earn from taking online surveys and redeem them for your desired item before they become useless.

Below are the easy step you can take to you redeem these gift cards:

  • Locate your Amazon Gift Cards in physical or virtual form. If the online survey sites that you earn gift cards from send them through email, there is no need to print them out. Most of the reward survey websites send their Amazon gift cards via email, Facebook and plastic card.
  • Search for the claim code. This can be a 16-digit number on the email receipt or on the backside of the plastic gift card. If you use a plastic card, you may have to scratch off the strip of coating to view the number.
  • Sign in your Amazon account. For those who do not have one, you need to create an account and also verify it making use of your email. In contrast to other gift cards, Amazon’s cards are saved in your online account as soon as entered, rather than on the card itself.
  • Click on “My Account” within the upper right-hand corner. Click on the link which says, “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.”
  • Type in the 16-digit claim code. Once you’re done, click on “Apply to your Account.” The gift card balance is going to be applied to your account and also applied to your subsequent purchase before other kinds of payment.
  • Opt to type in the claim code whenever you buy something, rather than applying it to your account if you are planning to spend everything right away. You could apply it during checkout.

Redeeming E-Commerce Gift Cards After Surveys

  1. Find your gift card. Go through the expiry date. As of 2009 up till this moment, gift cards can’t expire within 5 years from the date they’re issued. If it’s more than 5 years ago, you can test to redeem it, however it might have already expired.
  2. Head to an online search engine and type in “Gift Card Balance.” You’ll see numerous sites that will assist you discover your gift card balance in case you don’t know it already. Choose your e-commerce retailer in the list and follow their link to the customer support line or site that will assist you to see your balance.
  3. Remember that the majority of gift cards ask for an inactivity fee right after the 1st year. It could be $2.50 or even more each month. In case your gift card is depleted, it is advisable to make use of it before the following month’s fee can be incurred.
  4. Visit the site listed on the backside of the gift card. Begin shopping. Keep the balance in your mind while you shop.
    With many large retailers, it is possible to redeem your gift card via an app, site or retail place. Click on “Redeem” on the application to type in the coupon code on the backside of the gift card.
  5. Check out of the e-commerce website. Click on “Redeem Gift Card” or “Enter Coupon Code” before you pay using a credit card.
  6. Click on “Enter” or “Ok” as soon as you enter the number on the backside of the gift card. It will adjust the balance to reveal only the remaining charges after the gift card is made use of. A few gift cards won’t utilize the balance to your shipping charges.
  7. Type in your credit card number to charge the rest of the order if applicable. Type in your current shipping address and also billing address, and after that complete the order.
  8. Copy down the order confirmation number. You will also get an order confirmation number on your email address.