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Best Survey Sites Canada

Best Survey Sites Canada

In this post, we shall review the best survey sites Canada. If you are a Canadian searching for way to make money by joining best paid surveys sites for Canada, this post is for you.

The world today is growing bigger and better, with advanced technology and advanced use of internet. Just to think of it, how easy it is now to just earn money by sharing your thoughts and opinions from canada, without fear of controversies. It is really a wonderful feeling, to just be in your comfort zone, be it your home or anywhere else, at your spare time, then you simply start earning money and other freebies by just sharing your opinions on things like products, topics and other services.

This is a way to earn money with what you already do on a daily basis, you talk with your friends, both physically and on social media, then why not make good use of it and earn from it. A big opportunity has presented itself now.

These is where these Canadian paid survey sites come in, they reward you for sharing your opinions by taking their surveys Canada, and sometimes performing other normal activities online such as online shopping, watching videos, playing games and so on. These ideas and thoughts you share help them in making decisions about improving their products and services as time goes on.

From the write up below, you will find best survey sites for Canada that will be useful to you when it comes to making money by sharing your opinions. To have a detailed knowledge on how to go about these sites, you should go ahead to read the article.

Here is a brief breakdown of what to expect in this article

Information to expect in this article

In this article, you have access to information like

  • Reasons why taking online surveys will be useful
  • What you intend to earn with these surveys
  • The top 6 paid survey sites that can help you to earn cool cash
  • Ways and tips that will guide you in making money TODAY
  • Answers to your Frequently asked questions
  • Ways to make up to $20 within 15 minutes
  • You can as well find bonus tips boxes in this write up.

Reasons why taking online surveys will be useful

These Canadian online survey sites stand as a medium that allows you to earn money when you carry out normal or other simple activities or task online. The most important components that is of necessity before you can successfully earn from surveys include your computer, an internet connection and a spare time. These 3 things are the basic requirements, nothing much and no other qualification is required.

You can make money through several other ways online from Canada, even some of these Canadian survey sites also offer other money making opportunities that is quite different from taking surveys. As earlier mentioned, some of these sites allows to make money by watching YouTube Videos, testing products before they hit the market, Cashback rewards from online shopping or just giving out bonuses when you make purchases through them, playing games and whole lot of other activities.

All these tasks and activities are done online apart from product testing where you are required to physically use the products in return for your feedbacks.

Now let us talk about what you stand to earn from these activities.

What you intend to earn with these Canadian surveys

From the information embedded in this article, if you follow the guidelines mentioned here, you can earn up to $75 to $100 on a monthly basis.

Take Gretchen for example who was able to earn up to $1,205 from one survey site each year. She earns through the strategy of carrying out many activities on a daily basis, which includes shopping and playing games as well. At the end of the year, when all her points were added together, she was already making about $1,205 in each year. An extra $1,200 is a whole lot of money, with that you can afford to earn do a lot of things like paying and going on a vacation, investing in business, buying a laptop, or make a down payment for a new car. So you can see it is worth something.

You shouldn’t expect to become a millionaire with online surveys but with your consistency, you are sure to earn something meaningful from these survey sites.

Note that most of the survey sites gives out their rewards as points which in return is redeemed for cash, gift cards or other reward option available in that site.

Each site has a different cash value attached to their points. So you can find out the cash value of your points on each of the survey sites you are using.

Below are the lists of some of the best paid survey site in Canada which has been personally chosen as trustworthy sapid survey sites. Go through their details as will be outline here and make your choice. They are;

Best paid survey sites Canada are:

  • PrizeRebel

With Prize label, you can expect your payment to be within the range of 60 to 85 points and the average time you will spend to be within 5 to 10 minutes.  Each of these points in PrizeRebel is equivalent to $0.01. When you earn up to $5, you can redeem it for Amazon Gift Card. Their payout process is quick and within 24 hours you will receive your payment.

Apart from the Amazon Gift cards, you can as well redeem your pledges through other means such as PayPal Payment, Bitcoin as well as straight into your bank account.
With PrizeRebel, you can earn much more because they have different opportunities where you get to partake in simple, and quick surveys that get you paid. This one of the features I love most about them.

Since I joined PrizeRebel, I have been able to earn up to $92.23. It is my top paid survey site because, you have the opportunity of earning bigger with them.

  • Offernation

With Offernation, you can earn a minimum of $0.50 to $5.00 and it takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes to complete a survey. It is one of the best survey sites in Canada. One of the best features of these Canadian survey site is that the number of surveys they give out is worth the payment amount you receive. It is very rare to see a survey site that can allow you to earn up to $5 in just about 15 minutes.

Since I joined Offernation, I have been able to earn up to $2000.82. The different ways to earn money with Offernation include; Performing research studies, focus groups, redeeming offers, local deal shopping, and friend referrals. The site is quite friendly, navigating your way around is also easier. Also, you can trust their countenance since they are highly rated for being part of the Better Business Bureau.  In Offernation, there are several ways one can redeem his points apart from cash payment through PayPal or Dwolla. You can decide to redeem these points through movie vouchers, gift cards to other retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, iTunes, Target and so on. Signining up with the can be quite easy since you can easily register through your Facebook account. You can also join the Offernation Forum which is known as MintForum in other to stay updated with their offers and tasks. The site is fast growing even though it only came into existence few years ago in the year 2012. You are free to register with Offernation once of have attained the age of 13 years and older.

  • Swagbucks

Having been in existence for about 10 decades ago, since the year Feb 27, 2008, they are a reward survey site for Canadians which are operated by the Prodege LLC which has its base in California. With Swagbucks, you can earn about $0.52 for each Canadian survey which last for an average of 10 to 20 minutes.

Swagbucks survey site offers numerous ways by which one can make money from their site. The offer points called SB for as rewards which can be redeemed for other reward options. Apart from completing daily polls and responding to opinion surveys which is the main activity on their site, they offer about 13 other different ways to earn money. These options are playing online games, searching for trial offers, watching YouTube clips and videos which is available in both mobile and desktop version, purchasing stuffs online via Swagbucks, installing swagbucks toolbar in your browser, performing online searches from the Swagbucks search button, redeeming swag codes, attaining your daily target or you can go for winning streaks to earn more points, printing coupons from their site for use and finishing other tasks.

You can earn lot from this site. From some popular forums online , swagbucks users have reported to have been able to make up to £25 within a month.

Another great feature in Swagbucks is the yearly challenge conducted by them. This challenge makes it possible for them to figure out the amount of money they can realize from the number of active participants. But the fact is that you won’t lack when it comes to making money with swagbucks.

  • CashCrate

CashCrate is one of the best survey sites Canada that offers an average of $0.50 to $3 for each survey you complete and also each survey takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes to complete. I am choosing CashCrate as the next best option in paid survey sites because they really do pay well. Their reward for surveys is converted straight to dollars and instead of points. This makes it all better. In a twinkle of time, I was able to earn up to $18.51. Before you can request for any payout, you must have been able to earn a minimum of $20 which is their lowest cashout threshold. Payment is made through cheque and it takes an average of 2 weeks to reach to its destination.You can as well redeem points through gift cards to amazing places like Starbucks, iTunes and Amazon. Completing surveys, offers as well as playing games and sometimes, when you are consistent, can be selected among the 20 people who qualify for their contests, these are some of the way to earn money from CashCrate. The site is full of fun and exciting offers having given out over 4 million Dollars to its members which are more than 2 million people. Thy have been in existence since the year 2006 and since has proven to be trustworthy. So relax and enjoy your stay. Note that before you can become a member of CashCrate survey site, you must have attained up to the age of 13 years.

More Canadian Surveys are:

  • Surveysavvy
  • Rewardingways
  • Treasuretrooper
  • Instagc

To make more money from taking Canadian surveys, here are some few tips to guide you.

Tips about Making More Money Online

Below are some tips which can assist you in making as much money as you can which is one of the basic thing in each of these survey sites. You should bear in mind that I am discussing about the best survey sites, so it will be better you pay close attention to it and learn how to earn money.

First Step; Register with all best paid survey sites Canada

When we talk of compound effect, registering in numerous survey sites that pays gives you the chance to experience this compound effect. Compound effect is a situation whereby little money gotten from different angles accumulates into a huge sum when added together. Take for example, when you keep earning $1 each day, it may seem small but at the end of one year, it has turned up to become $365. Now that is so much money.

Having this in mind, you then understand why you have to sign up with as much survey sites as possible. As you register to more survey sites, you will have access to more surveys, polls, deals, games, referrals, and other offers. Since you may not get surveys from a site on daily basis, instead of being idle waiting from one site to send articles, you can make something out of your free time by registering with multiple sites. This helps to keep the surveys flowing in.

You can also open these multiple sites and wait for the day they will have huge offers on their slate, then you can take the opportunity and hit something big at once. So, you can just wait if their normal surveys are not worth it.

NOTE; it is important to bear in mind that these survey sites always have their minimum cash out threshold. Therefore, before you can make any withdrawal or redeem your rewards, you must have attained their minimum threshold. So, try as much as possible to reach the cashout threshold so you can claim your rewards.

Second Step; Make use of your sign up bonus offers

Most of these sites has one or two offers as a welcome bonus for all those that are newly registered. Take Swagbucks for example, you can earn up to $1 in less than 61 seconds by simply clicking few button. They actually have many offers on their table which can enable you to receive points or other reward options once you are registered. When you then open multiple survey sites, you should always endeavor to take up all their new members welcome bonuses because it will be a stepping stone for you when it comes to earning more cash.

Other survey sites like MintVine and CashCrates also have their own bonus offers. For MintVine, you can just follow the available guide in their sign up options, that can help you in earning cash instantly. CashCrate also have good sign up bonuses that fetches you instant money upon registration once you follow these steps.

So why waste more time, simply sign up with Swagbucks, Cashcrate and MintVine right away to earn money.

Third Step; Participate and Complete numerous surveys

Sometimes, you may have a need to show interest in surveys before you can earn receive in some of these survey sites. But that’s an easy task. Just fill update your profiles or in most cases, fill the survey form when requested. These form serve as a screening process which helps them determine your credibility or if you are qualified for a particular survey. Although it may look like a waste of your time, but sometimes, just for filling out these forms and applying for these surveys, some survey sites do award points to that effect. Then if you eventually get the survey, that becomes more points for you.

  • Global Test Market Points

Although you may be required to apply for surveys before you can receive surveys in some sites, however, in other sites, you may not need to apply for it. They give out surveys at random to their members who they assume from their demographic, matches the criteria for the survey. Always be ready to accept and participate in these surveys when you are offered one. There is no particular shortcut to earning money from these surveys apart from participating and completing them. Most times, these surveys can be consistent, so you can as well prepare to earn more from them.

Having the compound effect in mind, you can then understand that you can’t become instantly a millionaire, instead, you leave the points to accumulate into a huge sum after a long period of time. Also, survey sites like the Pinecone Research can help you earn more money as time goes on. Always be steady in survey participation and target the high paying surveys, then you are bound to make it. But if these surveys are not forth coming, you can resolve to make money from other available activities. While Pinecone Research may not have any specific minimum cashout threshold, Global Test Market has their minimum cashout threshold to be 1000 points.

Global Test Market offers you rewards in return for your opinion on topics related to movies, restaurants or travels. Your rewards can be redeemed through PayPal payment, sweepstakes, amazon vouchers or gift cards.

NOTE; Be time conscious

It is advisable to take surveys from sites like Prize Rebel survey sites because you may end up earning much more with the numerous surveys they offer in just a space of 15 to 20 minutes. This is good because unlike other sites, you will not be able to earn that much in that short time with so many other survey site. Although each survey might pay less, you can take as many as you can to increase your rewards.

Therefore, instead of just earning $1 for a 20minutes survey, you can take many of the smaller surveys and earn up to $1.75 in that 20 minutes.

Fourth Step; Participate in other minor activities, daily polls or tasks on Swagbucks

Considering the fact that one person was able to make up to $1,205 from swagbucks within a year, you can then know how much little amounts can be worth when they come together.

Before she was able to make up to that amount within one year, she was able to participate in smaller activities and tasks in Swagbucks; Below is a rundown of her daily activities in Swagbucks

  • Daily search which yielded 50 SB each week and 2,600 SB annually
  • Redeeming 10 coupons on weekly basis which yielded 100 SB each week and 5,200 SB annually
  • Participating in daily polls which yielded 365SB annually
  • Take daily surveys which is 60 SB daily and 21,900 SB with a year
  • Received a 100 SB bonus monthly which accumulated up to 1,200 SB in a year
  • Playing 2 games in everyday at 2 SB which is 730 SB in a year
  • Completing daily offers of 2SB which gave 730 SB in a year
  • Watched Online videos on daily basis for 20 SB which yielded 7300 SB in a year
  • Playing Mobile App Videos for 50 SB which was up to 18,250 SB yearly
  • Using their shop and earn features to purchase stuffs online which has a 100 SB reward and yielded 1200 SB in a year.
  • Receiving daily goal bonuses of 3 SB which yielded 1,095 SB in a year
  • At the end of the year, she was able to have up to 110,570 SB which is equivalent to about $1,105. Then having the additional $100 helped in adding to her earning.

The truth of the whole thing is that most of these activities don’t require much effort to complete. For example, watching their video doesn’t necessarily require that you sit and watch them but may run them in the background while you do other things. That is more like killing two birds with one stone. If you feel disturbed by them, you might use your headphones to avoid the hearing the sound.

You can also earn with swagbucks by performing your regular online searches through their search engines. It’s all about maximizing your time, after all, you were still going to perform the search. So it’s better you monetize it.

Apart from Swagbucks, there are several other sites that still offer these opportunities to earn from them. You can check out from sites like PrizeRebel or MintVine. Take all of them at once and see yourself earning much more.

Fifth Step; Earn from Online Purchases

Instead of just going online from a random browser, you can make use of the survey sites in making your online purchases. With some survey sites, you may end up purchasing the products free of charge or you can earn some percentage back on their cashback offers.

Below is what earning back your money by purchasing through survey sites looks like;

Let us make use of the survey from Eddy as an example;

With the discount price of $1 on the Audible membership which was initially around $7 to $10, he went ahead to purchase this audio via a survey site since he was already going to buy it on his own, with or without survey sites. Since they have some offers attached to making online purchases and having the product with you for some months, he was given some points which he later redeemed for an amount up to $1. This shows that Chris not only made his money spent back but was able to save up to $6 from the purchase he made which was supposed to be originally $8.

MintVine and Swagbucks Survey Sites offers you cashback opportunities when you shop through them. You stand a chance of earning some percentage cash back for each $1 spent with these sites if you keep shopping at your most preferred high-street reatailers.


Once you feel like spending online, it is better to look out for opportunities or offers from the surveys sites you are part to know if you can find any of them that suits you best. This can end up helping you to save a whole lot of money.

Here are few more tips on how best to maximize your profits with these survey sites;

First Tip; just as earlier said, it is better to register in as much survey site as you can to increase your profits. And the best survey sites to consider when trying to sign up include Prize Rebel, Mint Vine, SwagBucks, Cash Crate and Pinecone Research.

Tip 2: Always redeem your sign up bonus

Most of these sites have their own sign up bonus, don’t forget to always claim them once you register with them. You can end up earning more than $20 in an hour when you end up signing up for more survey sites. You can also decide to have multiple accounts in each survey by adjusting some of your internet settings. But note that it is very risky since they don’t tolerate any inconsistency.

Tip 3; Participate and complete in as much surveys as you can

First of all, always look out for the best paying surveys, apply for them and hope that you qualify. Even if you end up not qualifying, you can still receive some points for showing interest. That way, you don’t get to lose out entirely. But if you end up succeeding, then you get to earn more by participating and completing it.

Tip 4: Always find an activity to engage yourself in on daily basis.

Don’t just sit idle, always find more activities apart from survey to take part in so that you can keep earning extra points.

Add more points to your points by searching for offers, redeeming offers, spending time there, or activating toolbars. Although what you earn might be little, but when it accumulates with time, probably over one year or less, it becomes a significant amount.

Tip 5: Redeeming your offers and shopping online

Always look out sites with cashback offers and shop through them.

I know you may be scared or find it difficult trusting these sites. Well, in as much as there are several other scam survey sites out there, you can be assured that the ones listed here are trustworthy and they deliver. They have been accredited since they are all part of the Better Business Bureau or even other better organizations. This helps them to keep in check and avoid being involved in any fraudulent activities.

What you stand to Earn

What you earn is solely dependent on the website itself. Although, majority of the sites prefers to send your payment through PayPal, there are still some other sites who would prefer to send your payment through Cheque Payment. The only way to waste your time in an online survey site is by not cashing out your earning once you reach the threshold.

What if I Automate the Work?

Most times, people do wish to set aside an automated response for these surveys, well, it can be quite possible but it is very risky. You stand to lose out on all your earnings once they sense any fraudulent or inconsistent act by you. Then it will end up as a waste of your time when you get kicked out of membership.


So far, I have been able to point out the basic things to know when considering to earn through these paid survey sites. The three basic components needed to start up these surveys are a desktop/PC or compatible mobile device, an internet connection and a free time. That about the easiest tools to be required for any money making options. Once these things are in place, you are good to go. Apart from taking surveys, which is obviously the best way to earn money with these survey sites you can as well look out for other ways to earn money offered by the site if not better ways to earn money.

Note that it is important you register in as much survey sites as you can to increase your chances of earning something tangible after a long run. Taking surveys can be regarded as a passive way to earn income since your earning accumulates into something tangible over time. It is not a get rich quick activity.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with these survey sites especially Swagbucks, MintVine, PrizeRebel, Pinecone Research, Global Test Market and CashCrate today to start earning. You can also check out other top survey sites in Canada that are not mentioned here such as Toluna, ipoll, Harris Poll Online and MySurvey Canada.