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Best Paid Surveys Malaysia: How To Make Money Online In Malaysia Without Investment

Best Paid Surveys Malaysia

Best Paid Surveys Malaysia

In this article, we review the best paid surveys Malaysia. If you want to know how to make money online in malaysia without investment, then you have come to the right place.

Since there have been numerous survey sites springing up, some may find it difficult to be able make their choice as partakes differentiating between good survey sites in malaysia and the scam sites

To help out, we have made list of some of the best reputable Malaysia survey sites you can register with. Registration to any of these survey sites is totally free of charge and have the best payout schemes available.

Endeavor to register with as many of these sites as you can to ensure that you earn significant amount at the end of the day.

To earn more, simply check out some of the survey sites that will be mentioned in this article

Top 25 Paid Surveys Malaysia to Earn Money with

Below are the lists of some of the best online survey sites for Malaysia that can enable you to earn greatly with surveys.

Among the sites listed here, some of my favorite clubs include Survey junkie, Vindale Research, pinecone, Swagbucks, PointClub, Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel and so much more.

Best paying survey sites are as follws;

One of the major demerits of survey junkie which seems to be the only demerits they have is that unlike other Malaysia survey sites, they don’t offer sign up bonuses to new members.But you can endure it with the high paying surveys they offer. With this surveys, you can earn between $12 to $18 in one hour.

Survey Junkie is one of the most reputable online survey site in the survey industry and they seem to have come to stay. Their services are professional and great. You get to receive early payment and exactly the expected amount. They also offer great customer support services to their members and it made it easier for members to lay their complaints anytime.

Before taking any survey, you will always be notified on how much you are expected to earn from it as well as the length of time the survey will last. This site offers numerous surveys, so it is advisable to choose surveys with higher pay.

One major good thing about survey junkie is that they don’t usually waste your time. While other survey site will end up notifying you that you are disqualified when you have already reached half of the survey, Survey Junkie will notify you before the end of the first two questions of that survey.

What you Stand to gain from Survey Junkie

  • Taking high paying surveys will earn you $12 to $18 an hour
  • The survey site is well-known in the survey industry
  • You get to know the timing and what each survey earns you
  • They have excellent customer care services
  • They always have numerous surveys to offer and their website is always updated with surveys.


Vindale Research is one of the best survey sites for Malaysia I found interesting and worth my time. Taking a survey in this site can earn you as high as $75 although these high paying surveys occasionally appears. But nevertheless, you still get to earn up to $10 to $12 an hour.

Just as numerous as their high paying survey is, they also offer numerous low paying surveys. Therefore, if you want to really enjoy your time in this site, it is far better you concentrate on the high paying surveys.

Once your registration is complete and your profile is updated, you will receive a $2 incentive as your welcome bonus. Since they always have numerous surveys on their table, it will be wise to have your email notification set up so as to be notified on any new survey. Again, you can end up participating in same surveys for 2 or 3 times daily.

What you Stand to gain from this Vindale Research

  • They offer numerous high and low paying surveys
  • You get to receive $2 welcome bonus upon registration
  • You get to receive your payout each last day of each month and payment is usually on time.
  • You can earn their referral bonus of $5 by just inviting a friend
  • You get to be paid in cash
  • You stand to make up to $10 to $12 in an hour.
  • You can be lucky to participate in surveys that can earn you $75 straight away although this opportunity is very scarce.


Pinecone Research Survey site is among the best paid surveys Malaysia where you get to earn as much as you can although you don’t get to be shown the amount each survey earns you. So far, I have noticed that each survey does not pay anything less than $3, and since each of the surveys can take an average of 10 to 15 minutes for completion, you can earn up to $12 to $18 an hour.

One of the major demerits of this survey site is that they don’t provide numerous surveys and you can only participate in a survey if you received an invitation. They usually send email notification to notify you on any new survey.

If you are looking for a reputable survey site to stick with, I would suggest Pinecone Research although they seem not to offer plenty of surveys.

You should note that Pinecone Research does not always offer opportunities for numbers to sign up, so you can keep visiting their site once in a month to know when they open a slot for new members.

What you Stand to Gain with Pinecone Research Survey Site

  • Their surveys earn you a minimum of $3 each
  • You get to be paid in cash
  • They offer interesting surveys quite unlike what you will see other survey site.
  • Each survey takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes
  • The probability of receiving more surveys lies on the quantity of surveys you take. The more you take surveys, you more you receive surveys. You can end up receiving up to 2 surveys weekly.


  • SWAGBUCKS (Many short surveys is available)

If you are looking for a Malaysia survey site where you can earn while performing small tasks, then Swagbucks is one of your best survey sites to think of, if not the only survey site good at offering small tasks.  Some of the tasks you can complete and earn with apart from taking surveys include watching online videos, trial offers, online shopping, clip coupons, taking polls, playing games and so much more.

They can be considered as a jack of all trade site where you have plenty options to earn money. You can earn up to $10 an hour if you know how to maximize your time with this survey site. So, you can use this site as a backup for other survey sites that offers only surveys.

One of the major strongholds of this survey site is the referral program they offer. You get to receive 10% of all your referral earning one by one. Also, you may receive about $5 welcome bonus upon completion of your registration although they don’t seem to currently offer this bonus currently.

What you stand to gain from Swagbucks Survey Site

  • They are among the most reputable survey site in the survey industry
  • They offer many opportunities and tasks to earn money
  • They have one of the best referral program available, up to 10% of your referral program
  • Have means of earning passively when you watch their online videos
  • You can as much as $10 each hour when you take part in the high paying surveys.


  • SHOPTRACKER (Offers a $3 sign up bonus and you can earn up to $36 in a year)

Shoptracker is more of a survey app but also requires to be conducted through online. Each survey can only be taken once and this is one of the most interesting part of this survey site.

To get paid with Shoptracker, you have to allow them track your online purchases through Amazon. All you have to do is to link your Amazon account to the Shoptrackerapp you have installed. Then, answer the first three question survey that comes up on your Amazon purchases. After this, you will automatically receive a $3 visa gift card which will serve as your welcome bonus.

One of the interesting things about this survey app is that you don’t get to do more setting up tasks ever again as long as you have completed the initial setup process when installing the app on your smartphone device.

You get to receive an extra bonus of $3 Visa gift card each month as long as leave the app installed on your device. This makes it possible for you to earn $36 yearly without doing much work. All you need to do is to cash out at its due time.

Since Shoptracker is a branch of the Harris Poll Online Company which was established in the year 1963.  With this, you can tell that the survey app is a trusted and safe survey app.

What You Stand to gain with shoptracker App

  • They offer a $3 Visa gift card upon completion of your registration
  • It is more of a passive income source since all you need to do is to take the first three questions after signing up
  • You will earn at least $36 on yearly basis
  • They are part of the trusted Survey Site which is the Harris Poll Online


  • SURVEYCLUB (offers some of the best surveys and studies related to your location)

SurveyClub is an Malaysia online survey site that gives you the privilege of taking surveys of your choice. If you have just 5 minutes to spare from your time, you could use their filter to select surveys that can only last for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can also make your choice in terms of the reward options, gender, survey type or surveys with respect of your location.

Although majority of the surveys in this site are not high paying surveys, you can still earn with the available surveys since they are nice as well. On rare occasions, you may stumble upon surveys which allows you to earn about $5 I just about 10 minutes.

In general, you can earn between $8 to $10 as long as you can just maximize your time by concentrating on taking higher paid surveys. With regards to your demographic, their mode or reward option differs.

What you stand to gain with SurveyClub

  • Their easy filter features make it possible for you to easily sort the type of survey you wish to take part in.
  • you can earn between $8 to $10 an hour once you concentrate on the surveys that pay higher
  • registration in this site is very simple
  • you can as well be lucky to earn up to $10 in 10 minutes.


  • OPINION OUTPOST (offers quality surveys and a chance to earn up to $10,000 in their draws)

Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites in Malaysia that is known to have a consistent payout scheme. You get to earn a decent amount when you partake in their surveys. Therefore, there won’t be any need to use a filter option to get the best paid surveys.

In as much as there is no welcome bonus upon registration, you can still make up to $10 in one hour with their surveys. As a reputable online survey site, I can be recommended for others to use.

Another great thing about this survey site is that you get to have the opportunity to partake in the $10,000 drawings which is open to all the members in their site. There are no other protocols needed to qualify for this their sweepstakes, just be a member, that’s all.

What you stand to gain in Opinion Outpost

  • you can earn up to $10 in one hour
  • most of the surveys pay equally, filtering is not needed
  • they have a simplified registration process


  • YOUGOV (Offers you a $2 welcome bonus upon registration)

YouGov Survey site is one of the best Survey Site where you get to earn decent amount by participating in interesting surveys. You never get to be tired with this survey site.

Some of these surveys entails sharing your opinions on current events, and participating in their daily polls in also another way to earn. You can also be allowed to see the opinions and views of other members concerning that particular survey you participated in. so, you can see that this survey site can as well be regarded as a small community.

Upon registration, you can earn about $2 as your welcome bonus and an average of $8 to $10 within an hour. The only sad thing here is that there are limited surveys to participate in.

What you Stand to gain from YouGov survey site

  • You receive a $2 welcome bonus upon registration
  • They happen to be among the best survey sites
  • You have options to either redeem your rewards through cash via PayPal payment or through gift cards.
  • You get to have a communal experience in this platform.
  • Their surveys are mostly centered on current events and politics
  • You can view other people opinion
  • You can earn up to $8 to $10 within an hour


  • POINTCLUB (offers a $5 welcome bonus)

PointClub has proved to be one of the Malaysia survey sites I have come across especially to those who are still new to the online survey world.

Upon registration, you get to be offered as much as $5 as a welcome bonus and they have $25 as their minimum payout threshold which can be regarded as a lower payout threshold when compared to some of the other online survey sites. Within as hour in this survey site, you can earn about $7 to $15 but you must have to keep logging in each day to retain your all bonuses.

You stand a chance of earning back 10% of all your earnings up to 100% as long as you maintain a daily login habit for about 5 days straight. However, note that you can earn anything between $14 to $15 in one hour.

TIPS; you can choose to set up a reminder so as not to forget logging in for that day.

What you stand to gain in PointClub Survey

  • It is most suitable for persons new to the survey world
  • You get to receive $5 upon registration
  • With their bonus system included, you can earn up to $15 in one hour
  • They have a low payout threshold of $25
  • Their reward comprises of Cash payment through Pay pal and gift cards. The choice is yours.


  • MYPOINTS (offers an extra $10 bonus when you make your first $20)

This is an online survey site that allows you to earn at your leisure time. Activities to earn with in this survey site include, online shopping, watching online videos, participating in surveys, friend referrals as well as playing online games.

You get to earn some percentage cashback once you shop on online stores through their platform. With surveys, you can earn roughly $8 to $10 if you participate in high paid surveys.

Also, you get to receive an extra $10 once you make up to $20 the first time. Their friend referral bonus also allows you to earn some percentage when they have also made up to $20 their first time.

What you stand to gain with MyPoints Survey site

  • You can earn about $8 to $10 on high paid surveys
  • You can receive cashback bonuses on your online purchases
  • You are offered a $10 bonus for your fist $20
  • Their friend referral program is superb
  • Quick tasks to earn money is available.


  • TOLUNA OPINIONS (earns you about $1 to $5 for each survey)

With Toluna Survey site, you can earn pretty decent amounts for your opinions. Each of the surveys can earn you an average of $1 to $5, so you can see that it is worth your time.

But you don’t start participating in surveys, you will have to be considered eligible and qualified before you can partake in any of their surveys. You also have the opportunity of receiving $2 once you are able to finish your vey fist survey. They have two reward options which are cash payment trough PayPal and gift cards

What to Stand to Gain in Toluna Opinion Survey.

  • There’s a $2 bonus attached to the very first survey you complete
  • You get to earn an average of $1 to $5 for each survey
  • They do notify you early enough on your survey eligibility status
  • You get to receive your payments almost instantly


  • NIELSEN COMPUTER AND MOBILE PANEL (you can earn even without surveys)

With Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, you have the privilege of earning cash even without participating in any surveys.

All you have to do to earn with this site is to have their app installed in your devices, either desktop or mobile so as to enable them track your online activities. What they usually lookout for is your internet speed and type of browser you are make use of.

This may not totally be regarded as a survey site but they still have a say in the online consumer and market research world.

This can also be regarded as a passive income source since all it requires is to have the app installed in your device. When you register more devices, you tend to earn more from their platform.

Once you have the app installed in your device, you can go ahead to do your normal daily activities such as browsing, playing games, shopping online and so on. Also, making use of this app automatically gives you the opportunity to be entered into the sweepstake drawing which can win you up to $10,000.

What you Stand to gain with Nielsen computer and Mobile Panel App

  • You are allowed to earn by practically doing nothing
  • You can receive prizes and gift cards
  • It serves as a passive source of income since all you have to do is install it in your phone.
  • You get to receive an automatic invitation into their sweepstake entries of $10,000.


  • PANDA RESEARCH (Offers new members $3 welcome bonus on registration)

Panda Research is an online survey panel where you get to earn for your opinion. Just signing up with this survey sites makes you earn as much as $3 as a welcome bonus. However, there are numerous activities which allows you to earn in this site, they include; participating in surveys, clipping and making use of coupons, reading sponsored emails which seems to be easiest amongst other ways of earning, attempting free trial offers as well as through their friend referral program.

On every first and fifteenth of every month, you receive your earning automatically. Therefore, you won’t have to trouble yourself bout your payment. The major features that may not favor so many is that they have a high payout threshold which is a whopping $50. Nevertheless, you can earn that amount in no distant time if you have your way around the survey site.

Also, you can note that surveys in this site can be completed within the range of 10 to 15 minutes each.

What you stand to gain from Panda Research

  • They have an excellent friend referral program
  • There are numerous tasks available to earn money with in this site
  • You get to earn by simply opening sponsored tasks
  • You are offered a $3 bonus as your welcome bonus upon registration
  • You are to receive your payments on the 1st and 15th of every month automatically


  • IPSOS I-SAY (short surveys are available)

With survey sites like the Ipsos I-say, you get to earn with the numerous surveys provided in their survey site. The secret to earning more in this survey site is by taking more surveys, with continual participation in the site’s surveys, you get to be rewarded the more. You can make up to $8 to $10 in one hour with this survey site.

Each of the surveys you take in this survey site gives you an automatic access into their prize drawings where you get to win gift cards, vacation packages, gaming consoles, MP3 Players and so much more.

Their tier system allows you to earn some bonuses when you complete some certain number of surveys, you can earn a 25 point bonus when you successfully complete up to five surveys.

What you stand to earn with Ipsos I-say

  • You gain an automatic entry into prize draws every time you complete any survey
  • You get to earn about $8 to $10 an hour
  • Completing more surveys allows you to receive more bonus using their tier system
  • They have numerous surveys to offer


  • VIP VOICE (You are automatically entered into their $1000 draws once you successfully sign up)

Among the survey sites out there, VIP Voice shows to be different among them all because the reward system synonymous to tier program, which satellite’s more on sweepstakes as well as drawing than being paid a mapped-out fee for each survey carried out successfully.

Further, there is still possibility of them giving you some exact fixed prices of each survey carried out, which will also earn you a ticket of entering in the drawing section. There are still chances of you entering the drawing for the sum of $1,000 as soon as you have successfully carried out the sign-up process.

Cashing out in VIP Voice is kind of lower than others with a struggling point of $10 per hour expected from each surveyor, but they complimented it with other incentives by entering you into their special package (Sweepstakes), which enhances your chances of getting more money from this survey site.

Gifts as well as bonus from VIP Voice varies with other survey sites, which distinguished their unique capabilities by giving out rewards and presents such as iPads, Bicycles and many more.


What you stand to get in VIP Voice

  • You are entitled to be among those drawing to win $1,000 as soon as you have completed your sign up
  • You can as well earn up to $10 per hour, provided you cling to the surveys with high-paying points.
  • The knowledge of what your earning will be clearly stated before you start a survey.
  • The surveys are sent directly to your specified email
  • Once you try out a first survey, you will be automatically given triple amount of the specified points
  • Digest more of the reviews on VIP Voice


  • Global Test Market (Renowned Survey Site with International Presence)

When you talk of Global test market, it has an international recognition with over 49 counties participating in this survey market. Every participant is expectant of the sum of $10 per hour, thereby making it one of the best survey site that pays you more for your work and dedicated time.

However, they are associated to other many low-paying survey sites, if I may suggest, then I will advise that you stick to the ones with high paying points. Which means that it may not worth taking your time. When you succeed in completing 2 or more surveys within an interval of one week and you will be eligible to earn additional cash of up to $10 – $20 per month.

The minimum of $10 is required for you to make a successful cash out either via gift card or PayPal. Secondly, whenever you make a referral of a friend, a bonus of 100 point would be awarded to you.


What you stand to get from Global Test Market

  • This is one of the best survey sites on this list with an international presence in over 49 countries.
  • There are chances of making extra cash of about $20 in a month, if you can complete few surveys
  • All you need is a balance of $10 to make cash out
  • The have made a name in paying on time
  • Digest more of our reviews on Global Test Market


  • InboxDollars (Gives Sign up Reward of $5)

One outstanding thing about InboxDollars includes the tip of $5 reward given to you once you sign up. In as much as you can make cool cash from doing only surveys, a lot of bonus are given to you when you engage in another task on this site. Among the tasks available for you to do to earn a living from this site include; taking polls, shopping online, watching videos and lots more.

Though, this survey might not pay much like the rest survey sites in the listed, however it might interest you to know that It gives you the leisure of doing other things other than survey and as well make cool earnings while doing so.

With you doing only surveys alone, you can only make up to $5 – $10 hourly and the cash out requirement for this site is a bit different from other ones on the list, which requires a minimum of $30 cash out, which is withdrawable via PayPal or as a gift card.

What you stand to get from InboxDollars


  • The sum of $5 is given to you upon registration
  • You can earn extra cash when you complete other tasks aside surveys
  • Taking only surveys gives you up to $5-$10 within an average of an hour
  • Bonus and rewards are payed via Paypal as well as gift card
  • Fantastic means of staying away from survey sites but still make cool earning
  • Get more info on Inbox Dollars Review


  • EarningStation (Register up to 5 sites and get $10-dollar bonus)

When you talk of EarningStation, you talk about survey site with a resemblance of Swagbucks, though not as popular as other survey sites but you can as well make cool cash from taking surveys as well as another available task. This site as well pays you to wat videos, take polls, free sign up trails and many more.

As soon as you sign up for other 5 sister sites, you be given a $10 bonus automatically.  Just like Swagbucks that offer amazing referral program, but in a better way. You will be privileged to earn a 10% from the earnings of your referred friends. Further, there are cases where you earn extra $5 when your friend earns $5 within their first month.

The maximum survey per day is $10, which gives you the privilege to engage in other task that gives you cool cash. Taking other tasks along with survey helps you to get a full delivery of your earnings and make you not to run out boredom.

What you stand to get from Earning Station

  • One of the best referral program as well as earning 10% of all your referral friends earning forever
  • Assuming you friend earns up to $5 or more within their first month, you will automatically get the like sum
  • You can get up to $10 per hour from high paying surveys
  • Many tasks other than surveys are available in this site
  • A bonus of $10 is given once you sign up for other 5 partner sites
  • Get more full details from EarningStation Reviews


  • Harris Poll Online (Everyone can earn a point even when ineligible for surveys)

One good thing about this survey site is that they give you your point even you are not qualified to take the surveys. Also, they offer different surveys in many countries such as: Japan, the US, the UK, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Greece, France, Finland, and Italy.

You are not obliged to have a PayPal account, but you will need a minimum of $10 to make a cash out, however, engaging in survey gives you a lift to some of their drawings for cash.

For now, no reviews have been written about this site because there is no surveys to be completed, but you can as well look at it if you live outside the environs of the United States.


What you stand to get from Harris Poll Online

  • They have made a clean record of living to their word by paying on-time
  • Variants of Countries are eligible to sign up
  • They have mobile app to complement their effort for easy access
  • There are different cash out process available
  • You can earn and be paid even when you are ineligible for a survey


  • MySurvey (Awards $2nRegistration Bonus)

This survey site has been known of awarding $5 per survey and the surveys are relatively short. In addition, they are among the low paying survey sites, which can give you an average of $8 – $10 hourly.

This site is open to those residing in the US, Australia or England, who wish to make so extra cash. Up on registration, a bonus of $2 bonus is awarded and you will continue to get more reward as soon as take more surveys.


One good thing about this survey site is that there are specified sequence of time and amount of what it takes for a given survey as to enable you to see the options before you make a choice.

What you stand to get from Mysurvey

  • You get a sign-up bonus of $2
  • You will get specific duration of what each survey takes and the amount they will pay for it
  • You can earn roughly $8 to $10 with an hour
  • You get to receive more rewards by completing more surveys
  • You get to redeem your rewards through cash payments via PayPal deposit, gift cards or donations to charitable organizations.


  • CASHCRATE (offers great referral program and $1 welcome bonus)

CashCrate is one of the online survey site where you get to be rewarded for participating in their online activities. Some of the tasks what allows you to earn in this site include friend referrals, online shopping, completing free trial offers, taking surveys, watching videos and so much more. Upon registration, you will be offered a $1 bonus s your welcome bonus.

With their excellent referral program, you get to be receive 20% of all your referrals earnings as well as extra $3 the very first time they earn up to $10. This bonus also extends to the second-level referral whereby you get to earn 10% of the second referral earnings.

This site might not be as popular as Swagbucks and EarningStation but they are definitely worth your time. You can earn up to $8 an hour by just completing surveys but you can add to your earning when you do other tasks as well as invite numerous friends.

What you Stand to Get from CashCrate Survey Site

  • They offer $1 as your welcome bonus upon registration
  • There are many available opportunities to earn money
  • Their referral program is excellent allowing you to earn up to $20 of your friend’s referral
  • You get to earn extra $3 for your referral first $10 earning

They also offer you 10% of all your second-level referral earnings

  • QMEE (Offers you reward to browse)

Qmee was originally established as a browser extension which allows you to earn by just browsing the night but have recently be known to reward members for taking surveys.

While browsing, you can always look out for the ads that pops up through the side bar of that appears on the extension. You get to earn between 3 to 10 cents when you click on any of those ads. Feel free to surf whatever you wish for on the internet and visits other shopping sites like Amazon.

Also, there is an opportunity to earn $1 referral bonus when you refer others to their site and you can refer as many as you wish.

There may not be plenty surveys to take part in but you can earn roughly $10 to $20 monthly for just surfing the web.

What you Stand to Get from Qmee

  • You are rewarded for just surfing the web
  • You get to receive your $1 bonus anytime you have a referral under you
  • You get to earn an average of $10 to $20 monthly
  • Theirs is no minimum for cashing out your money.


  • SPRINGBOARD AMERICA (have high payout potential)

With Survey sites like Springboard, you can get to earn up to $100 on monthly basis. There is no welcome bonus for this online site but you are sure to have a great time with this survey site.

Surveys in this platform earns you about $0.50 to $3 and consumes lesser time. In an hour, you can earn up to $15 if you can only concentrate on the high paying surveys.

One great thing here is that you get to see how much you earn on each of the surveys before you take them. This will help you figure out surveys that are worth spending time on.

Their minimum payout threshold is $50 but it is quite easier to reach that threshold if you are consistent with the surveys.

What you Stand to gain in Springboard America

  • They provide opportunities that can earn you high amount
  • You get to make up to $15 in one hour
  • To get to see the length and worth of each surveys before you can partake in it.
  • They have an excellent referral system
  • You can redeem your rewards through cash (PayPal deposit)or gift cards


  • MYSOAPBOX (offers a $2 registration bonus)

In as much as MySoapBox survey site may not be as popular as other survey site, there’s still opportunities to earn and learn greatly with this survey site. They seem to not have numerous surveys on the offer but that’s only because you get to be paid well for the few surveys available.

You stand a chance of earning up to $15 in one hour and they offer a $2 bonus as welcome bonus upon registration.

What You Stand to earn with MySoapBox

  • You receive a $2 sign up bonus upon registration
  • Your first payout can be done when you reach a minimum of $1 while it is a minimum of $25 on subsequent payouts.
  • Offers high paying surveys
  • Allows you to set up email notifications for new surveys.


  • CREATIONS REWARDS (Offers a $5 sign up bonus)

Just like Swagbucks and Earning Station, Creation Reward survey site also rewards you for participating and surveys as well as in other activities in the site. Some of these activities include playing games, watching online videos, online shopping, friend referral and so much more.

Upon registration, you get to be offered a $5 bonus when you make your first $5. In as much as they don’t seem to pay so well, it is still recommended because they are quite good.

They also have a referral program where you get to receive 10% of your referral earnings. You can redeem your rewards when you have reached their minimum rewards threshold of $5 through the giftcards.

What you stand to gain with Creations Reward

  • They offer lower threshold payout of just $5
  • Within your first 60 days of registration, you be given an extra $5 if you earn up to $5.
  • You get to earn through other tasks in the site
  • They offer best referral program.


  • VALUED OPINIONS (Offers up to $5 for each survey)

With survey sites like valued Opinion, you get to earn about $1.50 in just a short period of time. You can redeem your rewards once you have reached a minimum payout threshold of $20 through gift cards to some of the amazing places you want.

This survey site has been in existence since the year 2004 and has maintained a high level of reputation since their existence. Recently, they now have more than 3 million members and is mostly active in countries like US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

What you Stand to Gain with Valued Opinions

  • They are trusted with high reputation
  • You get access to surveys that pay roughly $1.50 and more up to $5
  • Their minimum payout threshold is $20.

                       Things to Look for in The Best paid Surveys Malaysia

Recently, there have been numerous survey sites springing up on daily basis and this makes it almost difficult to spot the scam survey sites. That notwithstanding, there are few ways to differentiate between the scam survey sites from the legit survey sites. The few ways are as follows;

  • Fees – on no occasion should you pay any form of fees to any survey site. Legit survey sites do not require any fee for membership.
  • Sign up bonuses – some good survey sites do offer bonuses once you are registered as a new member but don’t expect it from all legit survey sites. Always try to cash out as quickly as you can if you hit their payment threshold.
  • Payment Threshold – some of the legit survey sites places a minimum on the amount you need to acquire before you can be able to redeem your rewards. While some may be too low with about $1, others may be high with about $50
  • High paying Surveys – it is always advisable to maximize your earning in any survey site. Always look out for the survey sites which pays higher
  • Payment Structure – always look out to know how quick you get to receive your payment and their method of rewarding you for your time. There must be a payment option for example either through PayPal payment, gift cards, sweepstake entries or donations to charity.
  • Privacy Policy – this is very important to note this so as to ensure that your private data is kept safe and your privacy maintained. Most of these good survey sites do exceptionally well to keep you safe.
  • Email verification – it is always important to verify your email so as to be able to receive notifications on any new survey available.

Way to Maximize your Earning With Paid Surveys Malaysia:

To earn more with this survey sites, these are some of the best ways to go about it;

Prevent Burnout

Always handle the surveys slow and steady. Never rush towards surveys because you may end up finding it boring on the long run.

Don’t Stick with One Site

Diversity they say is the spice of life. You can always register with many survey sites as possible so as to increase your chances of earning through surveys while you catch your fun. Also, remember to always go for the higher paid surveys so you can earn more.

Refer Your Friends

Make the best use of their referral program by referring your friends. You can do this by posting your referral links on social media like Facebook and twitter and earn when they visit the site through these link.

Sign-up Bonuses May Be All You Need

Some of the survey sites may not be worth it but with their attractive sign up bonuses, you may end up deciding to stick with them for a while. You can just try and earn up to their minimum payout threshold, then withdraw it before you give up.

Visit here for more on how to make money.


Survey sites are among the best things that have occurred to people since the use of the internet. You get to earn extra bucks just with your spare time. You get to change the world of market researches with your opinions and ideas and you end up getting paid for your opinion. What a great way to keep the cash flowing at the end of each month.

Please note that some of the earnings stipulated here are rough estimates especially if you are to take high paid surveys Malaysia