Paypal Surveys No Minimum Payout

Paypal Surveys No Minimum Payout

This post highlight all the Paypal surveys no minimum payout websites. And also detailed information about them.

If you searched for this or any related word, you have come to the right place. Although this is very strange because there has never been anything like that in the survey industry.

But we will try our best to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Actually, Paypal surveys no minimum payout is a keyword which we believe is searched by members from other reward sites outside surveys. People that make money through PTC sites and paid to read sites are people that mostly search for no minimum payout sites because they earn very little which makes it difficult to reach the minimum payout requirement. But in the survey industry, you can easily get to the minimum payout requirement just by completing one or two surveys.

So, Paypal surveys no minimum payout are regarded as paid survey companies that payout to their members without having to wait to reach a certain fixed amount of money. This method is most beneficial to people who need their earnings urgently to solve sudden financial needs.

Mind you, there are some sites that would say no minimum payout yet you cannot cash out immediately. They usually set days, week or month before you can receive your earnings knowing fully well that you will not be able to cash out $.01 or $1 the instant you make it.

While waiting for the fixed day to request for your money, you must have earned over $5 to $20 in your account. That is the trick. So, don’t believe any site that says you can get paid through Paypal with no minimum payout requirement and yet fix their cashout time to a weekly or monthly basis. Here, we will list only the survey companies that pay you without delay.

Paypal Surveys No Minimum Payout:


Offernation is one of the places to find Paypal surveys no minimum payout. It is reward surveys that allow people from all over the globe to register and participate in market research surveys. They have their own surveys as well as surveys from other survey companies. And the average time it takes to complete the survey is between 10 -13 minutes and the surveys pay around $0.75 to $2 per survey.

Members can also earn via offers. There are free offers and paid offers. In free offers, you do not have to spend anything to earn from it. And the free offers normally pay around $.25 to $1.5.

While the paid offer you will need to use your credit card but they will never charge you unless you approve of it. The paid offers will pay you about $2 to $5 per offer. The cashout methods are immediately through Paypal.


Superpayme is another no minimum payout site, I mean low minimum payout but the payout is just $1 which means you do not have to wait to cash out. Just one offer is enough to get you to $1. Superpayme is known as a website that pays its members to complete online surveys, offers and tasks. 

Here you have lots of ways to earn money online. Just like the above website, super pay also has free and paid offers and the two pay exactly as listed above.

They have a nice referral program that you need to take a good look at. With this referral program, you can earn a very good amount of money. You will earn 25% of people you refer to live. As long as they continue completing surveys on the website, you will continue to earn a commission. Mind you, this does not affect the money your referrals make. They receive every penny they make, the website is the one that bears the cost of your commission, not your referrals. The cashout method is also Paypal.


Rewardingways is the sister site of Superpayme. You can find many things on Superpayme here. But Superpay has lots of high paying surveys than Rewardingways. Here, you do not require high minimum to cash out. Just one survey is enough to reach the cashout minimum of $1. There members cash out every day.

They have been online since 2010 and paying members without a problem. They are owned and controlled by 99 Ventures. They are internet provider with other sites like Clickfair, Superpay etc all legit and paying. The website is accessible to everybody around the world and it is free of charge too.

You can also make money by referring friends and families. You can earn through cash as well as a points system. The points can be converted to cash and withdraw via Paypal or redeem for gift cards.


Prizerebel is one of the most popular websites here. You may not find any minimum payout but their cashout is still like no minimum payout or even better. You need to complete just one easy survey to reach the minimum cashout of $1 and you will get the money as soon as you request for it. Prizerebel has been online and paying since 2007 and has been rewarding members consistently without issues.

Here you can earn money to your PayPal account by doing surveys, clicking ads, joining mailing lists, completing tasks and doing trial offers.  You can also earn cash through their referral program. The minimum payout is just $1 which can be reached every day via surveys. You will earn easy money with a referral for life by earning 20% of the commission.


Instagc is another site that offers Paypal surveys no minimum payout. They have also been in the system for long since 2011. Member can earn money and free gift cards in exchange for surveys, shopping online, testing apps, completing tasks and many more.

They are owned by a group of ten individuals. The minimum payout is just $1 and can be reached in a day and cash out the same day.  Before you join an instance, you must be 18 years of age and also English speaking.


There is no much to say about getting paid. But they also offer low minimum PayPal payout that is like Paypal surveys no minimum payout. You will earn money in various ways with lots of cashout methods apart from Paypal. The minimum cashout is just $1.

Hope this will be of great help to you. We shall continue to update you here will more sites that offer Paypal surveys no minimum payout.

Benefits of Paypal Surveys No Minimum Payout:

  • Instant cash to your Paypal account
  • Easily detect scam sites
  • Minimize lose of huge money to scam sites
  • Makes it easier to gather money from one site to another daily
  • You do not have to wait for weeks, months or even years to reach the minimum payout limit.

Can you really earn a living from paid surveys?

Although It is possible it is not very likely. However, you can be able to make a very good supplemental income that unlike most part-time off-line jobs, is determined by the effort you put and also how many hours you really want to work.

Also, you must be in the appropriate target group to in order to be invited to take part in surveys because manufacturers and producers are looking for opinions of a particular segment of society.

For instance, a cosmetic company would want women to provide them with information on lipsticks or makeup. So they may not be interested in what men think because men do not use lipstick so do not have any business with it.

So, if you are a man that means you won’t fit into every demographic and therefore would not get invited to do some surveys. As a survey taker, you may also get to try out free or heavily discounted products and services or free products.

Just ensure the website you sign up for does will not share your email address or private details with anyone else otherwise that you will be flooded with spam or unwanted emails. Ensure you check out the site’s privacy policy to prevent this. If the survey site does not have a privacy policy posted click away immediately it is not worth the risk.