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Pay Per Download – Make $100 a Day as a Noob!

Pay Per Download

Pay Per Download

As a college student constantly looking for ways to make money online I recently came across PPD or “Pay Per Download.” A Pay-Per-Download network is a network that pays you on file downloads. After uploading a file to a network, a landing page is created for visitors to get your file. Visitors have to fill out an advertiser survey before they can download a file. Usually these advertisers pay anywhere from $0.30 to upwards of $25 and that money goes directly to you.

How you can make $100 a day with PPD

In my first month of PPD I was able to earn $1,238.67 (May). Just last June I was able to collect $3,187.91…in my second month! I learned all I do about PPD from www.blackhatworld.com, I highly recommend you check it out if you have not already. Tons of methods and tips to help you earn some serious coin. Okay now on to my method to bring in $100 a day as a teen or college student. What you will be doing is PPD with Youtube. You create youtube videos based on popular niches, upload a file to your network and put the files URL into your videos description box. People will watch your video, (hopefully) be intrigued enough to visit your file and fill out a brief survey to ultimately unlock and have the ability to download the file.
Lets Get Started
First off you will need to join a PPD network. Here are a few that I recommend:
  • www.cleanfiles.net
  • www.fileice.net
You will need to fill out an application in order to join these networks. As long as you sound somewhat intelligent and let them know that you plan on “using youtube to monetize your files” then you should be fine. After you create your account you will need to find a niche that you believe will be successful. As a teenager this should be quite simple. Some of the popular ones are gaming codes, movies, health, etc. Just think to yourself what would you be willing to fill out a survey in order to download. Often times people lie and claim that they are offering “free netflix or xbox live accounts,” but I have found that a simple free e-book that you can download from another website works just as well.
Create Your File
Once you have your niche, you will need to create the file that people will be downloading. For example if your niche is weight loss, create a weight loss e-book and save it as a PDF file in Microsoft Word. Then go onto your PPD website and upload your file.
Make A Youtube Channel and Video
Pay Per Download Network

Pay Per Download Network

After you have uploaded your file you will need to go onto youtube and create an account designated to your niche, i.e. “WeightLossToday”. Using a video editing software create a short video about the file (make the video legitimate and actually put some time into it) and then upload it to your new channel. Put your PPD link into the videos description so viewers will have an opportunity to click on and download the file.

Boost Your Video
Your next and final task is to boost your video so it ranks well on youtube as well as google. Although many of these views are often fake they will still allow your video to rank well which in turn allows for “more natural views.” Some programs you can use for this are:
There you have it! Work on ranking your video and create more videos and in no time you should be pulling in $100 a day.  I know some people making over $500 A DAY with this method which equates to over $182,000 A YEAR. Now you may not make that much, but even $50 a day really adds up and after your videos are ranked this is all automatic income, meaning you can sit back and watch your bank account grow. Of course, you can obviously change this method up, this is a very basic method just to get you started. For example, the higher earners often use landing pages and custom URL’s instead of directly pasting their PPD link in the youtube description. This often creates the idea that the download is more legitimate and can allow for higher earnings. As a teen or college student trying to make money online, I’m sure you will find this post extremely beneficial to you, best of luck!
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