Paid Surveys Kenya

Paid Surveys Kenya: Online Survey Jobs for Money Kenya

Paid Surveys Kenya

Paid Surveys Kenya

Paid survey Kenya. If you are from Kenya and looking for paid online surveys jobs for money Kenya then you have come to the right post. We have done an in depth research to find all the paid surveys Kenya and also show you one or two tips on how you can make money from them. So, if you are from Kenya and you find it difficult to earn money online through paid surveys, this post has got you covered.

What is a Paid Survey Kenya?

A paid survey Kenya is the latest method or strategy for majority companies in Kenya to do market research for their new products and products that are still in development before it is out in public. Manufacturers want to know what their potential customers in Kenya think so that they can determine or figure out what features to add into a product and also what are the best features to emphasis in their advertising campaign.

In the oldest days, this information was usually collected through mailed paper surveys, telephone surveys, stopping individuals in shopping centers and malls and focus groups. All of these methods offered incentives or compensation for the consumer to take the time to answer the questions. Incentives such as free products, gift cards, discount coupons, entry into sweepstakes and cash etc.

Although there are paid surveys in the Kenya however there are a lot less of them since it is a considerably smaller nation when compared to nations like United States, Canada or Australia. These nations have the most survey companies and thus most of the online survey websites focus mostly on these countries. Although at times survey companies may not specify place of residence as a requirement for taking a survey. They are normally more interested in the survey participants age, sex, marital status, if they have children at home, education, family income level, their buying or purchasing habits, etc.

But majority of the companies require that you be English speaking. Paid surveys in other languages are also available but most of the paid surveys are done in English since some of the world’s largest products manufacturers or producers are either located in English speaking nations or those English speaking nations are their primary target market.

List of paid surveys Kenya:

Superpayme is one of the websites that offer paid surveys for Kenyans. They have been in the system for long and paying without issue. The payment method offer you a great option. As a Kenyan, you will need payment method such as Payza which is also available. The minimum Cashout is just $1.

Surveysavvy is a paid survey that has been line more than any other survey site. Here you can earn money as a Kenyan. Just ensure that you complete your profile information with accurate info and always check your email for survey invitation. We will suggest you check your email daily. The payment method is Cheque and the minimum withdrawal is just $1.

Clixsense is another website to take paid surveys Kenya. They were formerly known as PTC site. Now they have changed and became a house hold name in the survey industry. The minimum Cashout is $8. As a Kenyan, we will suggest you use their Payoneer or Cashout method. is a reward survey site with Kenyans at heart. You can earn money here doing different things which includes paid surveys, trial offers, clicking ads etc. The withdrawal methods are PayPal, Payza, Skril etc.

The idea of spending a few minutes of your time talking paid survey in Kenya and getting paid for it is a quite attractive one indeed. Is it actually real? Is it a kind of scam or something in between? The answer is just that some paid survey Kenya opportunities are genuine while others may be scams and still others just simply allow people express their views about the products and also services they make use of.

So where do you begin from?

Just visit your favorite search engine e.g Google and search for paid surveys Kenya. You will probably get a few results legitimate survey sites. Or, you can join from here and get started immediately. We have listed thoroughly tested and researched list of paid surveys Kenya.

As soon as you join the website you choose you need to figure out if they are paying real cash money or paying points for taking paid surveys. Those paying real money will request for your PayPal account so they can pay you through it. Websites that pay you with points usually don’t request for any kind of financial details. There are also some websites that pay a combination of both points and cash. These websites allow you to exchange your points for either merchandise, gift cards or real cash.

Although majority of websites talk about getting rich by taking paid surveys in Kenya, the reality is that, unless you belong to a highly desired target group, you can earn some extra cash, at home, doing something that is quite easy. And If you are among the lucky few that belong to a highly sought after target group, you could really make a living.

Goods websites will have many of business clients that require people to offer them with marketing info so while you may not be wealthy, you can earn a steady income.

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