Paid Survey FAQ
Do I pay a fee to join these sites?

No. These sites are all legitimate and FREE to join and do not require a sign up fee.

Can I make a full time job income from completing offers?

You determine your income level when completing offers, most people use GPT sites for a second income stream working from home. If you are looking to make a full time income I suggest you see our Referral guide to find ways to get referrals.

How do I receive payments for offers I have completed?

Most sites pay you through paypal, so you will need to sign up for a FREE paypal account. Please read the sites terms of service (TOS) for payment method.

Is this real, it seems too easy?

Yes getting paid to complete surveys and offers is real, for those who still feel skeptical we suggest you start off my doing the first 5 websites we recommended and then moving on to the complete list once you feel comfortable. Also feel free to utilize our message board.

Am I limited to the number of surveys I complete daily?

No. You are not limited to the number of offers you complete, however you may not be qualified for all offers. Read the terms of the offer before completing the offer.

How often am I paid when completing offers?

Some surveys sites pay monthly, some pay biweekly and some offer daily pay. We suggest you read the sites terms of service(tos) to determine the payment schedule.

My Mom and I live in the same household can we both sign up to complete offers with the same company?

Unfortunately this is not allowed. To prevent fraud all survey companies make note of your IP address once you register to complete offers, if two people are registered under the same IP address your account will be BANNED.