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Top 10 Legit PTC Sites That Pay Instantly

Legit PTC Sites That Pay Instantly

In this post, we are going to review the top 10 legit PTC sites that pay instantly. So, if you are looking for legitimate ptc sites with instant payment, you can go through the list here. We also revealed all you need to know about PTC sites.

Finding other ways to earn when you are relaxing or watching a movie is more like what everyone craves for. There’s this nice feeling that comes when you can actually make use of your leisure time to enhance your income. This is one of the reasons why the internet has come to stay and make this wishes of ours a reality. In this article, you will be able to be revealed to the holy grail of earning through online activities from your comfort zone. One of the ways to make this happen is what we will look into in this article. Now, let’s expatiate more on the concept of PTC sites.

What Paid to Click sites are

When we talk of PTC sites, we are referring to the Paid to Click online sites which are advertising companies devoted to letting you earn through clicking on available adverts. The best aspect of this type of offers is that you do not require any skill to earn from it nor any form of initial investment and sometimes, there is no restrictions to age at all. The way to go around this sites most times are so simple because, the most likely thing to do to get started is to register, login to your account, then continue clicking on the ads that’s available on daily basis. The secret behind this is that the advertisers get to pay the companies or websites to place adverts while their members will in return will be rewardedfor clicking those ads.

What to Consider Before Joining Legitimate any PTC Sites

First of all, you are strongly advised not to create multiple account in any of these PTC sites. Reason being that these PTC sites considers multiple accounts from the same individual as a fraudulent attempt and therefore will tend to terminate your account. Secondly, you should also avoid using VPN, VPS or Proxy in any of these PTC sites.

To What Advantage is Joining Legit PTC Sites be for You?

  • The PTC sites mentioned in this platform are always easy to navigate, that is, they are usually user-friendly.
  • Signing up in any of them is totally free of charge
  • You get to sign in from anywhere irrespective of your location
  • You also get to log in from the comfort of your home.
  • You can register from any country in most of this PTC sites
  • There’s no initial investment nor skills needed
  • It provides you varieties of opportunities to earn with
  • They do pay out almost instantly
  • You get to be eligible to earn almost immediately after registration.

Working Principles of PTC Sites

It is best to refer to PTC sites as a middle man which stands between the advertisers and their viewers. When it comes to these advertisers or web marketers and they can sometimes be called, they often rely on how much traffic they were able to pull to their website or blogs and that determines the extent their products and services are being promoted. This is where the services of these PTC sites come into play. Since the PTC sites already has millions of followers or members to themselves, and these members are ready to view these ads when paid, the advertisers use this opportunity to offer them cash or certain types of rewards in return to have their ads viewed.

By doing this, they will be able to draw millions as traffic to their websites or blog. They end up paying this PTC sites some token to have their members view their ads. The PTC sites in return pay some percentage of that token to the members when they view these ads.

To view these ads sometimes, you have to visit their “offers” section and the values or rewards attached to the ads can sometimes be dependent on the advertisers. You may be rewarded with cash ranging from about $0.001 to $0.1 for each ads depending on your membership level/status. Some of the ads entail that you have to sign up on the advertisers site to complete the task attached to the ads or you will be rewarded when you have tried out their new products.

From the way some of the PTC programs were structured, it gives you the privileges of also participating in surveys as well as CrowdFlower tasks and earning through them. Just that the rate or structure of payment from these types of earning techniques might also be different. The best way to earn more is to become more active in any of these sites.

Apart from being active in the activities of any of these PTC sites, they also have a scheme/program known as “referral program” with is also one of the ways to earn in this site. With the referral program, you are sure to also earn some percentage of all your referral earning, examples, earning from taking surveys, completing tasks and offers, clicking adverts, participating in crowdflower tasks, contests and many other earning opportunities.

Registering and earning with PTC sites that pay

The PTC sites published has already been tested and trusted and therefore your payment is assured once you earn it. As we said earlier, to sign up to any of these PTC sites, first of all, log into their website, find the register section or sign up section, answer the required questions and fill in your details which includes your valid email address as well as password for subsequent logins. When you have done all these, you have to open your email and confirm your account through the link that will be forwarded to your email. Then, you have successfully become a member.

Now, it’s time to start earning. As far as the registration was a successful one, you can now log into your account with your account ID and your password. This is necessary before you can be able to access their offers and tasks in full. When you log, find their offer section or their dash board where you will be able to see any available offers, tasks, surveys as well as ads.

When you have clicked on these ads or completed any task, your account gets credited with the value attached to that ad or task/offer within 5secs to 1min of completion. You should not expect to see the same type of ads all the time because these ads always varies with respect to the company showing the ad.

NOTE: remember never to turn on the Adblock from your web browser because this feature blocks all ads and this affects the ads from these PTC sites as you will not be able to view it. Go to your browser settings or extensions and find out if the Adblock is on, if so, either turn it off, disable it or remove it entirely.

Next advice for you is to try and install the Addon or Ad Alert apps on your browser like chrome or Firefox and these browsers should be the latest one. Once these apps are installed, it becomes easier for you to get notifications for any new ads, tasks or surveys on offer.

Another thing to note down is that your earning increases when you spend quality time on these sites. You can help yourself out by allocating the duty of staying online in their site to any of your household member or anyone you trust if you don’t have much time to spend. Doing this can even make you win their free membership or they might award you with the cash prize that may be worth about $50.

Maximize your earning by clicking on all the available ads on the site and do not go off the page until the allocated time for the ad shown in the time bar elapses.

PTC Site Payment

It is very difficult if not impossible to make payments from bank to bank in online business. This is because there are better and easier ways to make online payment digitally through digital payment system than bank to bank payment. Companies need to have the capability of providing electronic cashouts for their aspect of online business to thrive.

With the rise of this electronic payment system, withdrawal, sending and receiving of money is made easy as you can use the services whenever you wish irrespective of the time.

The basic and important thing for you to do first is to sign up with payment processors such as Payza or PayPal because, most of the PTC sites pay instantly using through these medium. When you successfully create an account with these payment processors, the next thing to do is to link it to your bank account. once all these is done and it is successful, you are god to go, payments and receiving of payments becomes easy and successful.

NOTE: most of the PTC sites offer different minimum payout threshold. But, whatever the payout may be, once you have attained this minimum payout, it is advisable to redeem your payments immediately through any of the available payment options or gift cards (as the case may be in some sites) to avoid losing your money. While some sites do payout instantly into your bank account through any of these payment processors, other sites or depending on the payout option you choose, may get your payments to you after some weeks or few business days. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm if you don’t receive your payment instantly.

Legit PTC Site Lists

The hustle is about to get practical because we will now go through the depths of some of the best legitimate PTC sites to see how best to make good use of each of them. Now, you are about to be shown this great opportunity, I would strongly advise that you don’t let this opportunity go by, rather embrace it and act with it to be able to have a positive outcome in the nearest future.

Top 10 Legit PTC Sites That Pay Instantly:

  1. Offernation
  3. Rewardingways
  4. Prizerebel
  5. Clixsense
  6. Uniquerewrds
  7. Get-paid
  8. Instagc
  9. Squishycash
  10. Mypoints

PTC Sites Basic Requirement

Before you venture into earning online, you should equip yourself thoroughly so as to effectively carry out the operations. The basic requirements to take note of include;

  • First of all, you need to have your personal PC or Laptop in your possession alongside with an internet connection
  • An email account preferably Goggle Mail (Gmail) is required
  • A valid bank account
  • A Pan Card specifically for those resident in India
  • One online Payment Processor account such as Payza or Paypal.

Do not forget to have only one account in any of the PTC site you wish to register with as multiple accounts leads to termination of your membership.

Do you know any legit ptc sites that pay instantly? You may use the contact form to let us know.

Wish you all the best!