Online Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

Top Paid Surveys Sites That Pay Cash Instantly

Do you hate waiting for so long to receive your hard earn money after taking surveys? Or you need to cashout your money urgently in order to solve some important issues?

If yes, we have got you covered!

We have listed all the popular and top paid survey sites that pay cash instantly without delay and also with low minimum payout and so many payment methods to chooses from.

You will not only see the list of all the instant paying surveys but also some important tips and links you can use to make a whole lots of cash online on a weekly basis.

Top Paid Survey sites that Cash pay instantly:


This is the number online survey that pay cash instantly. Here you will get paid for doing what you already do without getting paid such as paid online surveys, visiting websites, shopping online, completing offers, doing tasks etc. Find the Best Paid Cash Surveys, Paid Downloads, Paid Trials, Paid To Click Ads and Many More Free Cash Offers.

New Paid Surveys and other ways to make money online are added daily. Membership is FREE. Register for a free account today and start earning.

They will even add $0.20 to your account when you join!! They Pay their worldwide members using Instant PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon Gift Cards Every Single Day.


Her is another online survey that pay cash instantly. They have been online and paying cash consistently with issues. Just like superpay, here you will make money by doing surveys and completing offers. They offer a selection of Paid Surveys from a variety of different advertisers meaning you have access to lots of new surveys every single day.

They have teamed up with some of the best online offerwalls such as Adgate, Trialpay,, Offertoro and many more to give you even more ways to make money working online. You can get paid to watch videos, complete trial offers, download free apps and more. Generally the surveys available take between 5-20 minutes to complete with bigger payments being offered for longer surveys.

They have a dedicated Live Paid surveys area which you can check throughout the day for new surveys. They pay you cash via PayPal, Payza, Netteller and other payment methods etc. the minimum Cashout is $1.


This is the sister site of rewardingways. They are owned and controlled by the same person. You will be able to find everything you on rewardingways here. Get paid daily via PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon. Get Paid the same day instantly as you earn cash online! It only takes 60 seconds to join and start earning money online at


This is another paid online survey sites with instant pay payment. Here you will make money by completing surveys, doing offers as well as shopping online. Take eight daily cash surveys, available every day worth up to $1 each. Visit their unique survey panel for dozens of extra paid survey opportunities. If you love playing games then you need to try out their treasure hunt game that worth $100 per winner. Tell your friends and receive 20% of what they earn and 5% from your second level referrals. The earning potential is unlimited!


This is a fast paying online surveys site that was established around 2007 of which it has over 6.7 million members. This organization has awarded more than $10 million to its loyal participants, it has over 130k fans on Facebook.

The Promo codes for any bonus points are frequently pasted on their social handles like Facebook and Twitter accounts. PrizeRebel gives a wide range of rewards. Both electronic and physical gift cards are given from retailers and brands such as Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Target, and more.

The rewards catalog will tell whether a gift card is electronic or will be shipped. Credits for online games like League of Legends and providers like Rixty and Steam are also available.

Eligibility: PrizeRebel is made available to people all over the world whose age are 18 years of age or older I age as users within the range of 13years – 18years can also be allowed to use the website but with parental authorization and guidance.

Most importantly, members from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are probable to have the most accomplishment with the website.


Instagc is another great place where you can do online surveys that pay cash instantly. It has granted more than 889,000 gift cards ever since their setting up in 2011. There are over 205,000 Facebook fans and Twitter feed too, they frequently post “bonus” codes for free points. Having the capacity for members to exchange their points into cash payments made them a viable reward website.

Eligibility: instaGC is available to participants round the world with the age of 18 and above with eligible minors who have obtained parental permission.

Registering for Paid Surveys

Registering for surveys is a very simple process. To do so, find one of the many sites which offer the chance to complete surveys online. You can do this with a simple web search.

Find a site that seems welcoming and is simple to use, at least for your initial forays. You can then provide them with some basic personal details, and sign up to receive notifications about when new surveys and other offers are available.

Obviously, you will need an email address. Sending regular emails to you is by far the best way of letting you know about opportunities. Once you are registered with a site, they should send you emails at regular intervals. You can then participate in as many or as few of the surveys as you wish.

It should always be remembered that you are entrusting your personal details to a website, so being confident about the site you use it key. If anything strikes you as strange or unsafe, it is best to stop using the site entirely.

There are many reputable sites out there, who pay proper attention to security issues, so finding one to trust is not difficult. No one should ever have to pay to join a survey site, either. If you are asked to pay for the actual survey site, then stop using the site immediately. Let me tell a little more about this, with my story.

My Story – Brief

I was reduced to part time work with my retail job (the only job I could find that allowed me to be at home with my kids at night) and my income was barely enough to afford our car payment, once rent was taken care of. I decided to find a way to make extra money once this kids were asleep. I ended up spending about 20 hours signing up for various survey sites. A lot of these sites were… well, pathetic. The surveys they offered were paying on average .25 each and taking me up to 20 minutes to complete. The ones that weren’t paying such a low amount didn’t have any surveys for me.

I was disappointed and almost gave up until one night at about 11:45pm, I was on a moms working at home forum and they mentioned this site. After debating over it for a few days, I decided to pay the fee (it was around $75) and see what happens. I was absolutely shocked about what I found inside. This website provided me everything I needed to get going with surveys… but without the hassle of doing my own research.

There were survey companies I had never heard of after my 20 hours of research, and they had surveys available that paid actual money for my time. Well, to make a long story short, I got my first 4 checks about 6 weeks later and they combined for a total of $1468. That $75 fee probably changed my life, when it comes down to it.

Anyhow, let me explain some more detail about surveys that pay cash and how they work…

Signing Up For Paid Surveys

Where was I? Oh, right… many unscrupulous sites are simply after your personal details, or even your financial information, so it pays to be cautious. If you want to avoid a barrage of emails from partner companies, it might also be a good idea to use a different email address from your normal one. Allocating a specific and dedicated email address to your survey work is often a good idea.

surveys that pay cashOne other issue to consider before you go ahead and join a survey site is that it is unlikely that you will become rich. Most survey sites offer only pennies for completing surveys, though their sign-up offers can be more generous. Much of the time, you may only be eligible to receive prizes or bonus offers, such as money off tokens, for your work. Completing surveys that pay cash is not a guaranteed passport to riches.

It can be a lot of fun, though, as well as being a great way of making positive use of time spent at a computer and making money at home. It is wise to remember, though, that you will not qualify for all the surveys that are sent. Surveys are primarily marketing tools, and companies often want to discover how specific groups of people feel about certain things. This may mean that you could be too old or too young, for example, to participate. This is not something to worry about, it is simply how surveys of this type work.

This also makes it a good idea to sign up with several companies (the companies listed at this site, which I talked about earlier, are probably the best in the business and definitely pay the highest), at least once you have become used to the way they work. This means that a good variety of surveys will be sent your way, and you will always qualify for some of them.

As well as the money that can be made from completing surveys, there is also the chance to earn bonus points. Many of these can be redeemed for great bonus prizes. There is also the chance to enter prize draws, with bonus points often giving participants more chances to win.

Paid Survey Bonuses

Most sites will also offer some kind of bonus payment simply for signing up with them. While this sum is never going to be a huge amount, it is usually in the range of five to ten dollars. This sum goes straight into your account with the site. Users can withdraw money when the total funds in their account reach a certain amount, usually around 25 dollars. How quickly a participant reaches the trigger amount needed for a withdrawal depends on how many surveys they complete.

Taking part in surveys can be a useful way of increasing your income. While it is unlikely to ever make someone staggeringly rich, it can be a reasonably remunerative way of making the internet work for you and creating a decent $1000-$2000 dollars per month.

You shall be updated with more legitimate survey sites that pay cash instantly, so, make sure to visit regularly or bookmark for a quick visit.

Do have an experience with any of the above listed websites? Or you know any website you that pay instantly? You may use the comment section below to list any of the online surveys you know that pay cash instantly.