Neobux Review

Neobux Review – Is Safe, Legit or Scam?

Neobux ReviewIn this Neobux review, we show you all you need to know about Neobux such as if Neobux legit or fake and scam. So, if you are looking for genuine Neobux reviews, you are welcome here.

Neobux happens to be one of the largest and biggest PTC sites which was founded over a decade ago in the year 2008 by a man addressed as Fernando. It is a perfect PTC site in the sense that it suits both the newbies, and professionals of surveys and PTC sites. This site provides so many opportunities to earn money which we will be seeing below. Within these years of their experience, they have expanded and now has over 30 million active members and can sometimes be regarded as the King of all PTC sites. From the Alexa Rankings, NeoBux PTC sites is among the top PTC sites out of the best 1000 PTC sites. They have been recorded to have given out rewards worth more than 12 million Dollars to members over these years.

Is Neobux Legit?

Neobux is legit and has been online and paying for so long. It is among the very best PTC sites online. If you have been earning via this method, then there are chances you must have heard about Neobux. They actually pay but if you are looking to earn much from the website, you will need to upgrade your account. This is a trick to make you spend money before making anything reasonable. You may visit Clixsense review to learn more about its better alternative with no account upgrade.

Neobux payment proofs:

Below are Neobux payment proofs for your quick glance:

Neobux Payment Proofs



Becoming a member in this site is very easy. First of all, you need to have these basic things in your possession which include your PC/ laptop, an internet connection,a valid Gmail account as well as bank account that is well linked to any of their payment method. All you need to do is to visit their official website, go to their “Register” button and click on it, then, once you have been redirected to their registration page, fill in your details as required their and also choose a suitable password to log in with subsequently. An email will be sent to your email address, open it and confirm your account from it. Once your account has been confirmed, you are now automatically a member of this survey site and you are now free to participate in the activities of the site.

Note that the site does not accept more than one account from the same individual, MAC address or IP address. Not adhering to this will lead to the termination of your account.

Mode of operation

To be able to earn from in Neobux, you need to have a clear understanding about how all their activities go in other to maximize your time spent in this site. Below are few things to attempt in neobux to boost your earning capabilities in the site.

  • Ads – there are numerous ads which are often made available to their members. They often offer up to 50 ads in one day with each ad earning you between $0.001 to $0.015 per click. If you wish to earn through this means, first of all, you have to log into your account, then, find the View advertisement button and click on it. These adverts have different categories which can be denoted by their colour codes. The best ads to click on are usually the ones in orange colour since they seem to pay better than others. You get to earn between $0.001 to $0.01 for each of the orange colour ads you click as well as 4 opportunities to participate in their lucky game called AdPrize. You may decide to use your points to extend your rented referrals or upgrade your account. Once you have exhausted the ads for the day in the view ads section, you have to exercise patience till the next day to be able to get new ads to click.
  • Playing Games–here, you can simply go to the game menu, choose a game and play it for a minimum period of 2 minutes. Once this is done, you will be credited once the time elapses.
  • NeoBux Coin – there are offers known as NeoBux coin Offers which gets you rewarded in form of NeoBux coind and can be redeemed with cash at the end.
  • Referrals – you also get to earn a certain commission when you refer other people and they end up complaint tasks.
  • Other tasks– Apart from the already mentioned ways of earning in this site, there are still other ways to earn in this site which includes mini jobs. When you complete any of their mini jobs, you can end up earning about $2 to $10 daily. You may end up spending only 1 to 10 minutes of your time and it will be worth it. Some of the things you may be required to do include; conducting researches on some companies, checking out the author of a specific online page, as well as arranging products according to their categories. Just log into your account, visit the “Mini Jobs” section and begin your adventure of completing them. In Neoabux, you tend to see more of the CrowdFlower tasks so it is necessary you open up an account with CrowdFlower.
  • Free Adprize – Adprize can be referred to as lucky draw games where if you are lucky enough, you can win several prizes worth between $0.25 to $50, 10 points to 10,000 points and also the opportunity of winning the Gold Membership prize (worth $90 yearly)or win other things apart from Neo Points as well as cash prize. The best way to enter into this game is to keep viewing ads. Each of this ads gives you four chances of entering into the game. If you wish to participate in the game, all you have to do is to tap the “Adprize icon”. You can see this icon at bottom of the site or screen. Just click and stay on it till the time elapses. Then check to know if you were certified the winner and that’s all about it.

Neobux Payment Methods:

In NeoBux, you can redeem your rewards through Payza, PayPal, Neteller or Skrill payment. They offer a very low minimum cashout threshold which is just $2.

Neobux complaints and feedback:

Kadri Says:

In all the PTC sites I joined, I found NeoBux to be the best for me. This is because I did make good earning especially through their mini offer Jobs. I may end up making a little investment in NeoBux to maximize my earning.

Grean Says:

One of the best ways I earned in this platform was to refer this site to others (used more of the rented referrals strategy), and I was lucky enough to have invited active members. Combined with the mini Job offers I undertake on daily basis, I was able to earn a decent amount with this site. In other words, NeoBux offers opportunities to earn a lot without initial investments.

Krish Says:

As an affiliate member, I have earned thousands of Dollars with this site by promoting high tickets. Although this didn’t come easy because I have my account upgraded to their golden membership. Later I paid a huge sum of $270 to have my account upgraded to the ultimate account, but it was all worth it. This is a great PTC site if not the best I know so far.

Pros and cons

Neobux PROS

They offer quick payment options especially with Neteller and Skrill Payment

There’s a lot of daily advertisement to earn with alongside with daily prizes where you can earn up to $90.

  You get the privilege of upgrading your account either by just earning more points or prizes and redeem them for upgrade without having to pay any dime.

  You are also allowed to earn through friend referrals by referring other people.

The rented referral where you get to invite someone to work on your behalf and you pay one a token of $0.20 for a period of 30 days is one of the major ways they boost their customers’ earning.

Neobux Cons

Account upgrade: You cannot make reasonable money without upgrading your account.

Bad Referral program: You can only make money with your referrals only when you work on ths website daily.

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