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List of Best Mystery Shopping Companies Jobs Near Me

Best Mystery Shopping Companies

Best Mystery Shopping Companies

Looking for legit and reputable mystery shopping companies? Here we reviewed the list of best mystery shopping companies as well as shoppers jobs near me, or that accept shoppers from your country. So, if you are seriously searching for best mystery shopping companies that are legit and reputable then you have come to the right place.

Have you ever fallen prey to Internet scams? You know, after getting excited about starting out to make money online. You signed up for a website and then found out that they don’t pay and all your effort wasted?

If yes, you are not alone in this issue. Hundreds of people get scam online on daily basis. Just like in everything in this life, there are good as well as bad. Mystery shopping is not different.

You can find legit and reputable mystery shopping companies as well as bad ones. Here we shall help you figure out how to find reputable and legit mystery shopping companies as well as the list of best mystery shopping companies you can sign up for.

What is Mystery Shopping, and Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?

Mystery shoppers are those persons who receive payments for evaluating and improving businesses while they operate under the mask of a normal customer. They go about the merchandise just like any other random customer, purchasing them, but this time with a purpose. Their main aim is to observe the employees, their services, and the business in general and then provide an account based on these observations.

Why Do Businesses Hire Mystery Shoppers?

The main purpose of mystery shopping is to help determine the extent of services that are received by customers. Mystery shoppers can as well be requested to perform other tasks such as checking out the general conduct of the employees, theirmode of dressing (Whether they are in uniforms or are neatly dressed), how conversant they are with their merchandise, and how they display it, and also their knowledge capacity. They will also try to know the communicative skills they have with their customers, if they apply some phrases like Thank you for patronizing “HappyBite” or in a scenario where you don’t have the exact product the customer needs, if the employees will apply other selling techniques, for example making use of suggestive words such as Would you take Johnson’s oil instead? Other ways mystery shoppers can be helpful is by helping clients get a glimpse of other competitors’ mode of operation. They could go check out their services, so you’d know what you are competing against or in government cases, help to know if their businesses are up to the required standard according to their rules and regulations.

Mystery Shoppers has most times been misinterpreted as fault-finders. The fact remains that, Mystery Shoppers always critically looks into the business, and provide their unbiased opinion about those business, thereby providing information both from their negative and also positive sides.

A typical example of the kind information a Mystery Shopper will want to know include;

-Was there any form of welcoming you as you arrived the store?

-Does the store maintain a healthy and clean environment?

-Are there sanitary provisions in their convenience rooms such as providing tissue paper, toilet soap and most importantly, any means of water supply.

-The time range it takes them before they attend to another customer.

– Were you informed on the existing service contract by the sales representative?

– After purchasing and making payment, was there any mistake in giving you your change?

The above enquiries are some of what the Mystery Shoppers makes, and thereafter provide a remark or information based on their observations and fills a form in some cases.

You cannot substitute Mystery Shopping with Opinion research because, all they do is to give account based on their observations. They do not give individual opinions.

Mystery Shoppers can be used as sole informant to business owners if they are making evaluations. They help in making the business owners view the business from the customers’ angle. There are certain standards, rulesand regulations guiding each business, and this is also one of the advantages of Mystery shopping, as they will help you determine if the business is up to the standard you wish for it or if employees keep up and maintain the rules of the business.

Again, Mystery Shopper can provide information which will help the employer determine the most honorable or hardworking employee and can reward them if so wished. Business can as well use it to figure out the imperfections or training inadequacies in the business. Among other things, employees bonuses and evaluations on performance may be determined from the remarks or reports of the Mystery Shopper.

You can also use Mystery Shoppers observations to evaluate the progress of your business in different branches or improvement of the business in a particular location as time goes on.

The effect of Mystery Shopping on employees also helps in keeping employees at alert at all time, because they are unaware of whom or when they are being supervised. They will always give out their best to all customers. This is keeps your business on guard at all time and is most appreciated when they need the reports of the Mystery shopping to determine the performance of an employee.

Importance of Mystery Shoppers

The Business world in this present era is on the very competitive side that only the company that provides blameless services can survive. And research has it that business crumble if they make one wrong move in the services they provide to the customers. This is because, customers who receive poor services will go out of their way to complain to more than a dozen other people out there while customers who receive good services may share his/her experience to less than a dozen more people. Most times, when customers want to lay complain, they leave out the management of the business and take it out. This behavior sometimes affects the business negatively.

Sometimes, customers end up filling a law suit with the business or get them government disqualifications or fine as a result of an employees’ behavior to them. These are some of the scenarios that can be prevented with the help of Mystery Shopping, whereby business owners can use Mystery Shoppers to detect these problems early enough and make amends to them before it causes more harm.

Who Are the Mystery Shoppers?

Mystery Shoppers can be just about anybody, irrespective of the gender, employment status, educational background, societal status, because they are just like any random customer (which they are in most cases). However, it is always preferable to choose adults so as to receive clearer evaluations.

The major difference between a Mystery Shopper and a random customer is that Mystery Shoppers aim at developing those business and they receive their rewards for doing so. Also, they receive special trainings concerning evaluation of businesses and how to give account of their observations.

The act of Mystery Shopping is a hobby for most of the mystery shoppers because they end up receiving a lot of free goodies and also get paid alongside the free goodies and food received. As much fun as this can be, it is of extreme importance that mystery shoppers take full responsibility and concentration while doing the business.

How to find legit and reputable mystery shopping companies

As you may know, online scammers and frausters are always looking for you ways to make a quick cash off of you. Although this may be a sad fact of about life, it is also possible to be proactive in finding out if a mystery shopping company is legitimate. If you feel like a mystery shopping company  isn’t legitimate, it is always better to be safe than sorry for not earning money from the company.


1. Search for a padlock or key in your web browser’s address bar. Legitimate online store or shopping company that usually store private information do have a closed key or padlock or key in the address bar on your web browser. Just take a look at the beginning of the URL on your browser to find this out. Once you found this sign, it means that the connection with the site is encrypted and your data or info is secured. It is usually green in colour in some browsers. Stay away from websites that have red address bar or whose padlock is shown as open or broken key. It is a sign of unsecured connection.

Check out for their physical office address. These days legit online business should have physical address for easy contact. If a mystery shopping site does not have any physical address or a real contact info on their website, that is suspicious. Because people should be able to get in contact with them if they have problem that needs to be solved. Selecting a mystery shopping website that is based in USA can assist you in avoiding frausters that work in other countries. When frausters are in other nations, it is very difficult to follow up with the law.  To be able to figure out the country where a website is located, make use of IP-checker sites such as etc.

Look for sign of professionalism. Although a professional looking site does not always mean that a mystery shopping website is legit, however a unprofessional looking site is sign that it could be scam. Because scammers don’t have the time to do all these knowing fully well they will be out of business sooner than later. Check out of spelling errors, loading errors, as well as poor picture quality. Once you see any of these signs, you need to carry out further investigation or avoid the site entirely.

Stay clear off websites that have many pop-up adverts. Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not place pop up ads that opens new tabs or Windows without your permission on their site because they believe it turns people off and also makes their site looks unprofessional. Once you see sites such as this, do not fill in your private information or try to purchase anything from it. Also, do not click on the pop up ads. Just close the tab immediately and move on to another site.

Call the company. There is any phone number listed on the company website, try to call the number.  Know if they answer their calls or sound professional. If they do respond well, it does not mean they are legit but at least it shows a bit of professionalism. If not, look elsewhere.

Check out the mystery shopping company’s address. It must do business in a particular state. Most of the states in USA require companies to register their businesses with the state. You can make use of the state registry to know if it is actual business.

7. Investigate in the Better Business Bureau or Truepilot. The Better Business Bureau reports on businesses, mainly based on reviews reported by customers and users like you. Although not every business is listed, however you can find out more info about businesses if it is, such as what kind of rating company has. The BBB gives out grades, which is much like a teacher on a paper.
For example, a very reputable and legit company will have an A+. While bad or scam company will have an F. A company that has a B or a C may be a legit company, however it may not offer a very good customer service or may have other issues.

Look for online reviews. While reviews can be faked, if a business is bad or even a scam, you should be able to find bad reviews about it. Check major review sites, which offer reviews of even online businesses. Check to make sure people aren’t saying the business is bad or is a scam.

Read through online reviews. Although some reviews can be fake, if the mystery shopping company is a scam, you will be able to see lots of bad reviews and complaints about them. Look for popular review websites and know what people are saying about them. Focus on the feedback section of the review.

List of Best Mystery Shopping Companies And Jobs Near Me & you:


In conclusion, Mystery Shopping is just another means of making extra time cash, and you catch fun and improve businesses as you do so.