Monetize your Blog Without Adsense

How to Monetize Your Blog Without Adsense in 9 Ways

Monetize your Blog Without Adsense

Monetize your Blog Without Adsense

Blogging and what it entails in it’s true nature could be cumbersome and hectic as a lot of things are been put into consideration like been veracious and having a sound integrity as you are not blogging for yourself but for the people( readers). One has to has to have the wherewithal for collection of data, processing them afterwards and structuring them in a way that suits the interest of the readers as they are your audience.

In order to be a successful blogger, one has to generate a lot of traffic and that could pose a Herculean task as it’s to make money online… and this can not be achieved in a day or two. But if one takes the right steps or go about it the right way it will pay off at the long run.

The problem mostly faced today in the world of blogging is that most people neglect or imbibe lackadaisical mind towards the nitty-gritties of online marketing and merchandise of which the importance can not be overly emphasised if one wants to generate traffic and in return make a living out of blogging.

Nonetheless, before we go about seeking for ways to monetise our blog, there are five incommutable laws to be obeyed stringently for success to be handy, it’s independent of class or experience, so whether you are new, old or a prospective blogger,  this laws are very essential for all.

  • Focus: One of the most important thing in blogging is focus, what kind of audience are you reaching out to? Find your audience and maintain their interest, don’t be a jack of all trade… be specific and definite with your approach and field. People keeps revisiting a blog because it satisfies a need in them, but when you swerve you will loose your core audience.


  • Quality: People often mistake blogging to be just pushing out elephantine content. It’s of no use if it’s elephantine but lack quality. Your   Content needs to be qualitative and well-written. If you truly want to monetise your blog then you need not undermine the importance of quality of your blogs.


  • Value: This is paramount in the world of blogging if one wants to be successful. Make sure that your blog adds value to your audience, it’s educative, and fraught with sound information, create tutorials and informative post that combines videos or media to assist the people in understanding a particular thing. Value is a harbinger of income in every industry and especially in blogging, embrace it.


  • Engagement: how intriguing, compelling and interesting is your blog? Does it abet people in reading articles, watching videos or interacting in a forum, for instance? The more engaging your blog the higher the chances of people making purchases in your blog hence monetizing your blog but if this is not in place, your chances of monetizing your blog is very little.


  • Authority: How popular are you in your field? How much authority do you control? The level of authority you control is directly proportional to the rate of traffic and income in your blog.


9 ways to monetize your blog without Adsense:

There are numerous ways to monetize your blog but there are eight(8) core ways to help you earn money from your effort.

1. Paid Surveys Referrals: This is one of the unknown but effective ways to monetize your blog especially if your blog is about making money online. Promoting legitimate paid survey companies on your blog will earn you money each time your referrals make money by completing surveys. Although, you may not get rich doing this but it can add up and also brings you enough money if you are able to send a lot of referrals.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Its one of the most popular ways to make money online, to exploit affiliate marketing. This is mostly handy when you are just starting out your blogging and you don’t have your own product to sell, what you do is to create content that will be in unison with whatever affiliate you plan on pushing out.

For instance, if you are running a sports blog, you can easily sell affiliate sports foot wears, clothing(jersey) or sports related products. Since the content of the blog catches the interest of people that loves sports, selling affiliate product will help you create near automated stream of income.

3. Advertisement: Most people think that by adding some pay-per-click(PPC) ads will be great way to make some money in blogging but this is completely dependent on the amount of traffic you can generate in a day, we are talking of 100,000 visitors per day.

But you can make real money by negotiating with advertisers directly by using display ads as opposed to PPC. As far as the ads are within your field of expertise, you can negotiate or come to terms with an amount that is far more competitive than income from a standard PPC.

4. Email marketing: By creating a strong bond and a connection with your readers, you can effectively generate a sizable amount of money through the course of marketing both your own products and services along with affiliate offers directly through email.

One of the most effective methods for making money from your blog is directly through email marketing. But to achieve this, you need to build your list. Whether you promote blog updates or create a lead magnet, utilize one of the more popular email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, Aweber or InfusionSoft to implement the systems necessary to begin marketing via email.

You can expect to generate close to $1 per subscriber per month.

5. Sell Ebook: You can make money on your blog by writing and selling ebook, develop ebook that is aligned or connected with the content of your blog. If you are covering a skill that people are struggling with, it’s likely that you will make healthy profit.

You can also promote your ebook in your blog directly by creating attractive contents that will captivate and draw people then entice them with your ebook. You can as well build a sales link or funnel which is the online term for an automated multi-step sales machine and sale your ebook on auto pilot.

6. Sell courses: This is another lucrative way to make money of your blog. By preparing and selling digital  online courses. Develop intuitive and helpful courses, you can also sell it in auto pilot.

Courses work a great deal when it comes to technical skill such as we design, web development, system maintenance and repairs, graphic design, animation… and other skills such as fashion design, make up, etc.

First identify your area of strength, improve on it before creating a course, then make something far better than what is in the marketplace.

7. Sell digital products: selling digital products is also a great way of making money online. Digital products includes; videos, PDF files, audio books, downloadable resources, etc. Put in your best to develop something that proffers solution to certain needs and problems of the people.

8. Sell coaching services: coaching services has gained grounds in all aspect of the market these days as it seems. Selling coaching services through your blog is a good prospect. It doesn’t matter is you set yourself up as a life coach, career coach, or a business development coach, you can earn a significant income with a handful of clients.

Decide in the package you will cover and do your best to deliver the best.

9. Secure sponsorship: Sponsorship is another great way of making money of your blog. But it’s dependent on amount of traffic you can generate if you are going to sell it for a significant amount of money. You can create sponsored post as far as you label it sponsored.

You have to be careful with sponsorship, Google is also sensitive to sponsored links and will penalize you if you are selling links and the site you are linking to.

These are 9 core ways through which you can monetize your blog, but don’t forget the basic things that need to be in place as they are the foundation of your blogging life… good luck as you go about making millions of your blogs.

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