Home Based Business Opportunities With No Startup Cost

Basic Info On Home Based Business Opportunities With No Startup Cost

Home Based Business Opportunities With No Startup Cost

Home Based Business Opportunities With No Startup Cost

If you have found this page, no doubt you have been searching the net looking for a way to make money from the comfort of your own home. Let me assure you, there are many ways to accomplish this. And, in the same way, there are many ways to lose your money to scam artists, who, are probably working from home. Ironic, isn’t it? Once you find some legitimate home based business opportunities you are sure to discover you have many choices! You can be an employee, an Independent Contractor, have your own home base business selling products/services for another company, or have your own home based business selling your own products/services.

When you are searching the web for the ‘perfect home based business opportunities with no startup cost, please keep an eye out for statements similar to these:

‘Make $5000 a week for only a few hours of work!!!’ ‘How would you like to take luxurious vacations all the time?’ ‘Make all your dreams come true with our fail proof program!’

Also keep any eye out for sites that have nothing but promises similar to the one above, along with pictures of money, huge boats, gigantic houses, luxury vehicles, and white sandy beaches. When you come across these sites, please take note of how you scroll through what seems like miles of paragraphs telling you how much money you are going to make, while hardly lifting a finger…only to discover the order form at the bottom. Usually somewhere around $100 for their E-Book, or subscription to a newsletter, etc. I’ve seen so many that now, they all look the same. Yes, my friends, these are scams, 99% of the time. Have you EVER heard of paying money to get a job? If you go down to your local grocery store to apply for a cashier job, do they EVER say ‘Oh, you want a job! Sure thing – but you will need to pay $100 in order for us to show you the ropes.’? It is very difficult to find something legitimate, so be careful! My general rule of thumb, is never ever pay money to get a job. Of course; there can be exceptions, which I will talk about in a moment.

I would like to talk about Independent Contractor positions vs. working as an Employee. In my personal opinion, there isn’t much difference. Here is the legal definition of an Independent Contractor from www.lectlaw.com : INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR – A person or business who performs services for another person under an express or implied agreement and who is not subject to the other’s control, or right to control, the manner and means of performing the services; not as an employee. One who engages an independent contractor is not liable to others for the acts or omissions of the independent contractor.

And, also from www.lectlaw.com, the legal definition of an Employee:

EMPLOYEE – A person who is hired by another person or business for a wage or fixed payment in exchange for personal services and who does not provide the services as part of an independent business; Any individual employed by an employer.

So, in a nutshell, in both of these situations you are performing services in exchange for payment. What I would like to point out which is not mentioned above, is the subject of income taxes. A person who engages an independent contractor does not withdraw income taxes from their earnings. At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099 form, which states what they paid you over the course of the year. This is obviously different from the W-2 that an employer gives an employee, which states what they paid you over the course of the year and also the amount of income taxes, social security deductions, etc that were withdrawn from your pay. I could go on and on here, but I won’t, because I am in no way a tax advisor. I urge you, if you accept an Independent Contractor position, remember to figure out what you need to deduct and set aside to pay your income taxes when tax time rolls around. You may even need to pay your taxes quarterly. Your best bet is to contact the IRS – www.irs.gov , or your tax preparer ,tell them your working arrangement and make sure that you are complying with all of the laws applicable to your situation.

There are many companies on the internet that both employ people to work for them as well as engaging independent contractors to perform services for them. You can find many different types of home based work as well such as: telemarketing, data entry, customer service, etc. You will often find that you will need to have certain required office equipment to perform these, so research them before you apply!

It is imperative that you have a resume to show these companies, and a good one! There are quite a few places on the internet you can go that have templates to help you do this. You can post your resume on the internet this way, and it give you the option of being able to give companies the link to your resume. Many companies now will not accept a resume ‘attached’ to an e-mail for fear of a virus coming along with it. In this case, you will need a text based resume such as ASCII.. You may want to consider having your resume in just about all possible formats ready to hand out!

Now, let me tell you some additional avenues of home based business income you may want to explore. I’m sure you have heard of Mary Kay…or perhaps Pampered Chef? These are common examples of ways to open your own ‘home based business’ selling products for another company. This can be a great choice for some people. You don’t have to worry about producing an acceptable product to sell, and all of the materials you need are readily available for you. Oftentimes you will hold a party, or a show – where you get some potential customers together, show off your wares and take orders! Here is the exception to the rule I talked about earlier. To get started with these companies, you will need to order their starter kit, which can range anywhere from $100 -$250 (approximately). That’s just to give you an idea. However, these kits include many of the products that you will be selling and the materials you need to get started. When comparing what you pay for these kits to the retail price of the products you get, it is usually worth the money. I’ve seen women make themselves a huge success with businesses like these…but you do have to work! Actively working your business for 4-10 hours a day can reap huge rewards for you. Don’t forget to keep good records so that tax time will be a breeze. Consult with your tax preparer, please! I will accumulate a list of companies like these for you to look over in the near future.

Another way to make money from your own home might be to market your own product or service. For example, my father is a Certified Sailing Instructor, and has a very nice website about sailing and sailboats. He works on his website, which makes money every day. He obviously conducts sailing lessons on the lake, but it’s so much fun who cares it isn’t at home! He really enjoys his job, and most importantly he is in control of his business. He doesn’t have to answer to a boss, which is often the main reason people want to work from home – they don’t like their employer! Here are a few more examples I can think of: make candles, soaps, jewelry, children’s items such as clothing and blankets and sell them on the internet or in local shops in your town. You could also learn a trade such at house cleaning, yard maintenance etc. To be successful, it is important that you learn to perform that service better than anyone else in your area. Working for yourself is another area where you will need to be very careful to keep very good records so that you will be able to file your taxes accurately and completely. Often, you can deduct part of your home office costs, vehicle costs, etc. You will need to consult with your tax advisor.

When scouring the internet, you will also come across many ‘get paid to X’ opportunities. Some of these are worthless, and some of them can earn you some very nice pocket change for a simple task. A couple of examples are taking online surveys, paid forum posting, and writing. I have also made up a list of some of these home based opportunities with no startup cost below for you to consider.

More List of Home Based Business Opportunities With No Startup Cost:

Courthouse Researching/Verifying – Work as a Courthouse Researcher/Verifier gathering public records from your local courthouse and entering the information needed on your computer. The information needed often included criminal records, and civil judgement and lien searches. Verifiers will verify employment, references and education.

Forum Posting – There are, as I’m sure you have noticed, many forums and discussion boards on the internet. Sometimes, when the forum owner notices that the board needs more activity, they will get in touch with a company specialized to help them with this. The company hires people who are interested in and enjoy posting on forums. Pay for this is usually between $.08 and $.20 per post.

Product Testing – Product testing is much like surveys, but instead of just answering questions (usually after only viewing a picture, watching a commericial, or listening to an audio file) you get to try out a product (free!) and tell the company what you thought about it.

Put ads on your car. – Believe it or not, you can get paid to put ads on your car, anywhere from free gas on up to a free car to drive for 2 years! If you live in a large town, and drive at least 1000 miles a month; this might be worth looking into!

Surveys – When a company is looking to make a new product, or enhance one already on the market, they often want shopper’s opinions on that product. This way, they can cater to shopper’s wants and needs. They are willing to pay for those opinions. Sometimes, they are looking for opinions on other things, like a particular brand name, commercials, the look of a store, etc. Taking surveys like these can be very interesting, and earn a little pocket change in the process.

Sell Your Photos/Images – There are quite a few websites on the internet that allow you to upload your photos and images in order to sell them to other people to use them, usually royalty free. The amount per photo that you can earn varies by company, but this can be a fantastic way to earn some extra money for photographers!

Be a Mock Juror – Sometimes lawyers will pay people to be mock jurors to evaluate an upcoming trial to get an idea of how things may work (or not) when the case goes to trial in a real courtroom. You still have to keep any and all details of any cases that you evaluate secret. This should not be considered a steady stream of income, you may sign up and never get a case; or you may get a few per month. It largly depends on where you live. However, they pay can be great, and the cases very interesting.

Mystery Shopping – People who pose as ordinary members of the public collect information about the performance of a particular retail outlet or other business. They are usually compensated for their time with cash, free product, product discounts, etc. Companies use mystery shoppers to make sure that a business is being run correctly and that employees are doing their job in the same way.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the chances of you becoming filthy rich from a tiny amount of work are slim to none. You have a MUCH better chance of making some money if you put some good old fashioned hard work into it. You should get out what you put in. Please remember that! Now, you are ready to search for your perfect home based business opportunities with no startup cost. Good luck!

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