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Top 10 Best GPT Sites That Pay Instantly Via Paypal (2019 Updated)


This top 10 GPT sites that pay instantly via Paypal have all you needed to get started.  Here, we do not only list the best gpt sites with high paying tasks and offers but also tips and tricks you can use to make money online.

Top 10 GPT Sites That Pay Instantly Via Paypal:

This is one of the best gpt sites online packed with lots of ways to make money online. You can be able to make money on superpay by completing paid surveys, doing offers and tasks as well as playing games and watching videos. You will get paid immediately you request for it. The cashout minimum is just $1. Visit superpay HERE

It is another top gpt site you have to consider while making money online through GPT sites. It is exactly like the above website and members can equally earn money taking surveys, doing take and offers. The minimum cashout requirement is $1. Visit the sites HERE

It is among the top gpt sites to make money with on the internet. They were formerly known as Paid to click but has changed to GPT site. Here you can make money doing legit online surveys, testing products and services, completing tasks and offers etc. The minimum withdrawal requirement is $10. And their are various payment method available. Visit the sites HERE

This is very popular in the GPT sites industry. They have been online for sometimes and paying its members regularly without issue. You can earn money searching the web, doing surveys, tasks, offers etc. You earn swagbucks which canbe converted to cash. The minimum cashout requirement is $2. Visit the sites HERE

Is among the best gpt sites on the web. I was created in 2007 and has since then been paying its members without problem. Earn money by taking free paid surveys, playing games and completing offers. They have payout out more than $7 million to members since inception. Visit the sites HERE

This is one of the top 10 gpt sites here that we have heard positive experience from their members. You earn gift cards and cash by doing surveys, tasks and offers. Visit the sites HERE

It is another GPT site similar to the top 2 gpt sites. They have surveys, tasks, offers, videos etc members can utilize to make money. They have been paying members since established without problem. Visit the sites HERE

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Is one of the oldest gpt sites online. They have been in the system 2002 and paying members without problems. They have a great referral program you need to make use of if you want to maximize your earnings. here you can make money completing offers and tasks as well as doing surveys. The minimum cashout requirement is $30. Visit the sites HERE

This is a top gpt site and also among the oldest in the GPT industry. It was created in 2005 and has been doing good ever since then. Here you can earn money doing surveys each day, completing offers, task etc. If you are good at playing games, I will suggest you give it a try. You can win up to $100 with their treasure-hunt game. The minimum cashout $20. Visit the sites HERE

Is a top gpt site and has been paying since inception. You can earn money doing surveys, through Cashback shopping, Reading emails, Listening to radio, Watcing videos, playing games etc. The minimum payout is $20. Visit the sites HERE

What is GPT Sites?

GPT sites are known are Get Paid To Sites where you can make money online by completing surveys, tasks, offers etc. Below are various ways you can use to make money online through gpt sites:

Cash Offers.You can earn money as well as receive great deals on products, services and also info you were interested in any way! There are hundreds of offers you can choose from in GPT sites such as online and financial services, career and employment, educational, health and beauty, entertainment, dating and a lot more.
Just click on an offer that you are interested in and you will be directed to the advertiser’s website. Then you can complete the offer and you will earn cash!

Cash Surveys . You can be able to earn money just by sharing your opinions with surveys! With new surveys placed daily on most reputable gpt sites, there is always a chance for you to influence tomorrow’s products as well as services.

Cashback Shopping. It’s easy to get up to 50% cash back with Cash Shopping! Simply choose a product, make a purchase and automatically receive cash back credited to your UniqueRewards account. Be sure to check out our “Coupons and Deals” subsection, which offer greater saving with coupon codes.

In addition to getting cash back, you’ll also save time and money! Avoid overcrowded malls, long lines, coupon clipping and shuffling through sale racks. Simply browse our stores, find great deals, and earn up to 50% cash back on your purchases. It’s that easy to shop and save!

Paid to Click. Go to Paid to Click section, select any offer that you are interested in doing, click on it, visit site and you will receive around $0.01 for it!. Visit every site once each day and get some money everyday!

Cash Email Messages. You can aslo make money on gpt sites by reading paid emails.  You can read more than 1-3 emails each day with special offers and also fantastic deals will be sent to your email inbox.
Just open your email and then click on the message to be able to be directed to the advertiser’s website. You will then earn money just for confirming that you have read the email ($0.01) and you can even earn more money when you do the offer from the advertiser! This is usually around $.25 cents and $50.00, depending upon that specific offer payout and the gpt site.

  1. Video offers. You can also make money on gpt sites by watching videos. Watch every video once each day and get  around $0.01 or more for every video watched.
  2. Radio offer. You can as well earn money on gpt sites by listening to the radio. Your money are credited for entering captcha codes. You are going to get paid for every captcha code you submitted.

How to Choose The Best GPT Sites:

Deciding on the best Get Paid To Website is fundamental to your money making success. Pick the wrong one and you’ll be wasting your times as well as efforts. Choose the best one and you will make some extra cash performing some quite simple tasks. GPT websites make the perfect way to earn money money completing offers. You will also get paid to refer others to GPT websites. Nevertheless to profit from GPT websites, you need to only deal with reputable sites. A good example would be one such as the long standing website. Beneath, are Ten facts to consider when selecting a Get Paid To website.

1. Reputation:

Think about the reputation of the website that you’re joining. Google them or go to relevant forums and question around. Other folks are able to warn you about non-paying or questionable companies.

2. A pair of Professionalism:

Have a critical look at the website. Did it seem like something that someone just threw together? Opt for to work with websites that have a professional appearance and that are very well maintained. If the owner can not afford a decent looking website, they may not be able to afford to pay you.

3. Low Minimum Payouts:

When it comes to a Get Paid To website, the very last thing that you would like is to have to earn a ton of money, before getting paid. If you do, you may never see your first check and can eventually get frustrated and quit.

4. History of On Time Payments:

If it is possible, ask somebody who has worked with a specific company whether they have had any problems receiving payment. If so, then move on, you don’t wish to work for free. Also, to research the site, if you notice many notices trying to explain away late or non-payment, then you’ll want to skip that GPT website.

5. Recommendations:

Receiving a good recommendation is absolutely the best way to find a good GPT website. A skilled user of a specific site can provide you with insights on the dependability of payments and other essential attributes.

6. Testing:

If you’re unsure if a company is reliable and you’ve some additional time on your hands give it a test run. Complete some offers and find out if your account is debited and lastly, if you get payment.

7. Customer Service/Support:

A proven way that you could sort of test the dependability of a company is to find out if they offer good customer support and support. Contact them or shoot them an e-mail and see how soon it requires for them to reply.

8. Number of Offers:

The GPT websites that can be really lucrative are the ones that have lots of offers. Have a look at how many offers a particular website has.

9. Offers Available In Your Country:

It does no good if the specific company has many offers but none of them available in your nation. Check if there a large amount of offers for your country before joining with a certain company.

10. Actual Payments Made:

Take a critical look at the figure that the site gives for actual payments made. This gives you an idea if folks are making any money.

These are 10 easy considerations that you ought to make when checking out best GPT sites. It might be incredibly frustrating to waste your valuable time and energy in completing surveys or reading emails and you’re not properly paid for it. Therefore take a critical look at the listings above and think about them prior to you making a choice regarding GPT companies. GPT sites can assist you earn money merely completing offers. You will also get paid to refer others. To ensure that your time is well spent, expend the time early on to find out which websites are legitimates and which websites are simply useless.

How To Make Money With GPT Sites

The first and probably most important advice is to be sure you appear at the posts from other members when working on a GPT site. Other users share what they may have done to ensure that an offer credited or just general information that will help out when you start. It’s great to start there every day before you start offers. I will say that if somebody gives advice like using another person’s name/address/phone number or using completely false info to get an offer to approve, avoid them! It’s not only “not cool”, it may get you banned from the site and no more money for you. Such things as using a brand new email address are fine, provided that it is actually your email address. You’ll find slight variations you need to use that might help, as long as it’s an honest variation. If you have to be dishonest to get them to approve, then you’re not doing something right.

I don’t care what anybody says, being honest is the better way to go. I’d rather have been honest and not got credit than be shady and get credit. You will end up much more satisfied knowing you did it the correct way and will enjoy your earnings a lot more. Most advertisers have needs to get credit. I’ve found that this is not at all times the case, but holds mostly true. Many GPT websites attempt to give you exactly what the advertiser demands or at least hint at it. For example, you may see one on the list which says you must participate in one offer throughout the online survey and click on two offers in the final stage. Keep in mind that when it says take part, that doesn’t mean buy something. It might simply be signing up for a weekly recipe or politics email.

You’ll want to open a new Google, AOL, or perhaps Yahoo! email account (maybe a few) and keep the spam from reaching your primary email (but do make use of your main email when you sign up at the GPT websites, they don’t spam you). This way you can keep better track of your offer groups, and stuff you have an interest in. As long as it is your email address(s) and not a disposable one (like GMX, even though some do not mind if you use GMX) you will do ok. Occasionally you’ll follow the directions or hints but still not get credited and that’s where adding more technique can be handy.

Occasionally the advertiser “hides” a “next” or “Skip” button in the corners or bottom of the page. If you don’t like the advertisement and wish to move on, look for the “next” or “skip” button, it’s there and at times they change the location. Be sure you follow through with the offer to the end. There really isn’t any full proof way to get every offer to approve, at least honestly that I know of. But I will say that after you begin doing them, there are essential things to look for when beginning. For instance, take note of who the advertiser is when starting. A great way to do this is when clicking on the offer from the GPT site and a new window opens, go through the address bar and take note of the address. It’ll most likely have the advertisers name after the www.

Many people don’t take note and somewhere through the offer another pop up window opens and it is no more really part of that same offer you started. If all through the offer process you do notice pop up windows, leave them open in the background and proceed with the offer. You can close them when done. Folks think they completed the offer, but find that somewhere they got off track. So it is best if you actually pay attention to the details and not simply blindly click through all the pages. It’s also a good idea to make sure you are accepting all cookies (Just for offers). You should also delete your cookies and temp files from your browser after each and every offer. It’s not necessary to clear your temp files on all the websites, but it is a good practice to get into.

Try downloading Ccleaner or Window Washer to make doing this a breeze. They are user friendly and you’re able to choose what you want deleted. Best of all they’re free! You will also want to turn your pop up blocker off when you are performing offers. You can just turn it back on when done. Another possible cause of offers not approving might be related to your anti-virus. If you aren’t getting any approved at all, try turning off your anti-virus for only a few offers. If they approve, your anti-virus is to blame. I can tell you I use the free version of AVG Anti-Virus and I haven’t had to turn it off to get credit. This is certainly completely your call because it’s your pc, that’s the reason It is suggested just doing this to analyze as well as troubleshoot what might be causing your offers to not approve. I’m not suggesting you browse the internet with no security, this might just be a way to identify the problems.

Just like We said before, a very important thing that you can do for yourself to prepare is to visit the particular GPT websites community forums to see what seasoned veterans are saying. Things change on a regular basis and advertisers sometimes seem unsure of what they need to require, just another section of the game. Also, make sure you check the website out in full and see what else they have. Most have even more than just completing surveys and offers, they obviously try to make it a bit more fun for their members. So, remember that there’s a technique to completing the surveys and offers and the more you do and pay attention to, the better off you will be and the much less work you will end up doing.

A great idea is to keep a notebook and take notes of exactly who the advertiser is and what the site says to do, this way if you did what they said and it did not work… you can attempt different things next time you do an offer in that offer group. Do not let this scare you, it really can be a challenge sometimes, but I won’t lie and say you could make this money for nothing or just from blindly clicking away on the web. Some websites do offer “daily clicks” and “paid emails” where merely clicking to confirm you read the email provides you with a few cents. Not bad for just clicking. You may not get adequate emails to get anything significant in a day though. I believe this is done to keep their members engaged. Well, we really hope this helps if you decide to give this a try and bare in mind that sometimes technique is everything.

How to Get Earn With Referrals on GPT Sites

If you’re thinking about making a lot of money with GPT websites, then you definitely must get serious about increasing your referral base. While you could make a nice income on the side getting other people to complete offers, the big amounts of money come when you get others to sign up the GPT websites making use of your referral link. In this post, we’ll talk a bit on how to get referrals to the GPT website that you’re promoting. You receive cash to register others.

One easy method of doing that is to include in your referral Link in the signature link of your own e-mails. If you’re an individual that e-mails others, whether or not they are family, pals or potential GPT users, including your URL along with a short, descriptive, advertising message is a straightforward way to incorporate your marketing in your daily activities. Tell people how to get paid to complete offers.

You may even want to consider article writing. If you write a brief article concerning the advantages of Get Paid To websites or about free money offers and then publish them to some of the top article directory sites, you will get fast, targeted visitors to your site. Because your article remains on these directories long term, somebody can pick it up and put it on their own blog or site complete with your signature link long afterwards you’ve written it. Therefore, a brief article will go a long way in your marketing efforts and can assist you to earn money.

Advertise on related work-at-home or GPT discussion boards. Again include your referral URL inside the signature link if that’s allowed. You may even make a post that gives some helpful tips regarding how to succeed with GPT. One and only thing you don’t want to do is spam, if you do, you immediately lose credibility. However this is a great way to earn money part time online.

Utilizing websites like Google AdWords or even Yahoo! marketing, that are both ppc marketing companies, is yet another way to attract GPT referrals. This may cost you some cash and you’ll have to do some research to make certain that the keywords that you’re targeting are extremely focused. If you are using lots of broad-based keywords, then you can certainly lose lots of money pretty fast. Nevertheless, when done properly, this can be a fast and efficient method of getting traffic to your website. In fact, you may get up and running and seeing site visitors in as little as Fifteen minutes. By using this method you can make money today.

You need to also take into account some off-line promotions. Quite often people get so centered on online advertising they forget there are lots of people that they can advertise to in their neighborhoods. One method to do this is by handing out fliers where you live or at your local Wal-Mart. Think about getting a removable decal that you could attach to your car. To make this happen, you’ll have to buy a domain name. Ensure that it is catchy as well as descriptive so that it entices visitors to want to visit your website. You will likely want to forward your referral to the domain name you have chosen so you do not have to be worried about developing your own site.

These are merely a few simple and efficient methods to recruit referrals into your GPT down lines to be able to earn some real money. You may create money effortlessly by referring others to GPT websites. Get paid to enroll others and make fast money.

Choosing the best GPT sites is the most crucial part of making a nice income with GPT websites.

We hope this helps!

You may use the contact form if you have any question or opinion on this tips and the listed best gpt sites.