Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos

Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos Legit (2019 Updated)

If you want to earn PayPal money by watching videos, we have everything you needed here to get started in this post

You are thinking of earning Paypal money while you watch your favorite videos in the very legitimate way is quite awesome. This is actually a realistic thought, but be aware that some these “earn while you watch video” vacancies are not Legit, they might just trick you into it with their ads and you end up with nothing while some are neither legit nor scam, they are just there for you to share your ideas.

Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos at:

At swagbucks you earn Paypal money by Watching different types of videos such as sports highlights, world news, themed videos and so on earns you some bucks from Swagbucks as well as you getting some cash when you watch sponsored videos.
Aside the watching video aspect of Swagbucks, you can as well earn when you use their search engines to surf the web, shop online as well as participate in their online survey.
You can exchange those bucks you earned for gift cards or Payment through PayPal for cash rewards depending on which of them you want.

Prizerebel is another place to earn Paypal money by watching videos that offers you money daily for watching short videos. Also, just like Swagbucks, Prizerebel offers money to take surveys, play games online, register for promotional offers as well as use their online search engine to perform web searches.
Prizerebel also offers cash when you open their sponsored emails and another nice thing about them is that you will earn $5 instantly for just signing up. It has been recorded that Prizerebel have given out more than $57 million dollars as rewards to members.

  • 3. Netflix.com

Netflix is another paid to watch video paypal site that hire some persons often called ”taggers” who are paid to view and tag their video programs for better audience from subscribers.
To check out for this position, you can visit the Netflix dashboard where all vacancies are listed. You should bear in mind that payment to watch these are not very high but you can still take the offer if binge-watching Netflix is your hobby.

  • 4. Viggle.com

Viggle is another survey site that offers you some money via paypal to watch those TV shows you love watching. Just have the app on your device, then click on it anytime you are watching TV or Netflix, Hulu or Amazon streaming videos. Sometimes you end up earning almost 10x bonus offer which is about 10 points in one minute.
Apart from watching your favorite videos, you can earn extra points to watch new Viggle videos as well as have the opportunity of relating with your friends and participate in in-show games.
Payments from viggle can be gotten inform of cash, prizes, prepaid debt card or gift cards and must have either an Android or iOS compatible device before you can make use of the viggle app.

  • 5. Watch YouTube Videos

Paid2Youtube is just another way to earn paypal money by watching YouTube videos related to any topic. You stand a chance of earning cash and make your chances of earning ore high by subscribing to their YouTube channels, referring a friend, rating their videos or leaving comments on these videos. Paid2YouTube stays paying out once you reach the payment threshold of $10.

  • 6. Perk.tv

Perk is just a substitute to Viggle and might earn you more money when you watch short videos.
There are different ways to earn points on Perks.tv and some of these methods are
To watch app trailers and movies
To watch trending videos
To respond to pop quizzes
Using Perk to carry out your web searches
To shop online
To install and test new apps
You can exchange Perk points for merchandise like video game consoles, cash, gift cards or donation to charity. There is also Perk token which can be used for sweepstakes available.

  • 7. Nielsen Digital Voice

In this 21st century, the method of checking people’s TV viewing habits have changed because most of these videos and TV shows are now viewed online not the regular cable TV method. This has made the Nielsen Digital Voice to give people the chance to share their viewing habits or things they watch through their app which you’ll download.
Nielsen also offers rewards for other web activities including survey participation apart from watching videos as well as monthly prize draws which can earn you a chance to win $10,000 at least every month and be among the 400 members that wins smaller amounts.

  • 8. Nielsen TV Ratings

Because some families follow up the shows they like watching, Nielsen has created the ‘Nielsen families’ to help rate and influence the TV shows for those still interested in the traditional way of watching shows.
The interesting thing about the Nielsen family offers is that you don’t have to go through any application process because they choose their participants at random. So always check your mail box to know if you’ll be among the lucky family. This invitation is on the majority during the month of February, May, July and November which are the ‘Sweeps’ Season.

  • 9. HitBliss.com

This is another get paid to watch video paypal site which specializes on rewarding you when you watch commercial ads. You rewards become even greater when you shared opinions are based more on personalized experience to specific advertisements you watch.
Also, HitBliss gives you the privilege to watch only the ads you love even to watch on multiple devices and leave out the ones you don’t like.
They make their payments digitally through music, TV shows and movies.
HitBliss allows you to earn rewards by watching commercial ads. They will pay you more if you

  • 10. Slidejoy.com

Slidejoy pays you for participating on the interactive ads sent to your smartphones, so check them out if you love interactive ads. These ads are sent to pop up on your screen once you unlock your smartphone screen, you will either slide left to participate on the ads which will redirect you to the advertiser’s website or slide right to reject it.
The type of ads sent to your smartphones ranges from YouTube videos, just surfing the advertiser’s site, initializing a digital coupon to winning Google Play credits and to justify your earnings, you can only earn an amount that is the same with your interactions or add more points when you connect it with your Facebook account or refer a friend.
Features found in Slidejoy can only be compatible with Apple and android users.

  • 11. SuccessBux.com

Success Bux is another reward site established in the year 2012 with more than 134,000 active members. They have issued out reward worth more than $21,000 so far through their varieties of ‘offer walls’. These rewards are given when you watch advertisements as well as listening to radio and music, watch videos, take surveys, test products, search the web as well as through friend referrals.
Success Bux cashout threshold can be as low as $1.10 through PayPal when compared to other make money online sites such as Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars and this payment can be gotten on weekly basis due to their liberal payment policy.

12. QuikRewards.com

QuikRewards is also one of the online sites which allow to earn while watch videos and participate in other tasks. Those residing in the countries that offer QuikReward prefer to use it such as residents of Canada, United States and United Kingdom.
There are other opportunities available at QuikRewards which can earn you more money and these opportunities include; viewing and reading emails, shopping on daily basis with a 25% cash back offer, or participating in the 3 surveys in a day. Their rewards are made either through cash by PayPal or gift cards to Amazon, restaurants of your choice or stores.

  • 13. National Consumer Panel (NCP)

NCP is a joint business between IRI and Nielsen which are dedicated to follow up your views on different subjects. They get these views by scanning the products you buy and offering video surveys where you get to talk about the products and make it contribute to the product advertisements.
Before you start participating in NCP surveys, they will send a barcode scanner to you or you must possess an apple or compatible smartphone device.

  • 14. Search Job Listings

Using the keywords “TV watcher” or “content curator’ to perform your online searches will go a long way in helping you find some part-time job listings that requires watching videos because most of these opportunities aren’t readily available or if they are, they might be available for full-time job positions. Also performing job classified searches such as Entertainment careers can help as well.
Some of these companies example Netflix as Netflix tagger provide opportunities to air your views on your favorite videos or channels as well as suggest materials that can be either stored for future programs or contribute to the news programs or late-night shows.

  • 15. AppNana

AppNana took their survey from a different angle by rewarding you with “nanas” just for installing and testing different apps. Some of these apps reward you for playing games while others will pay you for participating in their adverts. These nanas can be exchanged for gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox.

  • 16. CreationsRewards

CreationsRewards rewards you for participating in various activities which includes surfing the web, playing trivia games, online shopping, survey participations, video watching as well as referring a friend. Members earn $5 just for signing up and get their exchange their points through gift cards or Cash by PayPal.

  • 17. Adfun.com

Adfun lets rewards you with points when you watch videos as well as share those with others on using social media platforms. You get your points increases when more friends interact with the videos.
These points can be exchanged for prizes when you bid on auctions and increase your chances when your friends bid as well.

  • 18. Create your Own Videos

As people troop to YouTube channels to upload their views and share ideas about a movie or TV shows, you can as well make your own videos by sharing your opinions with affiliate marketing and clickable ads which increases your chances of getting paid.
Another way to increase your online community is by posting those videos on your personal blog that will be hosted on Bluehost, or on Facebook live. You can post other things on your blog as well such as reviews, recommendations on movies and episodes as well as writing summaries

  • 19. SendEarnings.com

SendEarning lets you earn real money when you participate in watching videos and online surveys, surfing the web, shopping, retrieving your digital coupons and you earn $5 for just registering with them. SendEarningd is a property of Inbox Dollars which is just another site that get you paid for watching videos.

  • 20. Become a Theatre Checker

You can as well get paid for just going to the movies by Market Force as a theatre checker which is technically called a CFA (Certified Field Associate). They pay you to perform some tasks which includes;
Making a documentary on advertisements before the beginning of the features
Noting down the number of patrons
Recovering the information of the box office at the day’s end
Evaluate information on the theater such as patron counts, ticket prices, quality of pictures and sound.
Mystery shopping
Gather promotional materials
Take the census of moviegoers after the end of feature.
Market Force equips you and issues an authorization letter to you so you won’t be harassed when performing these on-site duties as well as pays you for performing these duties and refunds your ticket money. This opportunity is mostly available on weekends.

  • 21. Become a Mystery Shopper with VeriTES

VeriTES is also one of the companies that offer you rewards to perform mystery shopping and provide insider analysis of your local movie theater. Sometimes you will be given a task to film the pre-feature trailers which will require you to go from one screen to another and may deprive you from viewing the main feature. But it’ll be worth it. Additional task given to you may include recording information on ticket sales.

How will you start?

You can use your favorite search engines and do a research on legit website where you can earn Paypal money by watching video. The result won’t be that easy as it will be up to thousands of result to choose from or you can as well follow us on this journey as we will list out the legit paid to watch video sites that has passed through test of all times.

First thing to check out once you choose any of the sites to earn money by watching video is their method of reward, whether it is cash through or through accumulation of points. If it is through cash, they are most likely to request for your PayPal account but if it is through points, you will be requested to exchange it with other things such as vacation tickets, gift cards, food stamp or other merchandise. They don’t normally request for any of your financial information. Also, some paid to watch video sites reward using the two methods, cash and points. You just have to make your choice.

Making a living by just doing survey is not something that will be advised unless you are privileged enough to be among the high ranking personnel used for surveys, otherwise, these surveys are just ways to earn extra cash from your comfort zone.
Some of these legit sites are just interested in having providing quality market surveys to their business partners and clients and therefore requires for your services, so just make efforts and earn extra cash.

Differentiating between legit and scam sites to earn money by watching video sites

It is much better to use your instincts in this situation, if you think that their offer is too flashy or so exaggerated, you might probably want to avoid them because it’s likely to be scam.

Below are some tips to guide you and prevent you from being a victim of scam paid to watch video sites

  • Study their testimonials well and observe if all they talk about is getting rich with their surveys and using it as your full time job. Just leave them because they are probably scam.
  • Always look out for their earnings disclaimer which is a document that prevents the legitimate sites from being dragged to court because all these scam sites never bother about getting themselves sued.
  • You are to work whenever you desire, so they can’t actually assure you that you will make a specific amount. So run away if any of these sites assures you you’ll make some specific amount of money with them in a specific time.
  • Visit their privacy policy and read through to know if your data and private info will be safe from being sold out to any third party as well as their business partners.
  • Look out for their contact number on their contact page as most scam sites will just have only email and P.O Box number to make them hard to be contacted.
  • If they have contact info, then try sending a support message across to know if you’ll get any response and also study the time it took them to respond. If you are not satisfied with it, then you should probably not sign up with them.
  • It has been in observed that scam websites always change their domain registrar, so just perform a search on their domain name and check if they’ve been changing it.
  • And lastly, search for complaints and feedbacks on them with any online Better Business Bureau.


Earn money via paypal while watching videos is quite an interesting opportunity as you can earn it not minding you location whether in an open place, offices, restaurants or from your comfort zone at home. Also, if you get the chance of even earning more when you possess compatible devices like smartphones or Apple devices.

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