Best Paid Online Focus Groups

Best Paid Online Focus Groups Near Me (2019)

Best Paid Online Focus Groups

Best Paid Online Focus Groups

Find the Best paid online focus groups. Lots of companies conduct focus groups to help them develop and improve products, services, and ideas.

Through paid online focus groups, companies are able to target a certain demographic or market audience, get them together in an offline or online setting, and gather important data from these individuals that will help them create better products or services – which ultimately makes them more money in the long run.

You may be wondering where this puts you into the equation. Well, focus groups can’t work if there are no participants. This is where you come into the picture. You can participate in focus groups and often be rewarded for your time and effort.

Lots of paid focus groups compensate participants with cash but you could also be rewarded with gift cards, vouchers, and freebies.

Focus groups usually pay more than your typical online survey. Focus groups can pay as much $200 or more per study although the average is around $20-$150 per focus group study. Yes, focus groups can be highly rewarding.

So, how do you get started? First, you need to start looking for paid focus group opportunities.

Finding Paid Focus Group Opportunities

Thanks to the Internet, it is now very easy to find paid focus group opportunities. Here are three of the best ways to find paid focus group studies to participate in.

1. Focus Group Networks

You can go to websites that post focus group opportunities on their website. Here are three different focus group networks that you can visit to find current paid focus studies.

2. Focus Group Firms

If you want to be contacted directly when paid focus group opportunities become available, you can sign up with a focus group firm that will notify you of upcoming focus group studies that you may qualify to take.

In this case, you will need to register on the site and provide details about yourself just like you would if you were registering on a normal paid survey panel. The information that you would provide will help the firm connect you with opportunities that you may actually qualify to take.

Here are some of the top focus group firms that you can sign up to.

3. Classified Ads

If you truly want to find as many paid focus group opportunities as you can, then you might as well try classified sites like Craigslist and Backpage. Many paid focus group studies pop up on these types of sites especially in major US cities, so it may be worth it to check out these sites for paid focus group opportunities.

If you are going to be using this method, always be cautious about the ads posted. Anyone can post an ad and the opportunity may be bogus. Do your homework and make sure that the company that is conducting the focus group is trustworthy.

Tips and Warnings

#1 You Should Never Pay Anything to Take Part In Focus Groups

If a company tries to charge you money to participate in a focus group opportunity, stay away. The same can be said about websites that supposedly connects people with paid focus group opportunities. If you have to pay any type of fee for their services, stay away.

#2 Sign Up To Many Focus Group Panels & Participate When You Get The Chance

The competition is fierce when it comes to paid focus group studies. After all, the compensation for these studies is often very appealing. If you want to make money with paid focus groups, you have to sign up to many paid focus group firms and keep a lookout for focus group opportunities.

Do not get discouraged if you do not hear back from some of them. There’s a lot of competition nowadays and you are surely one among hundreds or maybe even thousands of individuals trying to land a spot in a focus group study.

Knowing that, you should be happy to actually participate in a study and do what they ask you to do if you are lucky enough to get a spot in a focus group study. If a company ends up being pleased with your feedback and the way you participated, it could possibly even bring about more invitations to additional focus groups.

#3 Be Honest

It may be very tempting to bend the truth to qualify for paid focus group studies but you shouldn’t. These companies pay big bucks to conduct these studies and gather opinions from those who meet their target audience. Therefore, you should supply accurate information on your focus group profiles and be honest.

The information above should get you started making money with paid focus groups. If you take this seriously, you could make a nice side income from paid focus groups. It may not be steady or reliable income but it is cash you can earn without any investment.

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