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20 Best Paid Surveys Australia Residents

Paid Surveys Australia

Best Paid Surveys Australia

On this post, we discussed online best paid surveys Australia. If you are from that part of the country and found yourself here, then you have come to the right place.

If you are from Australia and found yourself here then these paid surveys Australia are for you. We have selected the best Australian paid online surveys jobs and also how to earn more money at home right from Australia.

A lot of panels and platforms are springing up on daily basis, offering online paid surveys for Australians and other types of reward opportunities in return for your ideas and opinions. But, note that not all these sites are genuine.

To avoid being a victim of these scam sites, we deemed it fit to provide you with the list of legit online survey job sites that offers paid survey services to Australia as well as few tips to on ways you can earn more with them.

Other information included in these sites includes; how much you can earn in a single survey, their reward options and opportunities, available bonuses and eligibility.

Do check them out and sign up with as many as you can.

Some of the best paid surveys Australia are as follows:

Swagbucks is a website that offers online surveys to Australians and it is an online platform, founded since the year 2005, that offers you reward to perform your day to day inline activities such as watching videos, playing games, surfing the net (using swagbucks search engine), taking surveys, online shopping (cash back offer),referring a friend and printing coupons. Participating in any of these activities allows you to earn some points called SB. You stand to earn up to 70 points for participating in any of the surveys and also, only a minimum of 1 SB is required to request for payments.

Available options to redeem your rewards include; cash through PayPal, gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, restaurant and Home Depot, charity donations, Facebook, hotel, and Cineplex credits as well as e-vouchers. Swagbucks is the biggest online paid online survey sites that have issues more than $260 million to over 13 million members.

Sometimes, new members get to receive a $5 bonus upon registration and over 7000 gift cards to members on daily basis.

Completing each survey takes about 10 minutes that will be worth your time since you can get to earn about £2.40 in one hour.

For members resident in Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, India, USA and UK, you must be up to 13 years of age and above before you can qualify for these surveys.

Toluna is one of the biggest online survey sites for Australians whose opinion tremendously influences some of the big brands and companies. Duration of each survey is about 15 minutes and you can earn as much as 3000 to 6000 points for a single survey. Before you can request for any reward, you need to attain the threshold of 500 points for prize draws and up to 80,000 points (£15) for vouchers.  Available reward option in the site include cash payment through PayPal or Cheque, gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, restaurant, Tango, Target, and Best Buy, retail e-vouchers, charity donations, merchandise and Sweepstakes Entries.

Upon registration, new members receive a sign up bonus of 500 points automatically. Other opportunities to earn rewards in this site include; product testing, daily, teen, mobile, and video surveys as well as referral program.

Eligibility is from 13 years of age and above round the globe.

Vivatic Surveys is an online survey site originally from London, which offers Australians rewards in return for your honest opinions. They have been in existence since the year 2009.  You stand to earn a minimum of £1 for each survey and require up to £25 which is their reward threshold before you can receive any reward. Apart from online surveys, other ways to earn from this site include; data entry, article writing, video editing and proofreading. However, it is advisable to keep your eyes open for these opportunities since they are rarely available. For up to date result, you can also follow them on social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook. Duration of each survey takes about 5 to 30 minutes for completion.

Members must be up to 18 years of age and older.

MySurvey is an online consumer panel that frequently offers market research studies opportunities with rewards.  For each research you participate in and complete, you stand to earn about 100 points. Their cash out threshold is £3 which is about 345 points. Each survey can be completed within 15 minutes, therefore you can reach this cash out threshold within an hour of completing surveys or earn up to £3-£5 within an hour.

Members can be rewarded in different ways which are through Amazon gift cards, high-street vouchers or cash using your PayPal account.

This is an online site that you won’t have any regrets signing up for. They always have lots of surveys to share out and these surveys are sent to you with respect to your profile description. It always corresponds with your profile and interest.

Yougov Survey is an online platform that rewards you for your opinions mostly on general interest and social matters especially as it pertains to politics, public affairs and commercial products. Each survey earns you about 50 points and it is equivalent to £3. Their cash out threshold is £50 and can be redeemed either through cash payment or prize draws. They also offer bonuses such as referral bonus (when someone joins the site through your link) or sign up bonuses (you get to receive about £1 for just registering with them). Unlike MySurvey, Yougov surveys are not frequent. You may end up receiving about one or two surveys in four days and each survey can require about 30 minutes of your time before you can complete it. Therefore, it may require more time, probably few months before you can reach the cash out threshold.

Nevertheless, YouGov survey site are quite unique because their surveys can be very educative or informative. Since most of the surveys are centered on current issues, you get to learn a lot from them as you are also given the opportunity to give your opinions.

PanelOPinion Survey is an online survey site that rewards members from different countries including Australia for participating their surveys. They are among the top online survey site in the world with over one million panelists and more than a decade of experience and existence.  The available surveys are sent to their members requesting for your opinions. Each survey earns you about 50 points which is equivalent to £4. The cash out threshold is £10 and you can complete each of the survey within 10 to 15 minutes. The only method used for reward in this site is cash payment through PayPal, BACs or cheque. The registration process in this site is very easy, free and quick. Completing your profile surveys which is a necessity before you get survey invitations earns you up to £0.20 and can be completed within 3 minutes.

IPSOS is among the top ranking and best paid online market research and Australia survey site with over 6 million surveys on yearly basis. They are active in over 100 countries around the world. Each survey can earn you about £1 and you need up to £10 before you can claim any reward, although in some countries, you need up to £15 to claim your reward. They have numerous ways of rewarding their members and some of the ways include cash through PayPal, gift cards to popular sites like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and iTunes, Sweepstakes entries, VISA prepaid cards or you can donate it to charity.

With less than 10 surveys, you are likely to reach the reward threshold and they surveys are sent on weekly basis and is to be responded to through your email.

Available opportunities for members in this site include product testing, mobile surveys, online surveys, video surveys, online focus groups and also referral bonuses.

Survey Bods in collaboration with top companies such as MTV, Hello, MailOnline and Nickelodeon rewards you for your opinion. Before you can participate in their surveys, you have to get registered and have your profile completed. Doing this two only will attract a bonus up to £3 to you. They reward you for your honest opinions and the rewards can be redeemed with cash payment through cheque or bank transfer, sweepstake entries or gift cards vouchers to places like Tango or Amazon.  Each survey earns you about 50 points which is equivalent to £3. Nevertheless, you need up to £15 which is the reward threshold, before you can redeem your rewards. The platform also offers bonuses to their loyal panelists which is in form of badge certification.  There are 5 loyalty badges and each badge get determined by the number of surveys you completed. The loyalty badges include Bronze badge (2 surveys), Silver Badge (5 surveys), gold badge (10 surveys), Platinum surveys (20 survey) and diamond survey (over 30 surveys). You are to give your honest opinion on a survey within 10 minutes or their strike system removes you once you fail with 3 surveys. It more of a challenge. Their site platform is interesting and colorful. Always remember to complete your profiles in other to qualify for surveys.

Hiving Surveys is an online market research site that has been in existence since the year 2000. They are drastically becoming popular and already have their presence in over 20 countries including Australia. Each survey earns you about 50 points and you will require a minimum of 4000 points which is equivalent to £4 to reach the reward threshold. It takes about a minute or less to complete a survey, but their surveys don’t come frequently. You can receive just about 1 to 4 surveys on monthly basis. Aside from online surveys, other opportunities that can earn you money in this site include; teen surveys, product testing as well as referring a friend. These rewards can be redeemed for cash payment through PayPal, gift cards to Amazon, sweepstake entries or charity donations.

Other privileges that can help you catch fun in this site include raffle draws, lotteries, competitions or quiz.

Populusive is an online survey site in the United Kingdom that also offers online surveys for money to Australia. They have their presence in over 75 countries and came into existence in the year 2003 by Populus. Their researches cover areas such as politics, culture or business. Each survey takes an average of 5 minutes to complete and it can fetch you up to £2. A point equals £1, and their reward threshold is £50 which is about 50 points. Once you have reached the reward threshold, you can redeem your rewards through cash payment from cheque less or sweepstake entries. One of the issues that can be encountered in this site is the scarcity of surveys, sometimes, it takes a while before another survey comes in, thereby making it difficult to reach the reward threshold.

Global Test Market is one of the top online survey sites founded in the year 1999 and is under the proprietorship of lightspeech research. They are active in more than 200 countries round the globe. Since the year 1999, they have issued awards worth over 30 million dollars. As their member, you stand to earn about £100 annually with about £1.20 for each survey. The duration for each survey is about 15 minutes and you must reach their reward threshold which is £32 or $50 (1000 points) before you will be rewarded. Rewards can be redeemed through different ways in this site, they are Cash payment through PayPal and Cheque, gift cards to places like Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Restaurant and Walmart, sweepstakes entries, charity donation and retail e-vouchers.

Note that payment through cheque often take more time be you get it, so it is advisable to use other available payment method unless you wish otherwise. Other opportunities available to their members include; product testing, IT surveys, mobile app and surveys, teen surveys and referral program.

OpinionPanel Community is a top online survey panel for Australians between the ages of 16 to 25. Anysurvey completed earns you shopping vouchers worth £1 to £3 and they can be redeemed in any of the country’s big stores such as House of Fraser, River Island, Boots, Debenhams, TopShop and TopMan. Apart from online surveys, they also conduct types of surveys which includes online focus groups for universities and top brands. Other rewards offered in the site includes Amazon gift cards and sweepstake entries. Each survey earns you about 50 points which is equivalent to £4 while each online focus groups earns you about £30 to £50. Before you receive any reward, you must have reached their reward threshold which is £25. OpinionPanel Community also offers a signup bonus of £10 to new members.

Other money earning opportunities available in the site include; video surveys, teens surveys, mobile surveys and product testing.

PanelBase is a market research firm in UK and also rewards Australians which has been in existence since the year 1997. They are under the proprietorship of Dipsticks research limited. One major thing about them is that, their surveys seldomly comes, but once you receive it, the survey will be worth it. You stand to earn up to £10 or 50 points for each survey you complete. For new members, they offer a signup bonus of £3. Before you can redeem your rewards, you need to attain their reward threshold of £10. Rewards available in here can be redeemed inform of Cash through bank transfers, charity donations, sweepstake entries and retail e-vouchers. To increase your chances of receiving surveys, you must ensure that your profile demographic is up to date. Other methods of earning rewards in this site include; product testing, telephone surveys, online focus groups, teen and mobile surveys, telephone surveys as well as referral bonus.

Opinion Outpost is one of the online paid survey panels that gained its reputation through their quick withdrawal process and exciting surveys. It is also well-known for their low reward threshold of £2.50. Each survey earns you about 50 points and with just 5 completed surveys, you are good to go. Duration of each survey is about 10 to 15 minutes. Reward options available here are cash through PayPal, Gift cards to Amazon and iTunes, charity donations, and sweepstakes entries.

Other reward opportunities available in this site include mobile surveys, product testing and referral program.

Valued Opinions also among the Large survey panels with over three million members in more than 20 countries. Their affairs are piloted by ResearchNow and offers their services is more than 15 languages. Surveys are usually sent to their members depending on your profile demographic, they have to correspond. Each survey earns you an average of £1 to £5 and you need a minimum of £10 to reach the reward threshold. With each survey having a duration of 10 to 30 minutes, you are likely to reach the reward threshold within an hour. Upon registration, you automatically qualify for their iPad prize draw. Other available reward opportunities are product testing, teen and mobile surveys. Reward options include; gift cards to places like Amazon, restaurant, Target and iTunes, Airline miles, VISA prepaid cards. Sweepstakes entries and retail e-voucher. You can also earn a £10 worth of Voucher within an hour.

  • Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys which was formerly known as Mintvine is an online survey community offering large volume of survey. Each survey takes an average of 11 minutes to complete. Registration in this panel can be superfast when you register through your social media platform (Facebook or email) and participating in their very first profile survey earns you an automatic 100 points which is equivalent to $1. Nevertheless, you need a minimum of 1000 points ($10) before you can redeem your reward. Rewards available options here include; cash through PayPal, or Branded Pay, gift cards to places like iTunes, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, restaurants, Amazon or Walmart, movie vouchers and VISA prepaid cards.

Other opportunities to earn rewards are referral program, teen, and daily surveys. Persons from 13 years of age and older in UK, Canada and USA are free to register with them.

  • MindMover

MindMover is one of the UK survey panel that rewards you for your opinion in virtually all that concerns like including food and public transport. Each survey earns you about 50 points which is equivalent to £1.50 and takes a duration of 15 minutes to complete one. Before you can claim any reward, you need to have acquired a minimum of £20 and this often takes sometime to reach. They only opportunity available in this platform is the online survey.

Available reward option in this platform include; cash through PayPal or cheque, sweepstake entries and Amazon gift cards.

iPoll survey is a US based online survey panel that rewards you for your opinion. Each survey earns you 40 points up to £1.70 and takes a duration of 15 minutes to complete. To claim your rewards, you need a minimum of £20 and their surveys are both mobile (mobile app) and website compatible. Available reward options include; Cash through PayPal, iTunes and Amazon gift cards, as well as sweepstakes entries.

Other reward opportunities include; mystery shopping, product testing, as well as teen surveys. Persons from 13 years of age and above are eligible to sign up with them and they available in more than 32 countries. One of the major demerits in this panel is that their surveys are not always frequent.

Pinecone Research is an online survey panel that offer exclusive online survey services as well as product testing and surveys for Hispanics. Membership to this survey panel is strictly by invitation only. Each survey earns you about £3 and surveys are quite brief with significant amount. You can redeem your reward after completing one survey since their minimum threshold for rewards is £3.

Since it is a very rare opportunity and accorded to be leader of all survey panels, it is of great importance to treat their surveys and invitations with high regards. Products sent to you for their product testing surveys are mostly for keeps.

Available reward options are Cash through PayPal or cheque, gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Home Deposit, and Starbucks, movie vouchers, VISA prepaid cards, merchandise and sweepstakes entries.

NewVista Live survey is an online survey panel with rewards for your opinions. Participating in each survey earns you up to 100 points which is equivalent to £1. The duration for each survey is around 15 minutes. You need to reach the minimum threshold for rewards which is £50 (5000 points) before you can redeem any reward. Reward option include cash through cheque and sweepstake entries.You have to be up to 16 years of age and above to be eligible for membership, this is usually for UK residents. Upon registration, NewVista Live Survey panel gives you 500 points (£5) automatically and you may earn up to £100 per annum. Always ensure that you provide you honest opinions on surveys given to you

Ways to Maximize your Online Survey Income

It’s just about providing you with the list of most paid online survey sites, it is also necessary that we provide tips on how you can earn more with these surveys as well

Below are some of the ways by which you can earn significant amount with these survey sites.

  • Register in all of them

To be able to have surveys flooding in, it is always advisable to sign up on many of the survey sites as possible. This increases your survey participation rather than always waiting around for a particular site to send their survey.

Since you can choose whether to remain subscribed to a particular site or not, then it makes the disadvantages less. This way, you can always unsubscribe to sites with lots of spam messages.

  • Have a Designated Email

To make things easier for you, it is better to set a different e-mail for surveys. This will help you view your mails easily anytime without crowding your inbox with your personal mails. Always make it a habit to view your mails on daily basis or less to ensure that you don’t miss out on any survey because some of the surveys are valid for 24 hours only.

  • Honesty

While filling out your profile and personal information, it is very necessary that you are truthful about any information provided there because you may end up contradicting yourself in the course of taking their surveys. False information can subject your account to be blocked or disqualified from further opportunities of participating in any survey.

  • Be careful of fraudulent sites

Most times, the offers advertised by some of the survey sites seem so enticing. It is necessary to keep an eye open for sites like this because they might as well be a scam. For example, a product testing site with over 1000 users promises to offer free dish washer to all the new members. Don’t you think that this is just out of it since there are too many to give out and it is obvious that surveys sites like that are supposed to randomly select their participants.  Do not sign up on sites with offers like this.

  • Remember to cash out once you reach their reward threshold

Most times, the best way to stay safe with these sites is to request for your payout early enough you are able to reach their threshold. You may want to allow your points accumulate further but most of the survey sites have certain duration for these points. Again, you may not have to cash out your points because some of them cannot be cashed, some can be redeemed through vouchers or gift cards. It all depends on the payment method available in the site.

  • Don’t ever pay to become a member

Note that all paid survey sites never require any form of payment before completing registration. Those listed here are very much safe with because they all offer free registration. Therefore, beware of sites that request you pay a few, whatsoever type of fee, because they are scam.


With these few list, I’m sure you can earn a significant amount. Watch out for scam sites and try to register in as many as you can. If we left your best survey site out, you can as well add them to the list. Most of these sites have good offers on their table. So, you’d rather sit back and enjoy these paid surveys Australia.

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