Legit Paid Online Survey Jobs To Avoid Scams

There are lots of websites online that claim to be legit paid online surveys. Unfortunately, majority of then turn out to be scam. Here we shall tale a look at all the popular survey websitesx

However, if you are seriously searching how to make money online using paid surveys at home legit, then you have landed in the right place!

What is Legit Paid Surveys

Legit paid surveys refer to sites that pay you for assisting them in carrying out paid surveys legit for firms that want to study the market and gather information. The info collected during the course of carrying out an online survey is very important and has a wide application that spans through market research, medical research, government research and so no. In some cases, country’s government authorities and large firms base their decision of governance as well as good and services on the data collected from you and I.

Tip to get started in taking legitimate paid surveys

Before you get started signing up for the legit paid surveys below, download a program called Roboform. You can download a free trial here Roboform. With this software, you can fill out as many paid surveys as possible, with just a click of botton. This software program will be able to store information such as your name, email, and all the details you fill in surveys, and will as well save you tons of time when registering for many legitimate paid survey sites or anything else. It will also help save your login names and passwords so you won’t need to type them each time you want to login, but only so many on the free trial. You may eventually want to upgrade to the full version, but it is not necessary.

You will need a Paypal Account, if you don’t have one already. You can register for paypal account here: Paypal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account, but almost all legit onlin surveys use PayPal as a form of payment.

Join as many legit online survey sites as you feel comfortable with and you are interested in. There is no problem if you join more than one websites, as long as you have the time to do all the surveys available to you. Make sure to check the special interest directories just to see if you fit the profiles. Search for focus groups in your area. A focus group located close to your home could lead to some interesting, and well paying, projects.

When registering for sites, be sure to bookmark any websites that have a login section. You may want to create a “paid surveys” folder in your favorites. Many websites that have a member login will have some kind of account that you can check. Come back and familiarize yourself with any websites you have bookmarked.

Make sure to fill out any “profiles” or “profile boosters” for any websites that have them. Filling out profiles will increase your opportunity of being selected for a paid survey.

Check your email regularly for invitations. At least, twice per day. If you wait to long a survey may be closed before you are able to take part in it.

Don’t be discouraged if the compensation for a survey is a drawing. There are lots that will pay you cash. However, most online surveys are limited in the number of participants and there’re usually quite a few prizes. The odds are usually pretty good and the rewards can be a bit higher. Of course, you may not win anything. Think of it as a free lotto ticket.

You need to be honest. As you start taking these surveys, you will realize that these are real companies looking for YOUR honest opinion. You have an opportunity to influence the products as wee as you and I buy.

Legitimate Paid Survey Sites:

legitimate online surveys


Swagbucks is online surveys for money legit website where members can earn loyal rewards by partaking in activities members do on a daily basis like shopping, searching the web, watching videos, playing games, printing coupons also by taking surveys. You can check their true legit status at sites like https://islegitorscam.com/ and bbb.org. Any time a member accomplish one of the activities, the member can earn points called SB’s. Swagbucks was established since 2005 (the same year whenSurveyPolice was created!) and has more 13 million members, with more than 2 million Facebook fans. They have given more than 175 million dollars in rewards to their members making them, by far, the internet’s largest GPT website. They award 7,000 gift cards to their members on daily basis.

Residents 13 years of age and above who reside in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland are allowed to use swag bucks

When you register as a member and you logged into their website, there is a links to shop, search, watch, play, answer and discover.

You will receive “cashback” for purchasingfrom major online stores via swagbucks. These include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and so much more.
Searching – you can use the Swagbucks search engine instead of your regular one, to do your internet searches, and earn bucks.

Watch videos about music, news, entertainment, pets, travel, and more, and in other to get credits for your account.

Swagbucks has a list of online surveys available where you can earn SB’s by giving answers themat any point in time.

You can print grocery coupons, or install the Swagbucks browser add-on to earn more and faster.

Referring Friends – you get to earn 10% of what your referrals earn when you refer someone

You can get back your SB’s for two main reward options: either cash, or e-gift cards. One SB is approximately 1 cent.

You may ask for a PayPal payment to your account if you would want to receive cash. Payments take about 10-14 days to process and will be issued to you in US dollars. Denominations are $25, $50, $100, and $250.

Similarly, you can request for an e-gift card to major retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks, and more. Other options are Facebook credits, iTunes cards, restaurant gift cards, Cineplex credits, and hotel credits. E-cards are awarded within 10 days of request and denominations from $1 – $100 are available.

Note! You can look out for “sales”, where gift cards need around 10% less the SB’s that is normally needed.

You can also give your SB’s as alms to charities such as Unicef, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, and so on. Donation amounts start at 5 SB’s ($0.05).

Daily goal points are given where you can get bonus SB’s once reach the daily goal by the end of the day. You can also receive another bonus when you reach the daily goal 7 days in a row. Bonuses are paid on or around the first day of the next month. Visit the here: Swagbucks. A must join!

Surveys for Cash Legit


Prizerebel as a reward website is a free site to get paid to take surveys legit and where members on finishing their surveys and other activities are rewarded in exchange for money, gifts, cards, and merchandise. PrizeRebel gives a wide range of rewards. Both electronic and physical gift cards are given from retailers and brands such as Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Target, and more. The rewards catalog will tell whether a gift card is electronic or will be shipped. Credits for online games like League of Legends and providers like Rixty and Steam are also available.

Alternatively, you can also get back your points balance for a PayPal cash payment, ACH bank transfer, or Bitcoins paid out through Snapcard.
You can ask for a reward with as little as $5 worth of points from your account. These Rewards are processed within 24 hours.

Prizerebel is one of the top online survey sites that was created in 2007, which currently, as of writing this oost, has over 7 million members. And has already paid out over $12 million to members too.

Make sure you complete offers such as signing up for trials, joining mailing lists, etc., in other to get points in return.

You can take online surveys and be appreciated for your idesa. Daily surveys are available through the following survey routers: Your Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, OxSample Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys and so much Moreno.

Finish an easy online tasks such as doing internet searches, and watch your account balance get bigger.

There will be a daily points pge in your PrizeRebel account that will list opportunities for tasks that can be finished up to 20xplaythrough requirement a day. This is an among the easy way to accumulate extra points.

Participate in contests and games. You get to receive bonus earnings by participating in contests, raffles, and things like the Lucky Numbers Game.

You can also earn between 20-30% of what your own referrals earn, promo codes, contest winnings, and their own referral earnings excluded. The percentage is dependent on your account level.

You will unlock more account benefits as you acquire more points. Account level points depend on regular tasks and activities, which includes your referrals’ earnings. Reach the gold level or above and you will automatically get rewards claim codes if they are in stock. The levels are as follows: Silver – 1000 points, Gold – 3000 points, Platinum – 7000 points, and Diamond – 12,000 points.

Qualification: Prizerebel accepts members around the world which are 13 years of age and above. Click and visit PrizeRebel

Legit Survey Jobs




It is one of the legit survey sites that pay and also website where members can earn gift cards and cash as well in switch doing surveys, watching videos, testing applications, shopping,carrying out tasks and surveys. The members of the website are called “instaGC’ers”. Just as the name implies, instaGC offer gift cards to its members as a reward for participating. In most Western nations, a broadcollection of gift card options is on hand including ones for use on Groupon, at BestBuy, Starbucks, Amazon, and others. The Amazon gift cards are offered in USA, Canada, UK, and to most European countries as gift card selections are the finest in these countries.

In the beginning of 2016, instaGC added cash as a recovery option. Members canswitch your points for cash payments made through e-check, PayPal, or bank transfer even if you are in USA. The cash expenses has a small dispensation fee that is waived for the first monthly cashexchange.

At instaGC, they typically lists a fair number of surveys available at any given time. If any member attempt some and get disqualified the member will still be granted one point. it doesn’t sound much as on a daily basis it can add up.

Rack up points by carrying out small Crowdflower tasks. By simply following the instructions, members earn points for doing small things such as data entry, internet research and the rest of others.

Member can download programs and software to earn supplementary credits.
Search the web – you can use instaGC’s search engine to search the web to earn additional points every day.

Members can sign up for trial tender where they can try out a product and service for a set time period and earn points formembership.

You will earn easy points just for visiting several websites from advertisers on the website for small periods of time.

As you watch the short videos you earn additional points.
Register friends, and earn more – when you refer your friends you earn 10% of any earnings that your referrals get outside of instaGC tasks as well as loyalty rewards received. However, members earn 10 bonus points on each person who register and verify their account and also from the following countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

The order of point and their valued amount are listed below
100 points = $1 US/CAD
160 points = 1 pound
130 points = 1 Euro

Although theconversion rates can change at any interval as members are advisd to watch out for “sales” on the gift cards where their points can go higher.

Members may be able todemand a reward for as low as 100 points ($1.00) in their account.
However,InstaGC has been a great option for participants of gift cards and cash rewards.

Qualification: Only people who are 18 years and above all over the world are allowed to take part. Visit the site here: instaGC

take surveys for cash legit




This is one of the legit surveys for cash site that has been directly connecting you with those companies and pays cash for sharing your opinions. The website has been online since 1999 working without problem. After you register and complete your member profile, Surveysavvy make use of the info to target various demographic groups according to criteria established by their advertisers. When your profile matches the basic criteria for a specific paid survey, Surveysavvy will invite you through email to take part in. If you pass the in-depth screening portion of the paid survey and complete the body of the survey, Surveysavvy will credit your account the amount mentioned in the email invitation.

There is no guarantee as to how many paid surveys you may get or participate in. It is based on your personal profile, what their advertisers are looking for, and if you fit into any of the open quota group. There is no real average as to how many survey invites most people receive. The amount of invitations varies, however you may receive more based on your profile.

With one of the most innovative referral programs around, SurveySavvy continues to grow rapidly through its referral network. SurveySavvy provides a generous 2-tiered referral program. Not only will you earn a percentage of the cash earnings from your direct referrals, however you will also earn a percentage of what the survey they take pays.

The best way to boost your incentives is by simply referring new members. They provide a public referral link you can post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. You can also send it through private invitations to your friends and family through email.

How referral payment system work

– You get incentives when you complete surveys
– You get incentives when your direct referrals complete surveys.
– You get incentives when your indirect referrals (referrals your direct referrals made) complete surveys.

Also, If you tried doing a survey and get disqualified, you would earn an entry into the Surveysavvy cash draw where you may be one of fifty winners who will receive $10 credited to their accounts.

SurveySavvy also has a tool that is known as SavvyConnect where members can take part in market research by surfing the internet. SavvyConnect aggregates data to provide analysis on internet browsing habits – this info, according to Surveysavvy, is not sold and is used for behavioral research purposes only. Installing SavvyConnect on your PC or mobile phone device also enables SurveySavvy you to access additional paid research opportunities.

Surveysavvy accepts members all over the world who are 13 years and above.

Get Paid for Surveys Legit



This is among paid surveys legit reward sites that allows you to earn rewards by visiting websites, carrying out tasks, shopping and host of others. Dated 2007, ClixSense has more than 7 million members that join their community which claims to have issued more than$24 million dollars in payments.

Members can get paid via check, PayToo, and Payoneer or by Tango Card. Therefore for payments through PayToo and Tango Card, you will have a least account balance of $6.00 is compulsory for Premium members while $8.00 is compulsory for Standard members. Payoneer payments entail a $20.00 cashout minimum. While for checks which is available to USA and Canada members only, a $10 least account balance is mandatory. Not to forget that all funds are issued in USD.

ClixSense is conceivably best known for the commercial viewing they have on hand. When you simply click on an advertaccessible on the “View Ads” tab, you will see a list of adverts with their payouts as well as viewing times will bescheduled. However, in any given time, more than dozens of these are available.

As a new day arises, there are new tasks that are posted on their website. They are usually things such as carrying out surveys and also doing internet study. Members will receive a $5 bonus for any $50 worth of tasks completed which enables the member to participate in weekly contests where he/she can win even higher bonuses.

You can access tons of free games through your ClixSense account with cashback on some of the casino games that are obtainable.

ClixGrid is a type of fun game where people click anywhere on a picture, immediately win up to $10. As each time you clickon the picture, a window will appear with a sponsor’s website that will be viewed up to 10 seconds. At this time, members will be notified if he/she is a winner or not.

When you download the ClixSense toolbar in your browser, you get an instant advert notifications, your current account balance is shown, you play games and listen to the radio. This toolbar has been downloaded more than one million times.

Refer Friends –as for each friend you refer to ClixSense, members will earn $1. Secondly, you earn a percentage of all income your referrals earn on the website. When you upgraded your account to a premium account, members will earn even more.

ClixSense offer premium accounts which gives out bonuses such as signup commissions, good referral rewards and more chances to win in ClixGrid with more adverts being on hand to click. However, many advertisers on ClixSensedesire premium members because it shows that the users have purchasing control. The amount of a premium account is $17 USD for one year while $30 for two years.

Eligibility: residents of 16 years of age and above are qualified to join ClixSense. Visit ClixSense for more.

Take Surveys for Money Legit




It is one of the places to do legit surveys for money and where you can also receive cash for completing offers, doing tasks, and involving yourself in online surveys. From the name, Cashcrate gives cash to its members. A $20 balance is needed in order to ask for a check or a PayPal payment. Payments take up to 3-4 weeks to get. Cashcrate has a Payment Wall gallery where members get to upload images of checks and PayPal payments to prove that were truly paid.

Cashcrate is still growing and is still very much in business because it has over 6 million members worldwide with thousands of dollars’ worth of checks issued monthly.

Once you are a member and you log into Cashcrate, you will be awarded with a variety of ways to start earning:
You will finish offers and be paid to try new products and signup for free websites and services

When you give your ideas, you earn cash for participating in research surveys.

Receive cashback forthings you buy at hundreds of different online retailers
Games, contests, and others – dialogue with fellow Cashcraters, and receive prizes and points as you socialize and play games. You can also get entries to win contests.

Cashcrate gives a free multi-tiered referral program. You get to earn 20% of what your referrals earn, and also an additional 10% of what your referral’s referrals earn. These levels accumulate to 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of what their referrals make especially when recruit a large number of new members. There are also extra cash bonuses available.

Eligibility: So far you are 13 years of age or above, you are welcome to join Cashcrate. Although members from the United States and other English speaking countries tend to earn more. Visit Cashcrate for more.

paid online surveys legitimate




Superpay is another place to take legitimate paid surveys online. They are one of our favorite legitimate cash surveys that really pay you what you deserve. Superpayme has been online for long and paying without issue. They provide their members with access to live paid surveys every single day and also offer fast payments as a reward for their hard work. You can access all of the surveys and offers available on Superpay.me 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

-PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon
-Low $1.00 Minimum Cash Out Threshold
-Instant & Daily Payments
-Earn A Full 25% Lifetime Revenue From Referrals
-High Paying Cash Contests
-Free Paid Surveys, PTC & Cash Paying Offers

Eligibility: You must be 13 years and above to join Superpayme. Members are accepted from all countries. Visit Superpayme here.

doing surveys for money legit




Rewardingways is a legit money making survey company similar to superpay and also owned and controlled by the same person. Rewardingway has also been online and paying since it was established without problem.

They offer a selection of legit Paid Surveys from a variety of different advertisers which means you have access plenty of new paid surveys every single day. Generally the paid surveys available take between 5-20 minutes to complete with bigger payments being offered for longer surveys. Rewardingways has a dedicated Live Paid surveys area that you can check throughout the day for new surveys.

RewardingWays has now paid out over $500,000 to their members for completing paid surveys and offers. As a thank you to their loyal members, they have also added a special offer under “Worldwide Offers” available to anyone who has completed more than 50 surveys/offers since the site began.

To start earning money with rewardingways just click on the “EARN MONEY” or the “OFFER WALLS” menu items on the top menu navigation tabs.

Here you will be able to see a selection of paid surveys and free offers ( including Watching videos, Paid Trial offers etc ) they have available for members from your location.

Their surveys and offers are updated daily. If there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for you tomorrow, so come back and check every day.

(2) Select An Offer And Follow The Instructions

– Select an offer category – such as “Daily Surveys”

– Click the title of the offer you wish to complete.

You must follow all of the advertiser instructions, fill out the questions honestly and complete the offer’s requirements through to the end. Visit the website here: Rewardingway to learn more.

Problems with Paid Surveys

There are lots dangers associated with online paid surveys, both for the people who take them and companies that administer them.

For participants, it is very important to realize that paid online surveys have become a new haven for Internet scam artists. Online surveys participants should be aware that there are lots unscrupulous middlemen as well as scammers out there who purport to sell proprietary lists of legit online survey companies that will help you “Make $5000 a month!” while “working at home!” Many of these middlemen websites charge a registration fee before you can be able to access their lists, which are in fact available free of charge through a simple Google search.

Another danger of registering with a paid online survey site is that the website may turn around and sell your contact details to spammers. Even if you trust an online paid survey website’s privacy policy, it is always wise to register with a separate e-mail address from free Webmail sites like Yahoo!,gmail or Hotmail etc.


For paid survey companies, one of the main dangers of online paid survey jobs is that they may be giving participants an incentive to lie and cheat in order to take more paid surveys. Some survey takers might lie on their demographic profile just to qualify for more surveys. They might register with the same survey company under multiple e-mail addresses in order to maintain several different profiles. They might also rush through multiple-choice paid surveys randomly checking answers just to fill out the survey in the least amount of time possible.

Here, we shall reveal not just all the legitimate paid survey sites to make money but also guide on how to get paid to take surveys in legit ways.

We have thoroughly searched and researched the whole World Wide Web to ensure we provide you with the top best legitimate online surveys that pay high in the industry. Not only that, we also went as far as making inquiries and consultations on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, warrior forums, etc which made it possible to uncover a very large number of legitimate paid survey sites we were looking for.

Now, all you have to do is learn how to detect and avoid paid survey scams and then choose from any websites out of the legit survey sites that actually pay listed below.

How to Detect Paid Surveys Scam

  • Registration fees fee:

A registration fee is always requested by scam survey sites. A sin-up fee is unwarranted. When a site asks you to pay a sign-up fee before you are allowed to join then beware, it must be paid surveys scam. Note that for every legit survey jobs you do, the website you registered on owns a share from it. That is, their advertiser pays them for letting you complete surveys, and they in turn pay you a portion of that money, which could be 20-30% of what they received. So, you are actually doing them a big favour by filling out surveys, not the other way round.

  • Payment Method on found:

Another thing you must be aware of is when their payment procedure and methods is unclear, complicated or not revealed anywhere on the website. In such instances, do not even give it a second thought. It’s a full blown paid survey scam! Run as far as you can!!

  • High minimum withdrawal requirement:

One other feature of a scam survey website is that they tend to fix their minimum cashout requirement so so high that it is near impossible to attain given the small amount of low paying surveys they provide. This is done in order to frustrate you and make you abandon your earnings when you find it difficult to reach the cashout requirement. Stay clear of any paid survey site that fixs its minimum cashout at amount exceeding $30.

  • Complaints & Bad feedback:

To check the if surveys for cash is legit or scam, Google the website’s name to check its members’ reviews. For example, type “is Inboxdollars scam” on google and you will be able to read all its members’ feedback. If the feedback are more of negative than positive, then there is a high possibility that the positive feedback were purchased. Please, keep away from such website.

  • Payment Proofs:

Legit paid survey sites should be able to have their payment proofs all over the internet. So, if you find it hard to get a website’s proofs of payment online, then it is most likely they are still new. But in cases where they are not, then they are nothing but scam.

  • The harder a Web site defends itself as “not a scam,” the more likely it’s a scam.
  • Trust your gut; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How to find Legitimate Survey Sites

  • Free to register:

Signing up for legit paid surveys is free of charge. There are some websites that may even give rewards for joining. So, free registration is number one sign of a legitimate paid survey.

  • Existence of forums or chat rooms:

Forum and chat rooms are features that reveal that websites are truly legitimate surveys that pay and that will also be online for a long time. With these features, you will be able to have access to a good number of other members in the forum or chat room to get proof of payments as well as feedbacks. As a result of this, virtually all online paid survey scams do not want to possess these features because they are scared of you getting feedback from their members and so do not want their illegitimate activities uncovered.

  • Existence of Payment Proofs:

The existence of proof of payment all over the web is a sure way to determine legit online surveys.

  • Social Media Page:

legitimate paid survey sites can be uncovered through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It also provides you with an opportunity to add their members to your friend list and inquire about the experience on the sites.

If going through the above tips is a hard thing to do. We are here to help you in your quest, so do not fret. Enumerated below are list of best legitimate paid survey sites we have found worthy of recommendation after detailed studies.

Is Treasure Trooper Legit, Safe or Scam? (Review 2019)

TreasureTrooper is a popular reward site online. In this review we shall show you if TreasureTrooper is legitimate or scam and also treasuretrooper payment proofs, members complaints and feedback.

So, if you are searching for true TreasureTrooper review, you have come to the right place.

What is TreasureTrooper?

TreasureTrooper.com is known as website that assist its members earn money by filling paid online surveys as well as completing advertising offers. Unlike other websites Treasure Trooper has so many offers to choose from and really passes on a good portion of the profits.

The payouts at TreasureTrooper for each paid survey average out to about $1, while the rewards for doing offers can range from five to fifty dollars. They also have one of the highest paying referral programs online that will let you make a residual income from two-tiers.

TreasureTrooper.com will pay you 25% of the amount that your referrals earn and an additional five percent from what their referrals are making. This is why you will find a lot of positive TreasureTrooper reviews, everyone wants you to register under them. The site also has a relatively low minimum cashout at only $20; hit that amount and you can request for a Check or cash via PayPal.

The only downside of TreasureTrooper is that if you are not a USA resident then you won’t be able to get the full rewards potential. Although you may still make some extra cash with some of the online surveys but the majority of the high paying rewards are not available.

There’s also other forms of rewards from TreasureTrooper, in the form of prize redeemable tokens. It can actually take really long time however if you are persistent you can save up enough to get cool gifts which includes an ipod.

TreasureTrooper may help you make some extra cash several months down the road however it is not something that pays accordingly to how much time you invest.

If you are at Top10paidonlinesurveysites.com because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our homepage – methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

TreasureTrooper complaints and feedback from members

Agree with other reviewer”
March 14, 2016 by Victor from United States
Very confusing site and difficult to assess rewards, if and when they get around to crediting. Completed a number of things – no reward; or will load something and get a message which tells me I already completed it. A lot of nonsense from what I can tell. I am dropping it, a waste of time.

December 14, 2015 by Megan from United States
This site just wasnt my thing. There is too much going on. You dont just earn points, you earn gems, and assorted other things and then those things can be traded for other things and eventually some of these things might be able to be traded for money. I just wanna do surveys man.

Probably My Favorite”
October 16, 2015 by Grandy from United States
I’ve been a part of a lot of GPT sites and TreasureTrooper is probably my favorite. Yes, there are frustrations when offers don’t approve, but that seems to be universal in this industry. TT is awesome because 1) they have been around forever, 2) they continue to add new features all the time, and 3) their website is just FUN! It can be overwhelming at first, but there is so much to do there and a lot of it all ties into each other. They also have a lot of fun Social Media content & contests!

My Favorite Site”
October 15, 2015 by John from United States
This one’s my favorite right now. Lots of fun mini games make the fact that I’m only getting a couple bucks an hour feel worth it. Great community also.

Pardeep M.
1 review
1 helpful vote
“What is Treasure Trooper?”

Treasure Trooper is a Pay-to-Complete-Offer website that generates revenue through advertising. By completing offers on Treasure Trooper you view, are asked to participate, and try out offers from different advertisers. The way Treasure Trooper and its members make money is through the advertisers. Treasure Trooper gets paid by advertisers to show advertisements to Treasure Trooper members. The more members that sign up for Treasure Trooper the more advertisers will pay to have their adds on the site. In return, Treasure Trooper pays its members a fraction of these profits. Profits for members range from $.50 to $160 per group off advertisements (arranged in the form of “offers”). The payment rate for each offer is dependent on the earning potential advertisers can make from there ads. For example, offers that give away free trials and require credit cards generate the most money for advertisers pay the most per offer.

Ask Pardeep about TreasureTrooper
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Dallin F.
1 review
3 helpful votes
“This site is more of a game than a money making venue”

This site is more of a game than a money making venue. The only way to make money is to do a 20$ PayPal cashout and they have overall bad ethical practices. Slow capital gains.
Prizerebel has served me much better and they have better prize selections.

Ask Dallin about TreasureTrooper
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B K.
1 review
4 helpful votes
“I like treasure trooper”

I like treasure trooper. I’m not on it often so I build my money up pretty slowly. It’s definitely legit and all. The minimum payout is 20 dollars so that’s good, especially if you do a lot of surveys. You will build your money up and be able to get paid in no time.

Here’s my referral link if anyone is interested in signing up: http://www.treasuretrooper.com/819874

Ask B about TreasureTrooper

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Nat B.
1 review
5 helpful votes
“I have been a member here for the past 5 years and…”

I have been a member here for the past 5 years and have made over $3,000 to date. Now I realize this isn’t a lot of money per year, but I don’t spend a ton of time on it. I just find it fun and easy to earn a little extra cash.

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Timmy F.
1 review
5 helpful votes
“I’ve made a lot of money there but the moderators are…”

I’ve made a lot of money there but the moderators are really vicious and don’t care much about helping people most of the time. They don’t pay for offers unless they say they received payment. (??) They encourage you to use a different email address for every offer (legitimate sites don’t allow that) and do offers over and over until (they say) you get paid. The surveys are okay but can be found anywhere.

Ask Timmy about TreasureTrooper
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Shana B.
1 review
28 helpful votes
“So while visiting another website that I love I came…”

So while visiting another website that I love I came across an add for TreasureTrooper.com a website that pays you money for taking surveys. At first I was skeptical. Money is not free and there is always a catch. (If anyone is just giving it away let me know.)
So I visit the site, read some of the very vague directions and decide what the hell I will try it. When I sign up I make my first blunder. At all websites that I place orders at I use just my initials for First Name, Last Name. Out of habit I do this at TreasureTrooper, you will understand why this is wrong later. After giving all my information, including my weight on the moon, so that I can receive checks, I decide to start right away. (The money is only like 50-75 cents a survey but if you take just enough to make 2.50 a day its and extra $75 a month. Nothing to sneeze at.)
I begin by taking a few surveys and find out its pretty much like any other site, you take a pre-survey to find out if you qualify for the real survey, then take the real survey and then get barraged with a million radio buttons for every possible product they can sell you.
New to the site I’m not sure if you have to say yes to at least some of these products or if you can just skip them all and still get credit for taking the survey.
I decide to peruse the site for some F&Qs. Nice thought, but not much for easily found answers. They do have a How It Works page but again so vague and obvious. “Complete a survey and we will pay you. Refer a friend and get a % of there earnings.”
Seeing a Forum link I click. It directed me to a page where I could read the forum or chat live. Since I wanted to get started as soon as possible I thought chatting live would be the best bet. Perhaps there were some other “Treasure Troopers” who could answer my questions!
I chose to be anonymous to chat, who knows why I had already signed away my first born, and logged on. Not many people were in the chat room so I figured it would be easy to get some answers. My first question though, turned out to be my last….

In a round about way without exact quotes the conversation went like this:

“Does anyone know if when I complete a survey, but do not click yes to any of those radio buttons if I get credit for the survey?”
I waited about 5 or so minutes with no answer but I could hear the sound the computer was making like people were chatting but nothing was appearing on my screen. So I figured it was my problem and logged out and then back in. I repeated my question. The first person to reply, Bob, we’ll call him, told me
“it depends on the survey.”
I waited a bit for him to expound upon this answer but nothing came so I said
“how so?”
Bob: “Some surveys do and some don’t”
Thinking in my head, well genius how do I know?, and how many do I have to click? and are there ads that are better than others to click on?, I decided to ask
“so sometimes I have to buy things to get credit for the survey?”
Bobs next answer astounded me
“Username do you speak English?”
What? Do I speak English…what the hell does he mean. I was just trying to ask a few questions…this stupid site is so vague and I was so excited to use it and now I’m the dumb one!
Me: “excuse me, but I am new to the site and trying to get some answers. This site is very non “new user” friendly. There is no need for you to be rude to me.”
Bob: “now I know you don’t speak English.”

I was livid! I know it’s just a stupid website but what the hell did I do other than ask a few questions. Other users chimed in with LOLs for Bob. Someone said I asked the same questions over again, (apparently my first question had shown up before I logged off unbeknownst to me).
I then find out that Bob is an admin of the site! I find this out because I had signed in anonymously and Bob posted my initials in the chat room, which are what I had used to sign up for the site. He says, I think your name is not really XX is it? (I did use my real initials to sign up.) He states I won’t get paid if I’m just signed up with initials. They won’t send check to XX. (while this is true I logged in anonymously, I think I still remember the definition of that word…)
No longer being relatively anonymous and after debating about writing a few chosen words for Bob someone took pity on me and explained very clearly where I should go on the website find more answers to my questions. This person was not an admin and thank god for that! I thanked her profusely and logged off.

You can take my post for what you like, while I realize it is just a silly survey website and I know that it won’t affect most people if you think about choosing this site try to find someone else who already knows the ins and outs first or just go somewhere else. Perhaps I could have mulled around some more and figured it all out but I was so pissed at my treatment I just decided it wasn’t worth it.
I have thus canceled my account and will NEVER recommend the site to anyone. Admins take head, treat your customers poorly and you won’t have a site to run in the future. Customer service is the key to any good business and why people haven’t figured this out yet is beyond me.

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How TreasureTrooper works

TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides you with several money-making opportunities. Simply register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Complete some offers. We have hundreds of offers ranging in payout from $.50 to $50.00. Most of them are completely free! Once you’ve completed an offer, click the corresponding ‘Done’ button to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your ‘Pending Offers’ page (on the ‘My Treasure’ tab) to await verification.

As offers are verified, they are moved from the ‘Pending Offers’ page to the ‘Approved Offers’ page and the money will be added to your earnings on your ‘My Treasure’ page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem for items at the Trading Hut that will help you on your journey!

You are eligible to receive payment once you have reached a minimum balance of $20. You may request an Instant Payment or wait and be paid automatically on the 15-20th of each month for your entire previous month’s earnings.

Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper and get an extra 20% of all of the offers they complete for life! In addition, you’ll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!

Get involved in the many other aspects of our site like forum contests, the Dragon Lair, and Treasure Hunts. The current Treasure Hunt is for the lost statue of the Mambiko Tribe and is worth $100 to anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the number of people that can win this treasure! Start by purchasing the map in the Trading Hut!

TreasureTrooper features

Virtual Currency
What Gold Coins are used for and how they are earned
Gold Coins are a virtual currency that can be used in Mabutu’s Trading Hut to purchase Treasure Map Pieces, Journal Pages, and more. You earn gold coins everytime you complete an offer that pays cash. Offers that pay less than $3 give you one gold coin; $3-$8, 2 coins; $8-$15, 3 coins; $15-$20, 4 coins; and everything over $20 nets you 5 gold coins.

What Arrowheads are used for and how they are earned
Arrowheads can be exchanged for either Dragon Scales or Platinum Coins in their Currency Converter. They can be earned in their Dig Site and Cash Search features.

What Dragon Scales are used for and how are they earned
Dragon Scales are used to buy items from Cogg’s Coop to enhance your Dragons and Dragon Lair. There are many ways to earn Dragon Scales listed here.

What are Platinum Coins used for and how they are earned
Platinum Coins are used to purchase giftcards and electronics from Mabutu’s Trading Hut They can be earned on some Cash Offers and in the Daily Deals feature.

TreasureTrooper Cash Offers review
How to complete an offer
Simply click on any of the offers on the Cash Offers page and follow the instructions. Once you have completed an offer click the “Done” button next to it, indicating its completion. When they receive verification from the advertiser that you completed the offer, they will credit your account accordingly.

Can you give fake information when completing offers?
Absolutely not! You must sign up with genuine interest and honest information. Lying when you complete offers (fraud) will cause pending payments to be reversed and will cause possible removal from their system.

Most offers credit within 24 hours, some offers can take 2-3 weeks. As long as you do the offer completely and provide honest information, the offer should credit. However, they realize that there are some occasional offers that just won’t credit.

Why there there different payout icons next to each offer
While most of their offers pay in cash, some will pay in platinum coins or dragon scales. The payout type is mostly determined by the advertiser according to what they are most comfortable with.

TreasureTrooper Cash Surveys review
Why you may not receive credit for the Daily Survey you participated in
The Daily Surveys have a great approval rating, but paying attention to these rules can help to ensure that you get credit all of the time. 1) Do not rush through the survey. Take your time to read all of the questions entirely and answer them thoughtfully. 2) Give honest and real info. 3) Complete the entire survey.

When Daily Surveys credit to your account
The surveys all come from different advertisers and, for that reason, approve at varying times. Generally, they will not take longer than noon the following business day to approve.

TreasureTrooper Cash Tasks review
Can you do the same task multiple times
Yes, you can do the task over and over again until the quota is filled. Beware though, if your accuracy is too low (you make too many mistakes) you will not be allowed to keep going.

Cash Search
The best way to receive an Arrowhead bonus for searching
Arrowhead bonuses are completely random but tend to be rewarded to individuals who are actually interested in the searches they’re doing. Searching random words over and over again just to win a reward will actually hurt your chances. For best results, we recommend using this feature as you would a normal search engine… when you are actually trying to find something online!

Cash Shopping
How to receive cash back for your purchases
Simply click any of the stores listed on TreasureTrooper Cash Shopping page. It will take you to that store’s website where you can shop just as if you had gone there directly. When you purchase something, you will receive cash back equivalent to the percentage listed next to that store’s title.

What the “Share” button is for
By sharing your shopping links with friends and family, you will receive the cash back for anything that they purchase when they use that link to visit a store. If you know somebody who is about to make a big online purchase, this is a great opportunity for you!

If Your favorite store is not on there list, you can open a support ticket letting them know what merchant(s) you would like to see on Cash Shopping. We’ll most likely look for the stores and add them. However, keep in mind that some merchants simply do not have an affiliate program. And this may make it difficult for you as well as TreasureTrooper to earn rewards.

In conclusion, TreasureTrooper is a very nice place to earn quick cash online. If you are a resident of USA or you are very good in referring people, then TreasureTrooper is the place to be.